Another great purchase that isn't weather dependent

Right now I know that I promise I won't bang on about the weather.  But when the forecast at the end of March is for a shed load of snow (seriously?!!), it seems just impossible to even contemplate buying anything that isn't fur lined or thermal.  GAHHHHHHHHHH.

So, what can one buy that isn't weather dependent, can be used all year round and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face?  Jewellery.   And today I'm going to have a look at one of my favourite items - the cuff. 

I've had a number of requests for more info about my McQ by McQueen Razor Wrap bracelet which I was so lucky to get for my birthday from a fantastic friend - perfect present - something I will have for years and years and wear pretty much all the time.

I also have another couple - one from Mulberry which again I wear a lot and another from Hultquist which is a Danish jewellery make which I love.  So whilst often I'm a huge advocate of cheaper pieces of bling, I honestly think that if you wear a cuff as often as I do, it's worth spending money on a quality one.  My Mulberry and Hultquist ones are now four years old and both still look great. 

So without further ado, let's crack on and see what's on my shopping list. 

Firstly the aforementioned McQueen beauty.

There is a large selection of them in all colours - at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges  This one goes straight to the top of my wish list (like I need another one....)  Love the tarnished tinge to the metal of this one.  Much bulkier. 

I was also hugely taken with the Tory Burch selection that they had at Selfridges.  These are definitely another reason for me to make a Bicester trip shortly.

Tory Burch Logo Cuff bracelet in Brown - £115 

Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet in Gold - £85

Tory Burch Leather Wrap Bracelet in Brown - £85

Now there are more reasonable options out there - I saw these today instore and they'd make a lovely addition to any outfit. 

Lana Leather Cuff in Khaki £25 from Whistles 

Lana Leather Cuff from Whistles - £25  in Yellow (as this is such a random colour, I'm secretly hoping it goes into the sale - can't imagine it being a must have for most people but it will be perfect with my lime, black, tan and snakeskin block heel ankle strap sandals from Zara) 

Another high street option are these which sneak in under the cuff banner due to the leather bit on them (and it being my blog!) 

Frith Tan Weave Bracelet from Reiss - £25 

Frith Black leather bracelet - Reiss - £25

Some Mulberry beauties now - for me, these would have to fit under the banner of present (anyone normally get a really expensive Easter Egg they'd like to forego?!).  The first one is apparently for men.  Well the thought of The Husband wearing it is hilarious.  Maybe I should buy it for Easter for him........ oh whoops and just end up having to wear it. 
Mulberry Bayswater in Oak - £125

These are so cute they need no introduction. (clearly not for men. Well, most men)

Flower Lock Leather Bracelet - in Black from Matches - £150

Flower Lock Leather Bracelet - in Blush Pink  £150

Now this is a real quick fashion fix and probably isn't going to last forever but cute and a bargain in the sale.  Love the skulls on it. 
Ashiana Wrap Skull Bracelet - ASOS - £25 

And finally one from Hultquist - very difficult to find online.  We have a number of Danish boutiques locally that sell them.  Hush have a good selection which goes in and out of stock but I am a fan of the chunkier ones too.  
Leather Snaffle Cuff by Hultquist £35 from Home & Glory at Not on the high street 

So any other cuff fans out there?  Surely the perfect purchase if you just can't begin to think about Spring clothes when we're knee deep in snow. 

To say I am beyond over winter clothes - you've probably gathered.  So today I decided to embrace the black and dug deep into the wardrobe.  No coat as I was only outside for about five minutes. 



Black longsleeved longline top - Baukjen
Black oversized square jumper - Reiss
Black pleather skinnies - Topshop
Black suede stud Ohio boots - Pied a Terre
Black double pocket bag - Marks & Spencer. 

Tomorrow I shall be back with yet another High Street hottie that I've rediscovered.  Any guesses??

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12 comentarios:

  1. Want them all ! Much cheaper than Hermes. x

  2. I have the Hultquist one and can vouch that it is exquisite!! Goes with everything!! Go forth and cuff yourself up I say!!

  3. Love the Top Shop skinnes - I ordered some last week after Martha's recommendation...

    As for the cuff - LOVE them - especially the AMcQ - I bought a Tory Burch one a couple of years ago and love it as it isn't branded - just has little pyramid studs - and it was in the sale too:) I think SusieSoSo should start selling them:)

    1. Poppy where did you get the leggings? I can't see them on the UK site. Did you get them direct from Nordstrom?

  4. I've tried pleather skinnies but they make my stumpy thighs look like a tree trunk. Clearly, they're more suited for gazelles (you).

  5. Oh... The Topshop skinnies. They look fantastic!!!!

  6. Very cute. Like your look too!

  7. love a cuff, love a statement belt and LOVE your outfit - I shall steal that for my outfit today, thank you very much!


  8. I have just sent a link to one of the McQueen cuffs to my hubs - a hint for my 40th Birthday next month!! Love the Mulberry one too, if only it came with silver metalwork, as I don't really wear anything goldtone.

  9. Antonio Ben Chimol leather cuffs are fab, if you get the chance to google them. I love cuffs and am tempted by that Mulberry flower example! Great blog post.

  10. I think maybe £150 is a bit much for a leather cuff, however you look at it! Whatever floats your boat though. On another note ( and I promise I'm not harassing you,) did you decide against doing the Style Studios thing? Have not got reply. Cxx

  11. Thanks for the heads up on Hultquist - I'm off to Denmark after Easter (brrrr!) and looking at their website they have a 'concept shop' in Copenhagen. Something to check out I think! (it will make a refreshing change from Lego and Viking ships ;-) )
    And do you really have Danish boutiques locally? I'm intrigued! Can you share names/locations??