I *think* I may have cracked it.....

.... ish.

So the dilemma was....Spring/Summer 2015.  What sort of look was I going to go for?

Now - a slight step back.  I appreciate that this sounds like I have disappeared somewhere up on my own wannabe fashionista jacksie, but there is method in my perceived madness.  I am not just being a flakey blah (which makes a change). 

By identifying which tribe you want to belong to (ok I am just throwing myself at the mercy of fashion poncey lingo for one day only.  You have been warned.  Cringe Klaxon), you are being a clever dresser. 

The advantages are as follows:-

  • You can make better use of things that you already own
  • You will need to buy less to add to your own wardrobe to make a wider variety of outfits
  • It will be so much easier to mix and match things that you own and so getting dressed and feeling good will be quicker and far less painful
  • You can write a wishlist that you can work from through the coming months
  • You should make less mistakes with impulse purchases 
  • It's easier to identify which things in your wardrobe you do wear year in, year out and what it's worth investing in
See?  As ridiculous as the concept of having a specific *look* might initially sound, it makes sense from both an organisational and a shopping point of view.  So, eschewing my vapid fashion hat, I now have a financial halo gleaming around my bonce.

But how do you go about finding what sort of look will work for you?  And what are the options?

Well I'm sure there are loads of others that I'm missing out on, but for me personally, it has come down to two, as I've mentioned a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. 

70's Boho and Parisian Chic.  Interestingly, I wouldn't have in fact said that the second is a particular style that is specific to this season.  It is, however, the perennial look that, as the back of my mind, I aspire to. 

Slight fly in the ointment is that I am a total fashion magpie.  I can't possibly just stick to one look and be done with it.  I am one of those ridiculous people who has a boredom threshold about a mm from the floor.   

I am also prone to the odd obsession.  Now sometimes these are themselves odd, as in strange, not as in occasional - let's take dungarees as an example....  However I've done some soul searching and do you know what?  I think that's ok. 

I have finally accepted that I'm not ever going to belong to one fashion tribe, I am too much of a schizophrenic shopper and with my magpie tendencies, I need to change my outfits up a bit every now and again. 

There is always that random thing I see, that doesn't fit into any traditional fashion rule book, that I love.  I remember once, an interior designer told me - always start furnishing a room with a couple of things that you love.  And the rest will work itself out, so long as it ties in with those pieces.  You will end up with a room that works for you, because there is nothing in it that doesn't go with something that you love. 

I also love William Morris' quote - "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" - and I think you can apply the same to your wardrobe.  I think I'm going to change the useful to flattering though.... that would definitely work.  

"Have nothing in your wardrobe that you do not know to be flattering or believe to be beautiful"  

The key to this, of course, is that one person's perception of beauty differs greatly from someone else's and so we end up with personal style.  Your own personal style, which, so long as you follow the above newly acquired rule - will work for you. 

So where am I going to start?

With listing my outfit essentials and taking it from there. 

And the conclusion that I've come to, is that there isn't such a thing as fitting in with one tribe or one specific look.  It's about cherry picking aspects from a couple of looks that work together and work on their own.  Which means being organised and knowing what works with what and what you need to buy to have an even more comprehensive wardrobe with more outfit options. 

Thinking about the different outfits you can put together from an extensive (and in my case this is a very extensive...) set of basics.

It also does mean a lot of experimenting as what works in your head and looks great on other people and in magazines, may end up looking like a crock on you.  Don't take it personally - I have forgiven peasant style boho dresses for detesting me with a vengeance. 

And it may be that you have a slightly different edge from Spring into Summer.  I have neglected to include warm warm Summer at the mo, as frankly, one step at a time.  I do think if you try and bite off more than you can chew. that's when it becomes confusing.  

So here is the list.

  • Jeans - skinny, flares, boyfriend and straight leg rolled up.
  • A selection of Breton tops.
  • Logo Tees.
  • Silky plain blouses
  • Silky print blouses 70's style
  • Thin knit jumpers
  • Fitted jackets
  • Cocoon coats/mid thigh jackets
  • Shirt Dresses
  • Shift Dresses 
  • Linen tees
  • Cargo trousers, chinos and khakis
  • Black skinnies
  • A line skirts, mini and midi
  • Selection of scarves - print and plain
  • Ankle boots 
  • Skater shoes
  • Flat pumps
  • Sandals
For me, with all these bases covered, I have the perfect wardrobe.  I'm also going to throw in dungarees as they, bizarrely, work with so much of what I already have (who would have thunk it?) 

