Hedging my bets

Happy Mother's Day to me... FIVE hours this morning at a rugby festival with the 6yr old.  I have to say, as much as rugby isn't my sport, I do love a festival.  Not sure how I'll feel when they all start contact rugby but tag at the moment with only 4 on a team is a joy to watch.  And the 6yr old absolutely loves it - seeing as he's not what one could call gifted in the sports department, just the fact that he loves taking part and doing his very best is the most amazing Mother's Day present I could have. 

This would be exceptionally closely followed by a new jacket.... Not the sort I needed today, that was of the Winter variety - it was freezing.  Sideways wind, constant drizzle and really rubbish coffee (I won't name and shame the club but next time, I shall take my own) means that I am very tempted to treat myself this evening with a bit of online shopping. 

And my quest for today is of the Spring jacket variety.  I am still trying to overcome my confusion at all the various S/S looks that there are on offer but I may have come up with a starter for ten. 

Jackets are the lynchpin of my S/S wardrobe.  I adore a jacket - ok I adore lots of things - but over the years, I have built up a collection of jackets that have stood the test of time.  (obviously there have been some howlers but we'll gloss over them.  You have to kiss some frogs until you find a Prince)

Now I'm still pondering doing the whole 70s vibe but the pull of Paris is very strong...... I'm wondering if there is a jacket that can work for both looks.  I know for sure that there is no way I'm going over the top with the boho business.  I simply can't pull it off.  However a swing blouse here, a pair of flares there and a nipped in jacket over the top - this could well be the answer.....  

The same jacket could also fit very neatly into my, less is more, Parisian chic look which, in my head, is going to work. 

So let the research begin.  Ok top of my list - yet again and the inspiration for this thread and I am THAT close to ordering but still need to check there isn't anything else out there that's better..... The Sandro fringe jacket (says she who wasn't going to do any fringing... this one sings to me.) 

Sandro Fringed Jacket £369 (hyperventilating that it's sold out in my size already.....FOILED)  Forget the jeans.  For me, the jeans ming.

Now I had been thinking about a neutral shade but that was until I came across this yellow tweed one at River Island.  Oh hello....  This would work actually with a whole host of wardrobe staples.  From a print blouse, logo tee, a collection of bretons or plain tops.  Plus it's the perfect shape for over kick flare jeans or wide leg trousers.  Ditto skinnies with a looser top underneath and I'd definitely put with boyfriend jeans.  I love the vintage feel to this.  River Island, you are on fire this season.

Yellow tweed cropped tailored jacket £60

Staying with bright colours and all things citrus, this one from Boden is a stunner.  Again, a real vintage feel to the style and again, perfect to balance the silhouette with a pair of flares. 

X7E6 will give you 15% off plus free delivery and free returns but it does expire on Monday 16th.  A bit of googling will always find you a good Boden code though. 

Lola Jacket in Mandarin £129 

Going back to River Island - this one definitely definitely needs throwing into the mix.  Ticks pretty much every box.

Cream boxy boucle jacket £60

And there are a couple in the sale - same shape, different colours.  I wear these so often, I'm tempted to get them just to have in my wardrobe as spares.  (one glass of champagne in, this seems like an excellent idea.....)  I've had the first one on the blog before so this is surely justified?

Cream stripe fitted boxy jacket from River Island was £60 now £30

Pink Boxy Boucle jacket was £70 now £30 (this with a black and white breton underneath.  I've mentally bought this.  Both actually as I don't have a black and white stripe top and need one more than ever after this blog.  Cue Breton research...) 

Back to cream at Ted Baker and this one would come under the heading of investment jacket.  For me, this would be the ideal purchase for a Special Occasion and then the perfect addition to an every day wardrobe.  Yes it is expensive, but you would get so much wear out of it over the years, if this is what you're looking for, it's probably worth considering. 

Ted Baker Metallic Suit Jacket in Gold £249 (I haven't included the rest of the suit as it appears to be a pair shorts.....and there is where the ideal occasion outfit ends.... for me..  Shorts schmorts, that'll be a big fat Jog On.  But I do still love the jacket)

Staying with the classic tweed boucle look which I think covers both the vintage French look and would work really well over a print silky blouse and flares, is this from Glamorous.  Yes, I think the styling here is hugely dodgy but if you take purely the jacket into consideration, this could work really well.

