How can it be March already?

April and then it's May.  That's virtually around the corner. 

And come May, I have quite a few dates already in the diary.  For which dresses will be needed.  But the main issue that I've found over the past couple of years is that it's not necessarily warm.  It might be.. it also may be downright chilly.  

However I think I've come up with a solution (is this a rather nifty excuse to buy new dresses - hell yes) 

I am all over Shirt Dresses.  I now have a couple of these and I love them.  They have that perfect quality of being able to be worn all year round.  The ideal dresses for when it is a tad nippy and anything strappy or, god forbid, totally sleeveless, just isn't going to happen.  Especially when you have legs on show as well.  Far too much flesh exposed to the elements with way too much opportunity for plucked chicken goosebumps a plenty...... (there is only so much magic fake tan can work) 

If you have your arms covered though, then somehow, it makes having your legs out that little bit easier.  Baby steps...

Into the Autumn they will look great with the Over The Knee Boots that I promise you, we will all be sporting. 

For now, easy to dress up with heels but I also think they work really well for more casual affairs with flats.

Jacket wise, I wear mine with blazers, I've worn them with denim jackets and they also look great with a little leather number as well.   Alternatively a mid thigh dress or cocoon coat is the perfect addition for a dressier occasion.

To make things even more attractive, we are settling nicely into offer season and it seems silly not to take advantage. 

There's currently 20% off at Warehouse at John Lewis (price match...) and their dresses are stunning this season. 

Shirt dresses are a go here.  And the scarf print one perfectly ticks the 70s category box too so we're win win.  This would be amazing with opaques whilst it's still on the chilly side - gorgeous with bare legs as well.

Warehouse Aztec Scarf Print Dress £38.40

My beloved Khaki again at Warehouse - this with leopard print or snake print would be amazing. 

Warehouse Shirt Dress in khaki now £38.40

Also 20% off Boden and this is off everything, not just dresses.  I think it ends today, so go forth and shop!  Code is X3X5

Printed Shirt Dress £89 pre discount in the navy daisy.  Love love love it with the ankle boots.

And in the multi deco floral print.  This is growing on me.....

Also 20% off at Coast at John Lewis and this monochrome would work for dinners and those special occasions. 

Coast Mono Adlina Shirt Dress now £92

Hippy vibe a plenty at M&S Paisley Print Shirt Dress from M&S £39.50

Star Print Shirt Dress from M&S £39.50

Super 70s at M&S again and this isn't going to suit everyone but if this is a colour that works for you, it is so unusual and would look amazing on.  You could team with camels or whites for Summer but I also love the idea of navy or black. (I do love the idea of camels or white more though, it has to be said....)

No Peep Cotton Rich Lace Shirt Dress from M&S £45

More print at French Connection.  They have some gorgeous things in this season.

Misty Mountain Shirt Dress was £125 now £85.50

Again in the sale at FCUK - the Ali Gator Shirt Dress was £110 now £39

The Deco Dream Drop Waist Shirt Dress FCUK £130  This would work if you stick with the monochrome colours but you could also add either a print like a leopard or another colour - anything that takes your fancy to be honest.  Love the idea of the M&S black and white stripe shoes from the other day.

There is plain out there - a purple/blue shade (apparently this is more purple than cobalt) in the sale from LK Bennett.  Plus belted which I know works better for lots of people.

LK Bennett Brindi Belted Shirt Dress was £195 now £125

More plain in the sale at Matches 

Freda Isla Dress was £425 now £127

Love the 70s shade of burgundy, also 70% off at £127  again by Freda.

Finishing with some gems in the sale at Matches - these are classic DVF styles which just happen to be in last season's print and are therefore bargaintastic now. 

Prita Dress from DVF at Matches was £350 now £140

T72 Dress from DVF was £390 now £156

Bruna Dress was £410 now £164

So I have my couple of dresses - I have to say I'm probably most tempted by the Topshop ones I had on my khaki thread.  Or the Freda one above is probably worth a look as well for the amazing discount.  I already have both leopard and snakeskin accessories which is half the battle for an outfit. 

Finishing with outfit from yesterday - fabulous day in London with a lovely group of Bloggers.  Today I am absolutely shattered to say the least.  And with all those Bloggers, I can't believe I didn't get anyone to take a photo.  So this is me with the tipsy eyes in the mirror again, very late doors.


Black silk shirt - Zara
Black pleather peg leg trousers - Zara
Black Tux blazer - Hush
White Stan Smiths - adidas 

I am off to lounge on the sofa and eat my bodyweight in pitta chips and then a takeaway.  Up and at 'em tomorrow.  I'm considering doing a kettlebells class.  Considering......

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19 comentarios:

  1. Absolutely one of the coolest looks have seen you in for ages...just love the simplicity and sheer funkiness of it, ...I also have those trousers...wore mine with j crew grey marl and gold bug T, and cream tuxedo and heels for new years!...

    1. oh thank you so so much! they are amazing trousers aren't they? Although mine have stretched.. (I haven't washed them yet... too scared to!) Have you? Outfits sounds amazing x

  2. Dungarees! I have had a minor obsession since reading your blog and ordered the Next ones thinking they'd go straight back after a good giggle. But no! I actually love love love them! Easy to dress up or down and a good way round the minefield of poor fitting jeans when you have no butt or hips but a bit of leftover baby belly. Thanks for the blog or I'd have never even contemplated them! Sarah x

    1. Oh my lord I am SO SO pleased. I have had so much negative feedback on them, but I honestly honestly think they could work. I'm not planning on wearing them forever and every day but a change is as good as a rest?! So pleased you love them x

    2. Hubby just looked at me like I'd gone mad, but then again I quite possibly have! But they are fab, the bestie just rolls her eyes at most of my slightly more daring outfits anyway x

    3. oh they will ALL be wearing them shortly..... (hmmm well.... hmmmmm......)

  3. Gorgeous dresses! I love the FC alligator dress, really unusual and a beautiful green. The Freda one in wine looks fab too. A really good discount too.

    Love your pleather trousers and curls?

  4. I do love a shirt-dress...

    1. They're so easy to wear, aren't they?

  5. oh you will...... Embrace a bit of print no?!! I love 'em!

  6. Freda dress in wine (with wine) looks luscious!
    Sorry for beig cheeky about the dungarees ;)
    Lu xx

    1. oh gosh don't be daft! I knew they were going to be very contentious! xx

  7. Loved your outfit from your bloggers day out in London, I'm sure that was a fun day out for all. And I have serious hair envy! Love your hair all curly like that. I bought that Aztec print dress from Warehouse, its fab on

    1. Thank you - it was a great day! The dress looks absolutely beautiful, you'll get loads of wear out of it x

  8. I love the belt used as styling on the wine red Freda dress as well, but it's not named as an accessory!
    Lu xx

    1. It was probably offensively expensive anyway... (sorry that's sod all help!!) x

  9. You looked gorgeous & your hair was beautiful! So lovely to have met you finally! What a pants lot we are....not one decent outfit photo here either!! x

    1. Oh it was so so lovely too meet you - what are we all like?!