Discount time but for today only!

As if by magic, I post about how great Mango is this season and hey presto - 30% off  appears for one precious day only.  Today, Saturday.  Use the code 5APRIL2014 at checkout.

I actually went into Mango yesterday trying on jeans - the grey ones and some white ones.  Let's just say at this point, I shall not be buying Mango jeans.  No.  Dear god no (actually I seem to recall that one pair were "ok" ish.... But no, I shall not be purchasing any.  I will shortly be bringing you photographic evidence of how ghastly they were) 

In fact, I really shouldn't be purchasing anything as I'm done for April.  Darn it.   I have even ticked the shoe quota for the month so can't even splurge on them.

But May is round the corner - a mere matter of days away and so it would of course be rude not to have just a little play around on the website this evening "just in case".   It won't arrive till May anyway so that's probably just fine. 

I'm also sick as a dog - have spent most of the afternoon throwing up and was due to go to a dinner party this evening which I've had to cancel so what better way to cheer myself up than by having a quick gander at what gems there are to be had. 

I've also been asked by a couple of people what I would buy in Mango and so here is my cream of the crop.

I had planned on doing a stripe dress blog and this was going to go on it but for 30% off, I'm happy to give you a sneak preview. 

Striped Ponte Dress £39.99

Absolutely love this for dress down in the summer. 

NYC Striped Dress £17.99

I'm going to definitely order the white dress that I had on my Marant style blog the other day as it apparently is from their High Summer range which isn't in store yet but another white dress that I think would be gorgeous for warmer weather is this one. 

Crochet Trim Dress £39.99

Another gorgeous white one is this. 

Polka-dot Flared Dress in off white £44.99

A rather different style is this navy dress which could be worn to work or dressed down with sandals for a much more casual look. 

Textured Cotton Dress £44.99

And it has pockets. 

This is a truly truly gorgeous pattern - I'm going to just try this one... 

Floral Shift Dress £44.99

Shirt dresses - now I don't have one but I think I love the idea of this with a blazer over and some flat casual shoes.   They also have it here over white jeans (which are a dirty word to me at the moment..... more about that another day) which I think is another fabulous look.  

Linen tencel-blend dress £44.99

Moving on to jackets now and obviously there are the two ones that I've featured recently which I love (I am resisting.... tis a miracle).  There's also this one which I saw yesterday and it is just as gorgeous in the flesh as it looks here. 

Beaded Textured Jacket  £69.99

I honestly thought this was leather when I picked it up yesterday. 

Appliqued BIker Jacket £44.99

This in real leather is stunning as well - a lovely all year round perfect warm chestnut of a colour. 

Quilted Panel Leather jacket £199.99

Tops now and I love the denim shade of this and would happily do a faux denim on denim combo with it. 

Crochet Trim Sweatshirt £19.99

They call this a sweatshirt but I think it's the perfect mix between smart/casual and more along the jumper lines.  Looks to me like the ideal neutral.  Would work with pretty much anything. 

Lightweight sweatshirt £24.99

I simply do not need another sweatshirt but if I were in the market for one, I love the monochrome colours of this one. 

Brooklyn Quilted Sweatshirt £34.99

More monochrome with this blouse.  I'd wear this out for dinner over black coated skinnies and leopard print court shoes.  Or during the day over faded jeans - either turned up straight legs or skinnies, blazer and black flats.  I just hope this isn't too see through.  I will order it in the interests of research.

Contrast Edge Blouse £34.99

I tried this on yesterday and it's lovely but it does come up very very large.  

Textured Shirt £29.99 They call this lime but it's totally yellow.  It's also great in the stone.  And it's also slightly on the transparent side..  Just slightly. 

The print on this is too too too lovely.  Love the edging to it as well. 

Floral Lace Blouse £39.99

More Marant stylee. 

Beaded embroidered blouse £29.99

I am planning on doing a basics thread in the not too distant future but again, as a sneak preview I love the look of these. 

Satin Panel Lightweight tee shirt £17.99.  In a whole host of colours. 

Can you tell I'm loving the monochrome... Just that little bit more interesting than a plain tee. 

Tie-dye Striped t-shirt £14.99

I've looked (and looked and looked) at check trousers but haven't caved yet.  This pair confirms that I'm officially obsessed with monochrome. 

Check Trousers £34.99

Saw these yesterday and if I didn't have my Forever21 ones, I would buy these in a heartbeat. 

Mixed Print Trousers

And honestly I could go on and on and on but I need to go and do my order before everything sells out.  Has anyone else caved and ordered anything just to satisfy their curiosity (which I appreciate is a dangerous game...!) 

So this was me earlier before I was struck down by the lurgy.


Navy and white striped Izzy top - Whistles
Straight leg jeans cut off - Rock & Rebublc
Green coat - Zara
Cheetah print ponyskin skater shoes - Next
Whiskey Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

Happy shopping everyone! 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Greetings from one lurgy ridden house to another! Am hoping it's just a 24 hour thing :(
    And yes, I shopped. I bought the black version of the white crepe blazer and two of the cream ponte shell tops (got two to avoid paying postage - yes! I'm that cheap!)

    1. Hopefully you feel better today darling. And yes, everyone orders more to get free postage! x

  2. Oh my trigger finger has been so itchy for the black draped neck jumpsuit for weeks - now I have to get it! I'm torn on what size to get from my past reckoning of mango they cut a tad skimpy- I'm a us 6 which is probably a uk 10 I believe. I went w a 'M' hopefully it'll work I've become obsessed it this item I'm amazed I resisted this long! Thanks for the heads up on the promo code! Keep up the great blogging! V in SF

    1. Oh hope it fits! & thank you for the lovely comment xx

  3. I already have the white embroidered edge top - they had the exact same one in Zara two years ago! Literally exactly the same. I bought it then because it was such a great Marant rip-off!

    1. Looks amazing, doesn't it - great buy. Sort of thing that you'll have for years! x

    2. I have it from Zara too, get loads of wear out of it!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you - am feeling slightly more human today. xx

  5. Kat, love reading your posts. Hate to seem nosy but you keep referring to builders and would love a look around your house to see if it is as stylish as your clothes.

  6. I'm OBSESSED with Mango right now - so much so I can't remember the last time I was on the Zara site!! I have a cart full of tops including that striped t-shirt...can't believe I didn't order with the 30% off - was trying to be good and will now end up ordering them at full price no doubt! xx

  7. I missed the code too. Trying in to reign in my purchases but as I can't resist anything Marant esque I am sure I am going to press the place order button soon as they have so much in that style this season

  8. I hope you feel better soon.
    Mango are amazing but you do have to size up in the jeans which depresses me!

  9. Just getting over a lovely dose of BBQ food poisoning myself! I hope you are feeling better Kat! Some great picks here! I love all of the dresses! xx

  10. Kat what size are you in Mango jeans?