As an example - three different outfits for three different occasions, all with one of my very beloved breton tops.  Yes I do have a pretty good selection but seeing as I've proved how useful they are, I am definitely in the market for a black and white one.  I honestly don't think you can have too many. 

Untitled Untitled

Starting with classic navy and a classic Breton make - Saint James.  

Saint James Meridien Navy Jersey Breton top £55

Saint James Minquiers Black Jersey £42 This is obviously a different top from the one above as it's so much cheaper.  Probably a lighter fabric?

The reverse navy stripe in the same style as the black one so cheaper than the original. 

Minquires Navy stripe top by Saint James £42

Toast Breton Stripe Cotton t-shirt in red £49

And in a slate blue which I think is more of a grey.... a really useful colour to have in your wardrobe.  £49

Dropped shoulder at Hobbs and again we have a red shade.  When I bought my dark red one above, I didn't think I'd get that much use out of it but it honestly has been one of the most worn tops in my wardrobe. 

Red Haley T shirt from Hobbs £35

A more unusual pale blue now.  I love pale blue with black.  It also goes so well with greys and navy.  This with a black blazer over indigo jeans would be amazing. 

Hobbs Haley T-shirt in pale blue and ivory £35

And the classic navy 

Now these are slightly different but still tick all the Breton boxes in my book. 

John Lewis Zip Back Breton Stripe top £25

And in the raspberry - this would look fab with black.  Or with indigo and camel....

So there we have number one on my Wish List - a black and white breton top.  How is everyone else going with theirs?  First item you're planning to get?  

Finishing with outfit from today.  It's still chilly chilly, isn't it?


White longline tee - Baukjen
Navy Off Duty Jumper - Boden
Cable knit oversized cardigan - Nicole Farhi
Tie Dye jeans - H&M
Boots - Toga Pulla 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

I can't wait to hear how everyone else is doing with their Spring wardrobes and what they're looking for.  I'll be back tomorrow with my Wish List for Spring.  I also need to get cracking on Summer Occasion outfits.  Will I be able to find ones that also work with my larger than usual capsule Spring wardrobe?? 

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36 comentarios:

  1. Love your comment about never can have enough Breton tops, how many is too many, I think I have too many with ones from Jigsaw, Joules and Boden, currently averaging about 6 from each but I wear them all and totally agree a real wardrobe basic. Do like the Toast one so maybe ??

    1. I have three ones (although I also have a tunic one from Toast), yellow, wine and navy although the navy is a cheapo from H&M & really really needs replacing. However I also have two with slogans on which I also love (one new...!)

  2. Just bought a red/white breton from H&M for the bargainous sum of £7.99! Now on the hunt for black/white one.

    1. Now my old navy one is from there and I love it but it is so on its last legs! Desperately in need of a replacement - I looked online but they didn't seem to be doing them this year - is it the one with the zip at the back?

    2. No zip, short sleeves, box shape. Got it in medium and not tried on but looks big.

    3. couldn't find it today but got a great layering stripe top so thanks for the tip!

  3. Its funny a Breton is one of the few items I don't own - they really don't do anything for me - I feel frumpy in them. Maybe its a hangover from my Boden obsessed days. I much prefer a simple or logo tee these days under a jacket.

    1. Ah now I love a logo tee as well! I totally get not being able to do things - I simply cannot get to grips with leather jackets or denim jackets - I'd love to but I look like a cheeseball in them!

    2. Strange, I can't do leather or denim jackets either. Just looks odd!

  4. Great post Kat! I have everything on your list except shirt dresses and a-line skirts as neither suit me. Have you seen the breton tops that Next have at the mo? I bought a few and they are lovely. They are 100% cotton and a decent length. Will find a link but as far as I remember they don't have a black and white colourway unfortunately.

