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So I'm often asked - do I need to spend a fortune to get a really good leather bag?  Well, no.  No no no.  You absolutely don't at all.  And over the last couple of weeks I have kept coming across gems and since I've now reached dress overload and have managed to confuse myself with the copious amounts of choice, I'm having a day off the dresses. 

Huge apologies for not having been around yesterday.  Absolutely bonkers day of clearing up from dinner party in the morning.  I am not one of those people who tidy up on the night (and neither is The Husband - tidy up?) so I always have to do it the next day.  The Husband redeemed himself by driving around the county looking for a Disney Infinity set which the boys (8yr old Aspie really) had been promised for hitting various targets.  Seeing as he was then out at Twickenham for the rest of the day, he was a star and managed to finally track it down (mummy may have forgotten/not thought I would have to get it so quickly).

School Infant Disco (I'm a Parent Rep so had to help organise) followed by Mass, meant that last night, my behind had an appointment with the sofa and a very large glass of wine. 

And an early night as I was up at the crack of dawn for another five hour Rugby Festival with the 6yr old.  I may be having yet another small (large) glass now after having cooked a roast and am ensconced on the sofa, finding some great leather bags that won't break the bank.  Guarantee though, I will be asleep on the sofa five minutes into House of Cards, once the kids are in bed. 

Starting with amazing value at John Lewis plus pics which I think proves that they are even better in the flesh. 

COLLECTION by John Lewis Cora bag £49.  All three colours of this are amazing. 


In the grey 


And in the navy 

My favourite though would probably have to be the black snakeskin.  For £49 - amazing. 

A larger similar version with a strap is the Ashlynn bag which again, looks much more expensive than the price tag. 

COLLECTION by John Lewis Ashlynn leather large shoulder bag in orange £79

And the slightly smaller but with a longer strap (go figure) Ashlynn Shoulder bag, again in the snakeskin which is great.  Really great. 

COLLECTION by John Lewis Ashlynn shoulder bag in black £69


Ignore the rather naff styling here, this bag looks fantastic. 

WEEKEND by John Lewis Malvin Raw Edge Shoulder bag in black £69

Now this I nearly bought last year.  I did instead buy a beach bag from Monsoon.  Which was, to be fair, in the sale and I can definitely hand down to the 10yr old as she loves it but yes, I SO should just have bought one of these.  The only dilemma this year I have is to which colour is the best one.  The best buy of the season bag wise. 

WEEKEND by John Lewis Morgan tote bag - £69 in Silver.  Again ignore random woman in random shirt.  The pictures do not do this bag justice.  

Miles better representation in this pic actually  Actually they look like they might be different bags as they have different product numbers.  Well, this one would be my choice for sure. 


Similar but I LOVE this in tan, which I saw a week or so ago at John Lewis and the other day, I'm going to get it for the Summer, I adore it.  Could I find it on Friday?  Could I heck as like.  And can I find it online?  Again, nope.  GAH. 


Upping the budget slightly at Jaeger but their prices for leather bags really do seem to have come down this season.  This is great value - I love the minimalist styling here. 

Jaeger Hart Shoulder bag £125 in Luna

Continuing with the upping of the price range but I've to have a navy moment.  Anyone who knows me in real life will be aware (which is code for almost bored to death) of my quest for a navy bag.  Every.  Year.  Without fail I say I need a navy bag and I've never found one that screams BUY ME.  Actually the other day a friend did point out that there was a near purchase the other year but for life of us, we couldn't remember which one it was.  (year or bag.)

Fossil Sydney Leather bag £139

And the Maida Vale bag from Boden in the navy £149 BUT with 20% off till midnight tonight - off everything in fact.... Code - FMLY

Lastly, finishing with a couple from Paul's Boutique which is no longer the rather in your face, logo'd teen brand it once was.  All hail their new leather collection.  If I didn't already have my Anya bag which is rather similar, this would be on my wish list for sure.  Love the shape (obviously) but love the two tone leather and suede. 

Harper Taupe Luxury Leather & Suede bag £130

They also do a black version 

For Summer, I also love the Porter Suede Bowler Bag in Stone £100

Which can be worn two ways - with the handle:-

Or with the strap.....

I will just throw in this one, which isn't leather (but in my book that makes it pretty perfect for the beach... especially the winter beach... or Ireland.  And guess where I am heading at Easter folks?!) but I absolutely adore it.  

Lauren Slouchy Bag in black £65 from Paul's Boutique  Also comes with a cross body strap.  And it also comes in a tan version.....  And they do the Edie which is an identical shape but an oversized weekender bag.  For a great price.  

So I'm officially spoilt for choice now and seeing as the new puppy is taking up my handbag budget for this year (along with a hefty wadge of my shoe budget as well.....), I shall definitely be having a think about which bag will work best. 

I really do think it does go to show, you don't need to spend designer prices to get a great looking (and great quality) bag.  Thoughts?

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days - well, Friday actually.


Navy polo neck - Zara
Black pleather peg leg trousers - Zara
Navy cocoon coat - H&M
Navy Lille lacy up point flats - Boden
Black quilted bag - Zara

And quick change for a dinner party on Friday night. 

Black polo neck - Jigsaw
Black leather midi skirt - Whistles
Leopard print wedges - M&S

Tomorrow, I am back with my Parisian Campaign so see you then. Hope everyone else had a great weekend xx

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9 comentarios:

  1. Totally agree re Paul's Boutique - I've had two great bags from them recently
    Good luck with puppy! We've just got a cocker spaniel pup- gorgeous but hard work!! You'll be doing a wine blog by the time you've had her for a week!! 😂😂

    1. Isn't it amazing? I had to google to see if they were the same company. The old image is TOTALLY gone! I have a wish list as long as your arm. Oh god am I going to need MORE wine??!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. My handbag budget has been eaten up by bastard buyers pulling out of our house chain and Husband having to sort out a bridging loan for the cottage. No handbags (or anything in fact!) for the next x amount of months!!
    It is, however, my birthday in a few weeks so that still warrants a gift. Might add one of those clutches to the list ;-)

    1. oh that totally totally totally sucks. Well in that case, I'd definitely see if you can stretch to a little birthday treat. I do hope it goes well xxxx

  4. Love these first John Lewis clutches - that minimal style right up my street. We're getting a Vizslador soon and I can't wait!

    1. They're lovely aren't they? If they weren't so similar to my Tory Burch clutch, I'd definitely buy the snakeskin one. And they are the cutest dogs!

  5. Oh no I love the Jigsaw bag, I really really do. OK - read the blog today (Monday) about mixing classic looks with the odd on trend item and I think it's a style that can really work - as opposed to one full on look. It's a gorgeous gorgeous bag, it really is. Did you get the tan? I think it would work equally as well with the trench, breton and either flared, skinny or straight jeans. Honestly it's a lovely bag xxx

  6. Well you did exactly the right thing then. And they have some GORGEOUS things in there this season. Am going to do a trying on session soon as there really are some lovely things. You'll be able to spend that credit note in no time x