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So I've extolled the virtues of my £5 leopard print shoes (getting first outing tonight - I may get frostbite but I will have fabulous shoes on) and couldn't help but notice when I was in there, how fantastic the rest of the accessories were in H&M. (scarf from yesterday being one thing)

As a store, I find it incredibly difficult to navigate.  I appreciate they're all different, but the one I go to at Bluewater is so cramped.  Messy verging on Primark levels, just stuff everywhere.  And I normally know what I'm looking for.  Another huge bugbear of mine is the fact that it's so difficult to correlate what's in store with what's online.  They just don't seem to match up at all.  May as well be Primark - it's usually that difficult to get hold of things.  The jumper I had on yesterday is a prime example.  Fab loose knit, slightly fitted but not, long sleeved perfect jumper.  Grabbed in Covent Garden - thought I'd order more online, none there and none ever to be seen again in any store.  Irritating.

But there are true treasures to be found.  Bypassing clothes entirely (I just can't contemplate buying something that I can't wear immediately.  Or at least for the foreseeable future.  British Summer time starts on Sunday.  Have you ever heard anything more hilarious?)

Was most impressed with some of their leather items.  They really seem to have upped their game with regards to shoes in the last year or so. 

Here is my pick of the current crop.

These look gorgeous.  I think perhaps one of the designers from & Other Stories, lobbed them a gift in the form of a divine shoe.  Love the detailing.  Also in black. 

These aren't leather and actually I didn't see them in store but they do look super cute for under £20. 

Snakeskin detail sneaker

Sandals I know, I know, absolutely squat all point featuring these right now but they will sell out.  Not entirely convinced at how practical they are for walking in and personally my toes are too skeletor like and would protrude out of the front in a not very attractive style.  But I wish I could wear them.  So cute.

Leather Sandals £29.99  These I have seen and these are gorgeous.  Lovely detailing.  Gorgeous subtle colour and great leather for the price.  I would again have my "toes like fingers" issue so not for me.  Darn it. 

Sneakers  £14.99 These look like nothing in the pic but are actually a great textured satin in the flesh.  They also come in navy and honestly are much much better than the photo would lead you to believe.  

Leather court shoes  £39.99  For work or a formal occasion, these are a bargain.  Easy to wear heel height - very unusual to find ones that don't make them look ever so slightly frumpy.  Could easily wear these on a night out with jeans as well. 

And in a nude blush (light nougat apparently) 

Clutch bag £34.99  This looks pretty average on the online pic so I took a photo of the hardware so you can see the detail.  Heavy, chunky, excellent quality.  Soft grainy, textured suede.  You can hide the chain. 


Sunglasses  I will admit that I do like a good pair of sunglasses.  I don't have many at all, I normally only buy a pair every two years (if that) and wear them till they either break or I lose them - whichever happens first.  And always duty free.  So I'm very happy with my current Dior ones (courtesy of The Husband who when we went away for a long weekend to Italy last year took all the luggage allowance I'd booked, despite saying he didn't want any.  Leaving me with merely a carry on which had to include my handbag.  Oh and he only told me the night before.  And we were going to a wedding with an outfit change.  It was only as he was the best man that I capitulated.  He was lucky to get away with just sunglasses) 

But I would love a pair of aviators as well.  A very good friend of mine bought these a couple of years ago and lived in them for absolutely ages.  Swore by them.  For £6?  I may get both the silver and gold ones.  

The same in silver £5.99
So there we have a couple of sneaky options to keep you occupied whilst we all battle the cold, wrapping up yet again in more scarves and jumpers.  So.  Over.  It. 

Here's what I wore yesterday - this is as near to a boyfriend jean that is flattering on me, as I can get.  I am desperate for ones that are looser in the leg.   Throwing myself on the mercy of Selfridges tomorrow (although most of the high end ones bar Goldsign are so so short)  Whistles have a new pair out that I shall have a look at today. 

In the meantime, I'm liking these.  And I have had them for 8 years which is very very satisfying. 


White longsleeved tee - Topshop

Beige loose knit jumper - H&M
Tweed leather edged jacket - Jesire
Faded straight leg jeans - Earl
Rockafellas - Russell & Bromley
Grey wristwarmers - Toast
Skinny khaki scarf - Joseph
Tan shopper - Zara

Today I am on a boot hunt.  I have become obsessed with something quite random. (like I wasn't already).  I fear Bob may be on the loose.......

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7 comentarios:

  1. I love all the leather shoe options, they keep popping in and out of my online basket but haven't pressed the button yet only because I can't decide what colour to choose between the nude or black. My H&M although it carries the H&M Trend stock doesn't have the shoe range yours does (no £5 leopard courts to be had at all!).

    Anyway - good luck with the boot hunt and the Whistles jeans - fingers crossed for you.

  2. I love H and M for bargain wardrobe fillers - they always have a £5 off ( 1304) and free delivery voucher on the go too so cheap as chips - love it!! Waiting for an order of Spring stuff to arrive and I'm going to damn well wear it . Don't care if it is cold or not. The sun is shining and there is no snow on the ground so I will declare it Spring ! When you find the boyfriend jeans I will be following behind as I cannot find any for the same reasons as you - do share when you get success!!

  3. I save my online H&M orders until they send me a 20% or 25% off one item code then stack it with the £5 off one Applebypie posted above. I do rather like those snakeskin trainer pump things you highlighted here, can't begin to look at sandals but they are surprisingly lovely too!

  4. I'm so envious that you can wear casual clothes every day! I have to get trussed up in tailored suits/dresses with tights combo. How wonderful to pull on jogging pants/jeans, baggy tops....have to wait for retirement :(

    1. I'm with the envy too! I wear a uniform to work every day and look forward to weekends where I can wear my own clothes, on the upside of that I don't buy many clothes (keeps the hubby happy) but love reading blogs to see what everyone is wearing and what's going on in the shops x

  5. I agree with H & M always being a little allover the place, have you noticed this new thing where if you give them your old clothes they give you a £5 voucher? it is in the name of being 'green' but really I think they just want to try to stop people selling things really cheaply on ebay!

  6. Really enjoying the posts this week. Have just ordered that lovely looking suede clutch (I do hope you're right about the hardware) and the satin sneakers appear to be half price now so testing out the pink and the navy. code 0241 takes 25% off highest price item and 1304 for a further £5 off, so total order of £36 for all 3 items. Hate the stores just jumble and tat, am ok ordering basics but hate the whole returns thing with h&m online.