    1. Here's the link to the Next bretons I mentioned above http://www.next.co.uk/x553202s2#692527x55

    2. That's funny as they're really the only dresses and skirts that I can do! So struggle with dresses - am on a dress hunt today. Plus a general occasion outfit look generally..... I'm thinking maybe culottes??!

    3. Noooo, not culottes (pretty please :)). I think they look great on you but I'm (selfishly!) hoping for inspiration for the First Communion I have coming up and culottes are beyond awful on me. Maybe you'll throw in a dress or two also if you come across some nice options? That would be fab. Hope you have a productive hunt!

    4. Fear not, couldn't find any that I even wanted to try on. I will go on a dress hunt tonight xx

  5. My mantra is: A woman can never own too many striped tops. I adore the John lewis red stripe one above. Must investigate...

    1. if they're your bag then that is totally true. I absolutely love them x

  6. I definitely think they come into their own this time of year. Something about the lighter stripes peeping out from under other layers makes me pretend it's spring.

    If you wear them all, then you don't have too many! The toast ones look lovely, as does the pale blue Hobby one.

    1. That's exactly it - if you wear them, then they can only be an investment!

  7. Seriously can't go wrong with any breton in any shape for any day of the week!
    LOVE your skinny jeans

    1. OH I knew I could count on you as another breton fan. And these jeans were the ultimate H&M bargain x

  8. OOH I've just ordered the navy Boden lace ups - they will look ACE with your new Whistles dress.... And you are so so right about it all ending up being a bit boring. Something to ring the changes - for me - the dungarees. Today I am looking for another wardrobe ringer. Watch this space.... xx

  9. Managed to walk through Zara and Topshop yesterday in Kensington and not feel at all tempted. Think the 70's BOHO vibe will do wonders for my bank balance as know that I will look beyond mutton in all that fringing and flouncing and cheesecloth - only slight second look was at a pair of silver skate shoes.....My purchases on my birthday visit to London was tote bag from McQueen exhibition, camper shoes already spotted and researched on internet and a eyeko mascara custom made in harvey Nics - not impulse buying makes me feel so smug!

    1. Tote bag sounds amazing.. more details please!!

    2. Here it is - they do cheaper ones but this one is good quality - love it!

  10. But you're not wearing any of your essentials list on today's photo Kat! ;-)
    Lu xx

    1. Apart from skinny jeans , thin knit jumper and ankle boots?! Come on keep up Lu!

    2. Ha ha , no actually good point. This however, is last season's essentials! Oversized jumper, skinnies (although yes, these are from this season, ditto ankle boots) - all for A/W. It was freezing yesterday! New list is for Spring.... When it arrives..... dear lord please please let it be soon....!

    3. Haha. Spring-like in Cumbria this morning, a balmy 13 degrees!
      I shall step up to the mark from now.....
      Lu xx

    4. Our weather doesn't know what it's doing here - one min freezing, the other lovely and warm in the sun. I am chopping and changing from Winter to Spring every day!

  11. I think I can definitely justify one of them... I really really want to try the Mango Chanel style pcket one from yesterday. NADA in store. GAH

  12. Loving the look of the Toast red striped breton. Remember the other day you were talking about finding a cheaper alternative to the Isabel Marant tasselled/fringed sandals? I happened upon these when I was browsing yesterday and just thought I'd pop up the link in case of any interest. I know the ones you liked didn't have the bling aspect so they may not be of any use to you but just in case http://www.alvalondon.com/stylesnob---denise---nude---sale--50-3665-p.asp

    1. Sorry link doesn't appear to be working so will try again. If no luck, just google Alva London Denise Nude and they should come up.


    2. Oh I love Style Snob - fabulous Danish brand. We have a shop locally that stocks it, so I shall go and see what they've got. Have to say, I'm not convinced by the added bling but I do love the colour of them. Thank you xxx

  13. Hi Kat, my list is more or less the same. Today I'm wearing my new Breton top from Uniqlo's Ines de la Fressange range which is brilliant! (and only €20,00/ 15,00 Pounds -cant find the symbol..)

    1. Aha, I wil check them out thank you xx