A Tale of Two Shoes

Ok so truth be told it should be A Tale of One pair of peep toe boots and One pair of shoes but that wasn't quite so snappy.  But that's what it is. 

I am having a boot related nightmare.  For my bank account this is a huge result.  In my head with all the outfits I had planned for said boots, it's a disaster. (slight exaggeration obviously -  a small setback is more accurate).   

So after deciding to send back aforementioned Isabel Marants, I had convinced myself therefore, that the Manifest boots from All Saints that I had listed in my peep toe ankle boot post would be the answer to my spring/summer outfit prayers. 

And that'll be a no. 

Here is what they should look like.  

Apologies in advance All Saints, but here is how I manage to completely ruin them.  Dear. God.  Ok so perhaps they shouldn't go with a rather beige outfit (which I realised I hated twenty minutes after I'd left the house this morning), but they still look far far worse than they actually should.  To be fair, I was surprised at how thick, stiff and ungiving the leather is.  I had expected something far more buttery yet still with a shape.  They're also very wide.  Whilst I have narrow feet, they're not ridiculously slim yet my feet were swimming in these.  The size smaller was fine width wise but my toes were walking on their own out of the front.  Not good. 

(and how filthy is their mirror?!  Oh and bright orange nail varnish was for a fashion show a couple of weeks ago for beach look.  Highly appropriate in the snow.) 


So.  That's £195 saved. 

And oh how all full of woe was I.

Until.  Oh until until until I went into H&M to look for some fabulous pink jeans that my lovely friend Fiona had bought for a bargain £4 (they weren't quite so fabulous on me ie grim)

And I came across these beauties.  I have toyed with leopard print shoes forever.  Every year I buy and I take back.  I've bought boots, ballet pumps, pointed ballet pumps, heels, sandals. Have kept none of them.  But none of them cost...... £5!


I am in love with them.  Love the platform at the front, love the fact the pattern continues down the heel,  love the point of the toe, love the shape of the heel (not too thin and not too chunky).  These are the Goldilocks of leopard print shoes for me.  Don't care that they're not leather.  They're a light ponyskin textured fake fabric.  I'm not intending to wear them for hours on end. They'll more than do. 

Result.  Not entirely solving my boot dilemma.  Not entirely sure I actually have a boot dilemma if I'm completely honest.  I have new shoes for the moment which is making me very happy indeed. Now please.  No.  More.  Snow.  I am wearing these out on Thursday night if I have to lather my feet in goose fat to keep them warm.

Moving swiftly onto (and past) my outfit today which I hate.  I hated the fact the top was too short (I appear to have shrunk it, but you can't see in these pics, bad shoe pic above is a better view - it's shorter than it should be with skinnies at the front) for the skinny jeans, I didn't like the insipid melange of beige (you can't see enough of the khaki vest) I'm starting to loathe the Rick Owens Lilies cardigan which I only wear as I bought it in a post natal fit of hormonal stupidity (in the sale - it wasn't bank breaking but I still feel I "should" love it), my hair is in need of a wash, oh blah blah blah.  One of those days when you feel pants. 

Onwards and upwards tomorrow.


Khaki vest - Joseph
Cream drape side top - Phase Eight 
Mushroom silk cardigan - Rick Owens Lilies
Beige Kirsten skinnies - Topshop
Suede pirate boots - ASOS 
Beige, blush, khaki snakeprint scarf - M&S
Cheetah print ponyhair shopper - Zara
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast

So how is everyone else doing with their Spring/Summer shopping?  Everyone feeling the Spring/Summer Love?!!

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12 comentarios:

  1. oh you have saved me £200 too hehehee

    I bought the Riviera dresses in both colours and both were modelled with the grey boot but online they had sold out so I was going to track them down. They look much lower in real life too than they did on the All Saints Pics.

    Whereas your £5 might be the best fiver you have ever spent!

  2. You had a lucky escape with the All Saints boots....I think they are Ming-a-ring-ding!! Love the H&M shoes though...what a bargain!!

  3. I hate days when you hate what you're wearing (and sadly for me that occurred at The Child's confirmation a few weeks ago). Tends to put me in bad humour 'til I'm safely in my pjs again! 'Have to say, I still think you look great ... Shame about the All Saints boots. I LOVE toe-less boots. But well done on the shoes. Nice one!

  4. You can tell you're not happy from your body language!

    Sell the cardigan, then put the money towards some new boots!!

    Love those hennes shoes, have ordered the m ones actually, have tons of uses planned for them.

  5. Oh, those All Saint boots look awful. Completely different than their photo. It's not you, it's them boots.
    As for the spring/summer shopping...well...I made tentative attempts at ASOS and Zara but since weather is completely uncooperative I went back to autumn/winter shopping.
    Next on the list: a CHUNKY, warm cardigan.

  6. I am so annoyed I didn't look at shoes at my H&M - £5 is a ridiculously cheap price!
    You can tell you don't like your outfit - it shows and I hate that feeling that you have all day when you don't like what you're wearing!!

    Thanks for the mention - always a bargain shopper me!


  7. You should sell your boot and take a new one

  8. A lucky escape indeed,those boots are horrid! but I know sometimes you have to get these things out of your system before you can move on!

  9. Love the leopard print shoes, I bought some today from M&S and I thought they were a bargain for £15!

  10. Hilarious - I love that the shop assistant behind you is wearing the same boots on her trotters. They don't look good on her either. Yummy H&M shoes though.xx

  11. Right, it's time to stop obsessing about everyday spring wear boots - I would KILL for those ASOS pirate ones. They are perfect! BTW, I have those leapard print H&M ones - just be careful with the heel and cobble stoned pavements - they splinter upwards very easily but then for £5, even if you get 5 wears out of them, you're laughing.
    Am loving your Rick Owens cardigan - thought he just did leather (now off to search Rick Owens website - you'd better not have made this an expensive morning!).

  12. bit puzzled by this and the comments. they look *exactly* the same as their photo to me. can someone explain what they think is different?