If I start talking about Spring shoes...

.. then by the power of osmosis, the weather will get better.  

Or perhaps not.  In my quest to avoid buying a pair of boots (*those* boots) I have turned my attention to summer footwear.  Now in my world this will be strictly for nights out only.  And as much as I was only pontificating last week at home to The Husband (he wasn't listening or anything - I was obviously just talking at him.  Surely he can't be the only husband who glazes over when I mention footwear?) that I didn't need any more shoes for this S/S (I must have been drinking), I have of course seen a pair which may have me eating my words (like it's only going to be one pair.  As if) 

These are the ones that originally peaked my interest.  A Spring version of my beloved winter heeled ankle boots.  As I mentioned in a blog I did about them in the winter, these, for me, are the perfect way to dress down a smart dress (that sounds rather random but it definitely makes sense to me).  So that dress that is perfect for a wedding, christening, First Holy Communion (me me me!  you have been prewarned - outfit panic is imminent), suddenly becomes more wearable for a night out with the girls, the husband, dinner party etc.

So the heeled ankle boot for A/W and.... wait for it...... (marmite blog item #2145) the peep toe shoot for S/S.  I can all hear you hurling from here. 

I love them.  I have a chestnut lace up pair (Saxon) from KG that are now 3 years old and I can't wait to wear them again as soon as it stops raining and the temp nudges double figure for more than 2mins at a time.  These though, are for day wear. 

It was the first pic of Rosamund Pike in the LK Bennett ad with the Bibbona Suede boots on, that was a lightbulb moment for me.  I need a pair of these.  Slight issue with the £245 price tag (ouch) but a) there's nearly always a money off discount code for LK Bennett kicking around with a magazine (of course not this year - sodus lawus) and b) they will easily last a couple of years  from Spring, through Summer into Autumn.  Finally I love the fact that they're not a vertiginous heel like all heels seem to be these days.  Measuring a positively diminutive 10cm.

Bibbona Suede Boot

However on doing a smidge of research, I then realised that there could be another runner out there - the 
Black Arkose Mesh from Lucy Choi £270.  From the niece of Jimmy Choo.  I have it on good authority that they are every bit as fabulous as a pair of Choos but for a third of the price.  You will either love them or hate them.  Former for me, definitely.

I also noticed a chunkier pair the other day from & Other Stories.  For me, not as wearable as the ones above but then a far more palatable price.   Again, I think you'd have these for at least a couple of years.  Great for a smart lunch, night out or other special occasion.  As fab with a dress as with a pair of worn (if elusive) boyfriend jeans.

Open Ankle Boot in Warm Ivory and Black  £89

Ditto these.  Completely adore these.  Especially in the grey.  Hubba hubba. 

Manifest Boot from All Saints £195 

Particularly love this pic from LFW this year. 

Slightly left field but I love the shape of these from Zara and, whilst they're not leather, for less than £40 I think these are a swift win if you're looking for some you're not going to wear very often. 
Peep Toe Wedge Boot from Zara at £39.99 (not leather) 

Mango - £89.99 A very simple option - not for me.  I prefer to pimp my peep toe.  In for a penny in for a pound. 

And finally if money were no object, I think these are "epic" (to coin my 8 yr old's favourite phrase) Stella Shoe Boot by Fury £350 Young British Designers.  I also love the idea of supporting a young designer.  Although I don't perhaps love it £350 love it. (still got those blasted Jennys occupying my every other thought) 

So I leave you, fighting my own personal battle of the boots.  Which do I need more - black peep toe shoots or my beloved Jennys?   Over to you guys......

Pics from the last couple of days - here I am after a fabulous fashion show yesterday.  Am trying to see if I can get hold of some pics.  Completely love my hair, am now after an easy to use tonging tool.  The new Babyliss Pro hair eating machine is top of my list..... (I won't even attempt to do a beauty item - it is so so far from my comfort zone.  I rely on a very old friend, the fabulous Nic at Strawberry Blonde Beauty for all things beauty related)


Black l/s longline top - Baukjen
Straight legged distressed jeans rolled up - Zara
Black and white cardigan - By Malene Birger
Scarf - Markus Lupfer at Whistles
Grey cross body bag - Whistles
Black Thelma wedges - Ash

And today - having been up all night with a small coughing/asthmatic child.  I.  Am.  Knackered.   Dr's with them this morning, they then slept all day whilst I hoovered.  Rock and roll.  Finished the day with a 7 year old's party (not one of mine, I hasten to add) which was great, but to say I need wine now is an understatement.  I was due to go out for lunch with a lovely friend today hence I'm slightly overdressed for the Dr's and the hoovering.....(thought small child might be up for a lunch trip but alas, sleep caught up with them - they're actually more upset than I was!))



Off white silk top with knitted sleeves - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Navy blazer with elbow patches - Zara
Greige cowboy ankle boots - Zara
Mustard and fuchsia Stag scarf - M&S
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Grey cross body bag - Whistles (can you tell I'm loving this bag at the mo?)

So anyone else on a boot mission?  I need details!

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9 comentarios:

  1. Aw thanks for the mention & link darling xxx I completely love your hair and that 2nd outfit, would love a wee blazer like that.

    The only booties I like above are the All Saints grey - but even the model can barely stand in them let alone walk. Thy look about 7 inches high? Though you're pretty impressive in heels these days! ;)

    Nic xx

  2. I only like the LKB ones as they are more shoe like. The others not for me I'm afraid.
    Love your outfits, hair looks amazing! I have that Zara knitted sleeves top too, what do you wear under it? as the silk part is quite see through. It looks stunning with the necklace.

  3. Loving everything about this post! I am also searching for perfect pair of boots and am now completely inspired.
    Btw your hair is divine, you look AMAZING

  4. Love that first pair of "shoots" (v annoying word!). And am off to investigate hair tool - my hair has kinks in it that make me look like the Lion King if I don't straighten in but when at hairdressers they manage to get it lovely and tamed - this rather scary "hair eating machine" might be just what I'm after....

    1. Honor, click on the link for Nic's blog & one of her recent items is on the new Babyliss hair thingy which isn't out till end of March. Darn. In the meantime, have you tried the Babyliss big hair? Amazing amazing piece of kit which doesn't curl but smooths your hair after a normal blow dry. Since buying it 2.5 years ago, honestly my hair is now like a normal persons hair rather the godawful straw mess it used to be when I blow dried it myself.

  5. Happy Saturday Kat! I vote for the Jennys but depends what you will use most, failing that the Lucy Chois' - in my humble opinion they have that element of fierce which the LKB's (lovely as they are) lack. LOVE your whistles bag... AC

  6. Your hair looks amazing, I don't have any to speak of, I gave up trying in about 1992 as the outcome never warranted the effort. Would these Babyliss machines do anything for stringy rats tails?

  7. The AllSaints boots are incredible - I debated them a while ago but they are SO high I think I really would do myself an injury! I'd get the Jenny's - peep toe boots will always be around :)

  8. The Bibbona Suede Boot gets my strong vote for sure. They are lovely! The heel is reasonable, and you can get a discount code to ease the price tag sting. I like the design of them - they look like a Spring boot. To me, the other choices look like they're Winter boots trying to be Spring boots by peeping the toe. Boring. The Bibbona Suede Boots will compliment your fashion style beautifully, and I reckon you'd get loads of comments on them. Invest in them and just skip a lunch date or two to help pay for them! Life's too short to wear runner-up boots!!
    Just my opinion, he he.
    From Louise.