It's just sod's law, isn't it?

You can't find a dress for years, you have occasion after occasion and you struggle. 

The year you have zero need for one - oh hello - everywhere you look, gorgeous gorgeous dresses.  Perfect for daytime, perfect for night time.  And I don't even have really any justification for more daywear ones as we're holidaying with the kids this year in Ireland and the UK (although the cheeky annual weekend escapade with The Husband looks to be still on - hoorah - can I justify anymore dresses for three days away?!).   

Chances of us having the same fabulous weather as last year?  Yes I know that the Daily Fail and Express are constantly telling us we're in for a tropical summer but seeing as they the weather forecasters struggle getting 5 days in advance right, I'm not convinced their crystal balls can be relied on for 3 months away. 

However.  However however however, it would be totally remiss of me not to at least have a look at what is out there.  A public service and all that.  And "just in case" I can be prepared.......

So, if you're after colour, this is a gorgeous, totally DVF inspired print dress in a silky jersey fabric from M&S. 

Stained Glass Print Shift v neck dress £39.50

A similar length and shape but this time belted if you like that.  For me, this does not work in the slightest - I need to have a waist actually sewn into a dress.  But I've seen this dress in lots of their press ads and it looks great. 

3/4 sleeve Animal print dress £32 from BHS

More Jersey super flattering dresses now, all with clever ruching to enhance those curves that you have and give you curves where you're lacking. 

Phase Eight Edith Blossom Dress £74.25 - on special offer 

Absolutely love this print and colour.  Again, this screams DVF for Phase Eight money.

Phase Eight Kimono Bird Dress now £74.25

Phase Eight Rhia Wrap Dress in Blue now only £51.75

More plain figure enhancing dresses from Pied a Terre.  This comes in green, blue, black and azure.

Pied a Terre Side Pleats Detail Ponte Dress now £48.30

In Azure 

This also comes in a number of colours and I think this would pretty much suit any shape. 

Pied a Terre Victoria Panel Dress £125

And Ultramarine - this also comes in black, green and cream 

Not jersey but fitted, giving a gorgeous silhouette and a total bargain. (I LOVE this look)

Pied a Terre Tweed Lace detail dress was £110 now £55

Another not jersey but fitted number - this one I think the Duchess of Cambridge would look great in.  Not entirely sure Phase Eight is on her radar..... Tis very LK Bennett at a snip of the price.  To bring up to date, adding white stilettos would take away any mumsy vibe.

Phase Eight Ida Rose Dress now on offer at £90

Moving onto my favourite straight up and straight down dresses.  Ideal for the shapeless amongst us. 

Another fantastic oversized floral print from M&S.  This would be great for dress down daywear in the summer with flat sandals (the style of which I will admit I have yet to nail down...) or with block mid heels.  I don't think anyone would guess this is M&S. 

Large Daisy Placement Print Dress £39.50

Staying with my favoured tunic dress style. 

This is in the sale now at Anthropologie - I don't even recall seeing it at full price.  I totally love this.  Shape, colour, I just fear it may be a tad too short on me. 

Florence Balducci Cleo Tunic £118.40

This is a very sight variation on a theme but I truly love this and have been basket dancing with it for days.  I'll probably need to try it to just console myself with the fact it's going to be too short. 

Michael Michael Kors Kaleidoscope Print Dress £162 at My Wardrobe 

The fact I have shoes that would match this identically is neither here nor there of course..... 

Sportmax Code Terra Vertical Stripe Box Dress £170

There's also a really pretty print shift dress at Warehouse.  This doesn't look much in a photo but actually it's a beautifully wearable pattern, colour and style.  As always though, Warehouse dresses are cut on the short side. 

Warehouse Multi Floral Textured Crepe Shift Dress £38

Another interesting tunic from Warehouse - stripe and floral together. 

Multi Stripe Floral tunic dress £38

Striped Tunic dress - bargain at BHS. 

Black/White Striped Tunic was £18 now £12

A twist on a Breton here from Jaeger with 25% off this weekend. 

Stripe Flower Breton Dress was £80 now £60 at check out. 

Still sneaking in under the tunic umbrella sort of.  Love the colours of this, don't like the price and hate the fact it doesn't go in the washing machine.  But adore the shape.  I love this for so so many things - ideal to wear out for a party with strappy nude or black gladiator heels, with court shoes for a smart occasion, flat or block heel sandals or with havs for the beach.  DANG it not being handwash (tis viscose so do you think you could risk it??)

Hoss Intropia Colour Block Dress £202

Finishing with my favourite sleeveless shape from Whistles. 

Whistles Dragon Skin Dress £135 (but I can't believe this one doesn't go in the machine. SOB) 

And in pink.  I like this but I need to have a good think about what I've got that will go with it. I quite like the idea of tan actually.... Or snakeskin...... a tricky colour to match actually.  (but hello washing machine)

Whistles Franki Sleeveless Dress £115

Although not quite finishing as I've just remembered the Pied a Terre dresses that I saw last week in House of Fraser. 