Glamourous Pastel Tweed Blazer was £60 now £40

More boucle at Mango - this one with hints of brown which is a more unusual combo.  I'd love to do some playing around with this one..... I'm thinking this could work over my black dungarees (yes I am officially obsessed, it will wear off, don't worry)

Trimmed Boucle Jacket £49.99

A more expensive version at Gerard Darel - this is a stunning shape, but I actually think I prefer the one above.  Which, as it's a snip of the cost, is purely ace.

Gerard Darel Avril Jacket £265

Of course we could take a sniff of inspiration from Isabel Marant who is both French and does boho....but maybe tweak it for our own interests?  Well, let's come back to that another day and in the meantime, I'm sure we can all see how this jacket from Mango could work?

For starters, I'm toying with the idea of a laid back basic look of indigo jeans (any style would work here and I'll be generous with my smart or distressed look - pair your shoe style accordingly) and a plain white top.  Simplicity personified with a boho twist.  Take that fashion lingo and stick it where it hurts.  HA!

Bead Ethnic Jacket from Mango £49.99

Or the Bright Red...  (that's their colour description... I'm going with pink.... LOVE the tee with it though.  Excellent food for thought being bunged at me from every side)

Boucle again with a hint of beaded interest a la Marant.  At Miss Selfridge.  Where there are some very interesting things.  I think I need a try on trip there.   Pale blue and grey.  Perfect Spring combos for denims and whites.

Boucle Jacket from Miss Selfridge £30

Another Mango jacket that could work over a boho blouse but would look just as great over a crisp shirt or breton.  For me, this is the ideal alternative to a denim jacket.  (I will definitely be exploring denim jackets, watch this space) 

Ethnic pattern jacket £44.99 from Mango 

But maybe I'm saving my favourite till last.... I have been looking for a black jacket like this for forever.  (ok so a year...)  Please let this be as fantastic in real life as I've made it out to be in my head..... 

Frayed hem Jacket from Mango £39.99

Or in the natural.  Personally I prefer the River Island natural one but the black one is perfection itself (in my head at the moment, that is) 

So do I cave and try and track down the Sandro jacket?   The galling thing is that it's £369 and only 349 Euro..... But I obviously can't buy it from the French site.  Gah.  

I have to say, looking back at the above, I love the River Island ones but I think it may be the Chanel style Mango brown tone and black boucle ones that hits the mark.  But then again the cream River Island with the gold buttons..... And the black Mango frayed edge one....  Which way would you go?   I'm thinking I should maybe bin the Sandro idea, seeing as I do have two navy boucle jackets that I love (so on one hand I could say I don't need another one but the fact I wear them so much could perhaps justify a slightly different one.  Oh I'm no help to myself at all, am I?) and all three of the others wouldn't come close to the price. 

Decisions, decisions...... 

Outfit from yesterday. 


Black polo neck - M&S
Black dungarees - H&M
Camel coat - Zara
Leopard print and patent loafers - Zara
Black quilted leather bag - Zara

And today - this is it.   Too cold and wet to stand outside for more than five seconds when I got home and I changed into my pyjamas within about 20 seconds. 

Thank heavens for my Ilse Jacobsen Winter essentials, hat from Amelia Jane and khaki blanket scarf from ASOS. 


Are you a jacket fan?  Denim, boucle or more classical blazer style?  Lots more to explore but I think this has definitely been helpful in my quest for a Spring style.  Tomorrow I shall hopefully clarify.  It's Wish List time peeps. 

Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day.   I had a lovely snooze on the sofa whilst The Husband took the two oldest ones to a party this avo and then went and got supplies from the supermarket to cook me dinner tonight.   Little glass of champagne on the go, can smell the steaks cooking and a feast of House of Cards to tuck into later.  Life is good. 

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19 comentarios:

  1. I love the Sandro jacket, but why on earth have they styled it with those ghastly jeans? Like something Kylie wore in 1988!! Some great picks, thanks xx

    1. They properly ming, don't they? Stone wash. Blah. Are they really back in fashion? Gawd help us... mind you, I seem to recall saying the same thing about tie dye a couple of years ago and I'm sat here in a pair of navy tie dye jeans I've lived in for the past couple of years! And I have a black (Sandro actually) pair too.. we may all be eating our stone wash hats before we know it.....

