I've come over all Gucci

Not literally that is as I haven't won the lottery since I last blogged.  Interestingly, would I carry on blogging if I won the lottery?  Well, seeing as I reckon I'd probably be bored on my Caribbean island day in day out with nothing but Net a Porter to peruse, then yes, I'd still give it a go....  In all seriousness I don't think I'd ever give up bagging a bargain.  There isn't a lot I love more than someone admiring something and being able to say that it's from Dorothy Perkins or River Island as opposed to Isabel Marant or Marni. (of which I own nothing so heaven's knows why people assume most of my stuff is more expensive!) 

Anyway, back to the picture that is in all the glossies at the moment and has had my salivating.  

Voila.  All hail The Gucci.


I love all of it.  I would walk around all Spring and Summer like this if I thought I could get away with it.  However the chances of me buying any of it is zero.  Minus zero.  Buying the actual Gucci products that is.  

But that's not to say we can't try to recreate it.  I wouldn't say any of it needs to be Gucci (which is handy) and I'm sure we can have a good look at sourcing some similar things from the High Street. 

So let's start with clearly the star of the show.  The bag (although I have to say, the jacket went to the final bell but the bag was the knock out).

Here we have the real deal. 

Gucci Jackie Soft Suede Shoulder Bag £1440

I'm also absolutely loving this one below that I found - I'm very very much taken by the classic green and red strap.  Which is an extra, there's also a suede one that comes with it.  

Lady Web Suede Shoulder bag from Gucci £1200

Whilst I was on my designer bag porn fest (which didn't last very long as my unattainable wish list was growing legs by the minute), I did happen to come across this little beauty.  Which is perfect if you don't have small children, a dog and only eat beige food.

Ok so going perhaps/definitely in the wrong direction but this is just too gorgeous not to put in here as well.

Moujik Medium Suede and leather tote £2300 by Saint Laurent

But there are some designer bags which aren't necessarily mega mega bucks.  Ok, they're not chump change by any stretch of the imagination and this is definitely the price bracket that I prefer to shop in. (if I'm looking for an expensive bag - there are some equally as good much cheaper ones out there)   Very much an investment piece still but not quite as painful or in the realms of insanity as some.

Kay Suede Tote from See by Chloe £386 from My Theresa

And in a lighter shade (with a leather base and leather handles) £410 from Net A Porter

Another much lesser known designer brand which is more than you'd pay on the high street but less than the majority of the ground floor of Selfridges, is Campomaggi.  

I first bought one of these bags from Plumo, probably five years ago and it is still one of my favourites.  I absolutely love it and wish I could explain properly how fabulous the leather is.  It's slouchy but stiff at the same time, it has an amazing aged patina to it and just improves the longer you have it and the more often you use it. 

Yes, I love my Chloe, my Prada, the Mulberrys and the Anyas but if there was one bag that I had to say had the most longevity, it would be my Campomaggi.  They mostly come in this rich, decadent, vintage shade of cognac. 

Campomaggi washed leather shoulder bag £428.85

Caramel Saddlebag £498 by Campomaggi from Plumo  I cannot stop looking at this one......

This one isn't Campomaggi but is still from Plumo where they do have the best selection of slightly unusual things you're perhaps not going to find on the high street.  A sort of Anthropologie online.  

Leather Bucket Bag £139 from Plumo

So can we get what we want on the High Street?  Well actually yes, there are a few options out there. 

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that I've never mentioned Pauls Boutique as being top of my "brands I love" list.  Or even on it.  Or even on the "brands I don't mind" list.  

However.... never judge a book by its cover as I saw this in a mag and my initial thought was that it was more than reminiscent of a Gucci one.  

Pauls Boutique Brown Suede tote £130

Leather now and it doesn't necessarily have to be suede to be boho.  I love this one from Grafea (actually I really really like this one) 

Grafea Leather Across Body in Tan £135

One thing that strikes me as being very 70s boho is a chunky buckle.  I'm not sure why, but they do.  And combined with a tan leather bag, I think these would be the perfect addition to a wardrobe to bring it right into the new season.  I've also found some leather ones which are very cost effective. 

Patricia Bag from White Stuff £32.50

More expensive but larger (and to me, these have an old school Marc Jacobs look to them)

Fossil Riley Leather Top Zip Shoulder bag in Camel £139

Fossil Riley Leather Hobo bag in Camel £189

Moving onto leather look now, so a better price point - this is more reminiscent of the Saint Laurent one to me.  It's not super slouchy boho but I think worn cross body, it's the perfect compromise for those who aren't ready to go full on hippy chick.

Fiorelli Casey Satchel £65

This one has a more vintage tinge to the leather (leather look to be fair....) and I love the shape. 

Fiorelli Tessa Large Bowling Bag on offer at the moment from £65 to £52

This is a combo of the above two (my fave of this sort) 

Nica Melena Mini Bowler Bag £49

If you are looking for smaller (and this is super mini!) then I love the scallop detailing on this one from ASOS. 

ASOS Mini Scallop Cross Body £16

Another mini bag, although slightly on the larger side.  Again a complete bargain and yes, a nod to 70s without full on swinging suede flares. 