Tunic Dresses in the plain crepe fabric are everywhere this season but to be fair they are very useful and for a lot, very easy to wear.  However they can all become much of a muchness which is why I did a small whoop (which may have actually come out of my mouth outloud) when I saw these as they are just that little bit different.  Whistles move over - you have a new contender at a fraction of the price *air punch*. 

Love the tiny capped sleeves, the pockets, the length, the cocoon shape and the colours.  Win win win. 

Pied a Terre Cocoon Dress £79

And in white - also available in azure and green. 

There's also a mesh insert version. 

Pied a Terre Mesh Insert Cocoon dress in mint £79

Monochrome version again £79 from Pied a Terre

Staying with print but new shapes now - fuller skirts.  Flippy number in a super summery print from Warehouse. 

Warehouse Textured Floral Flippy Dress now £38 

Spot Prom dress from BHS £55

Phase Eight Sinnita Stripe Dress in black/cameo - now with 25% off at £123.75

Now I love the look of a shirt dress.  However, as we discovered from my skirt quest, I don't have a waist at all and so mostly these don't fit me very well, especially as I'm tall and even though I'm not long bodied at all, these invariably are cut too short for me - an empire line shirt dress suited no-one ever.  (the only ones that do work are the Samantha Sung shirt dresses but I can't thoil) 

However they are so perfect for some people that I can admire from afar and I spotted some gorgeous ones recently. 

Epoque Shirt Dress from Anthropologie in the sale now £94.40

Lucky Leaves Shirt Dress from FCUK £99

Midi length dresses

Adore the print of this from Anthropologie - alas I do not possess the necessary appendages to fill this properly but I think this is just the most stunning Summer Dress for all occasions. 

Annona midi Dress £118

And this one which is so so not me - I think it's the print and the length that I love but personally I'm not sure when I'd wear it.   My inner mutton slut prefers a shorter dress for most dressy occasions, it doesn't go in the machine and I don't normally wear things this strappy.  So I won't get it, but I am very drawn to it. 

Paul Smith Black Triangle Geometric Printed Pleat Dress £320

Phew.  Rather more than I had anticipated posting but I kept remembering more that I had found.  And there are still more! It's a total dress fest.  Do I leave the skirt and the culottes and just focus on the dresses?  Oh decisions decisions.... 

So here we are with outfit from yesterday.


Chambray denim shirt - Men's Primark
Navy jumper - H&M
Print Trousers - Zara
Chester navy patent and suede loafers - Russell & Bromley
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Enjoy your Easter Sunday everyone xxx

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10 comentarios:

  1. You have featured a couple here I've looked at for the wedding but nothing is doing it for me. I like the Phase Eight Ida but petrified to wear P8 to a wedding, especially my daughters as everyone wears from there, Coast and KM. I have the Pied A Terre Cocoon in green, really good dress, highly recommend, I'd like the white for summer x Hope you are having a lovely Easter x

  2. Love I can't imagine how hard it must be and no, however much you LOVE a dress from Phase eight. you can't buy it. Or Coast. Or KM. Or Whistles..... Or FCUK.. A plain one you could wear with a massively different necklace/hat/bag/shoes etc?? I can't wait to hear how the search is going xx

  3. Kat, I need some help please. I love the red, full length, grecian style Temperley dress for a July wedding we're going to but I would prefer it to be a little cheaper if at all possible. Any ideas of where you've seen any others? I've decided to go for a maxi as having a knee op soon :-( F xx

    1. oh I haven't seen any others like that, certainly not for cheaper, bar the grey M&S one which you could dress up with jewellery. Or there is always this is midi but again could be dressed up and down

  4. oooh LOVE the Anthropologie one - love it!

    1. Gorgeous, isn't it. I have a 40th that's a pool party (ha ha ha swimming for the kids during the day) and then adult shin dig into the small hours in June and I think this could be perfect.... (she says having NO bloody idea what the weather will be like!)

  5. Hi,

    I can see all the photos of the items you recommend but cannot see your Flickr photos anymore? (I could until this weekend?!). Love your blog and feel inspired & would like to see it again! Any ideas why its gone blank? Thanks

    1. oh boooo. no 'm so so sorry I don't know why. I did ask on twitter but people said they could see them. Are you stil having problems? x

  6. I love the PDT cocoon dresses too! There are some stunners here Kat! I'm pants at buying dresses & did promise myself to try harder this year! On a bit of a spend freeze atm but will try & make one my first Summer purchase......or maybe a jumpsuit?! Told you I was pants! :) xx

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they? I can't wait to try them on. And yes I am also pants so you're in excellent company! x