  2. Hi Kat,
    Don't you think the boucle jackets shout "look at my boobs"? With the cleverly positioned suggestive gold buttons? Or is it too late on a Sunday evening to be pondering such daft things?
    Lu xx

    1. When you have no boobs like me, anything that is a boob enabler is only a good thing in my book... It does of course depend on your figure and the shape of the jacket (and the positioning of pockets or buttons....)!

  3. I'm also liking River Island a lot more recently. I bought this jacket from there and cant wait to wear it more, it has only had one outing so far on a rare mild sunny day here- by 5pm I was freezing though!

    I do love the look of the black frayed Mango one- may have to investigate! Enjoy your steak dinner, my husband couldnt even manage to make me a salmon and cream cheese bagel this morning without burning the flipping bagel. And when I questioned why there was only a scraping of cream cheese on it he replied "I thought you were watching your weight" You can imagine how that went down.....f@@king men!!!

    1. Oh I"ve had that one on the blog a couple of times right at the beginning of the season - keep up!! It's absolutely amazing isn't it. Gorgeous gorgeous and how about with a thin knit jumper underneath and a scarf now to help with the chill factor? I keep doing that - getting carried away with the sunshine and then freezing my butt off as soon as I step outside.

      I'm not sure I could have kept a straight face with my burnt bagel....! hope your day got better xx

    2. Oops how did I miss that one on your wonderful blog!! I had spotted it an another blog I follow, (Pippa.ie she's Irish) and loved the look of it on her. Yes thankfully my day did get better thanks to some Jo Malone goodies and lunch out;I don't know what worse, the burnt bagel or the watching my weight comment, felt like sticking the bagel where the sun doesn't shine! Im still tempted by that Mango one but will wait until I get a trip into the shops

    3. I'm hanging out for a 30% off from Mango....!

  4. Absolutely love the Gerard Darel one (although unsure how flattering it would be in real life (I adore boxy silhouettes in general but find boxy jackets can look a bit funny at times)) and the black one from Mango - if it is indeed as nice in reality as it is on this photo!

    1. I definitely think boxy shapes like the Gerard Darel one do work better if you're tall and definitely have to watch how you balance the silhouette. I have this with my two Goat Cardigans which I love but you do have to watch what you put with them.x

  5. I do adore I Spring jacket and the Sandro one is stunning. Love the way they cover my arms and give my look a little bit of structure so I am off to have a closer look at the Mango ones..they are gorgeous! xxx

    1. I don't how you can't not be a jacket fan! Mango have some gorgeous things this season, I am so so hoping they have a 30% off soon............!

  6. I have to say thought, it's the one thing I haven't tired of since the beginning of the year.... it's so going to be sold out, isn't it??! But yes, there are other amazing ones available for much less. Hope you had a lovely day xx

  7. I have tried and failed with the more formal boxy jackets - I just looked as though I've raided the wardrobe of an infinitely more sophisitacted woman than me! The pink Mango embroidered number is on my wishlist though, much more my style. I think you'd look fab in that pale yellow River Island jacket, they really are on fire this season, aren't they? xx

    1. A friend of mine has exactly the same problem - she says she looks like a Politician's wife in them.. and to be honest, she might a teensy, tiny smidge.. (but I do think that probably as she says it so often) However she looks amazing, as do you, in a leather biker jacket whereas I always feel people are wondering where my Harley Davidson is when I try them on...

  8. My sort of post. I love these jackets and I agree with you about the jeans in the first pic. WTF Barf. I do, however, adore the jacket and I think it is a classic piece. I can see you in it. I would like to win the lottery and then I would be off, like a shot, to Marant! H xx

    1. ha ha! You see I can leave a lot of Marant actually. If I had to go anywhere, it would be Sandro I think... Or Helmut Lang.... or just let me loose in Matches please. !

  9. Yay! You cut the tags off the dungarees! I have the same pair, and wore them for the first time yesterday with ballet flats and a jersey blazer. I love them! :.)

    1. They work, don't they? For sure, they're not going to be everyone's cup of tea but there are loads of styles I can't stand that other people love - it's just horses for courses and that = personal style. That's the best thing about it - it's personal!