Tan Zip front mini duffel bag from New Look £15.99

Nearly at the end now with one from left field, as it's not that lovely vintage chestnut brown.  But it does have the suede feel to it and what I think is a modern boho vibe (if that's possible.....)  It could be smart, it could be worn with flares and paisley.  It's not going to last forever but as a Spring pick me up, you could do worse than use this every day. 

Mink Tassel Side Zip Bucket Bag from New Look £22.99 This is my buy of the day.  I love it.

However I've kept the best till last.  Now I know, I KNOW I said I wasn't doing fringing.. but this one from Accessorize is like badge of 70s honour.  It screams Boho and should come with its own pair of flares and a silk print scarf (fear not I have those a plenty soon...). 

An amazing price for leather - this is small enough to work as an evening bag but is ample sized to cart what you need around for the day (assuming you don't actually take the kitchen sink with you....) 

Leather Fringe Across Body bag £45 from Accessorize


Are you sorted on the bag front for this Spring?  I think there are loads more options to explore so this definitely isn't the last I'll have to say on the subject. 

Outfit from yesterday.  After the excesses of Saturday, a 9am rugby jaunt was slightly on the optimistic side and with the 8yr old not having his session till 10am, I dropped The Husband and the 6yr old off (he's never normally able to watch him as he coaches the older team so he was happy to go and see him tag his little heart out for an hour!) and then dropped the 8yr old down later.  Preferable being a taxi mum than having to stand in the cold feeling slightly worse for wear.....

A day of cooking with the kids (don't ask - they love it.....) and whilst The Husband went to watch the rugby, the 10 yr old and I had a Castle marathon on the sofa.  Bliss....... 


Black Bat sweatshirt - Zoe Karssen
Real Straight distressed jeans - Gap
Black jersey pea jacket - James Perse
Black pony skin skater shoes - Next 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow I'll be back with multi functional clothing (not ones that make the tea as well - ones that can work on many levels.  It makes sense, honest guv...)

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23 comentarios:

  1. I was salivating over that Gucci ad too, although it was the jacket that did it for me! However, being large of chest, I suspect even if I did have that kind of money, it probably wouldn't love me back!

    1. The jacket is amazing - I shall be back...... (for £2000 plus though, it's a definite NO from me...)

  2. I'm still saving for that delicious RI bag (was about £70) that you showed us a few weeks ago. Please don't let it be sold out!
    I do like the Campomaggi ! I love that!!
    Lu xx

    1. Oh fingers crossed for you! It's so so gorgeous in real life, I promise. Definitely worth saving for x

  3. Gorgeous bags, but please, please do a post on how to find the same type of jacket for a tenth of the price xxx

    1. Well I'm not planning on spending £230 on a jacket like that, so it's going to need to be a lot less than a tenth! I'll be back...... x

  4. Oh that is gorgeous, I saw that one but I'm planning a saddle bag blog shortly so have saved it for that. It's lovely. My hair - well it's naturally wavy but I make the waves a bit less frizzy and more defined with a remington wand that was £20 from John Lewis last year. Takes 20 mins. So so so easy. x

  5. Oooh, saddle bags... ! That's exactly what I've been looking for ("battered" tan leather preferably), so I'll be interested to see what you've found. I wondered about the Jigsaw bag, but I'd rather have something that's a bit more secure - can see me losing everything if the magnet comes undone, with there being no zip or anything!

  6. Oh God, bag porn. I love them but I really need to use the ones I already have. I have no suede but I do have boho looking. I will have a dig. I also need to fish out my flares (yes I have some somewhere.) The Gucci pic is a fantastic look for you. xxx

    1. This is EXACTLY the problem I have. I can't remotely justify the Campomaggi one when I have a bag that will do the job just as well. I love that Gucci look - looking like crazy for a similar jacket (yeah right.....)

  7. Bloody hell, too, too many bags! I love the Fossil satchel, the Nica one & the New Look one, bargain! Hair looks fab btw :) x

    1. I know, they're all gorgeous aren't they! And thank you about the hair - it works every now and again when it need a cut!

  8. I'm in heaven... Thank you x

  9. OMG that Campomaggi saddle bag is to die for. I so hope ur upcoming saddle bag post will have similar items a bit cheaper. Would probably still have to sell half a child for that one. Then again could sell a whole child and get the Togas as well!!!

    1. Oh I am aiming to find some for less, definitely xxx

  10. Lovely lovely bags, total bag porn. The Chloe one made my heart leap and the accessorise one at the end is all sorts of gorgeousness! Day in London tomorrow and will def have a look at the latter thanks for a few moments of complete indulgent pleasure!

    1. Good luck! let us know how you get on xxx

    2. Oh not to be today I'm afraid, London will have to wait until another time

    3. Oh shame. Sounds like the story of my life!

  11. I'm usually a Fossil worshipper, I've got three of their crossbody bags that I use all the time, but I sometimes think they're a bit too clean-cut, if you know what I mean? The Campomiaggi's would fill that lived-in-looking-bag slot perfectly. Absolutely gorgeous! xx

    1. Absolutely know exactly what you mean. The Campomaggis are amazing they really are but they're not cheap!

  12. I just had people staring at me at "Strada" because I laughed out loud when reading "(...) or only eating beige food." :-)) Beautiful bags all around. I just bought a new brown one though so I pass this time. Looking forward though to the cheaper option of the jacket....drool....