Another Style Crush

Actually this isn't a new crush at all - it's one I've had for years but with the recent airing of the new series, I've remember how much I love her style. 

The one and only Dr Nikki Alexander from Silent Witness (Emilia Fox who also is a complete babe in her day clothes as well).  In fact, from my googling of her (I prefer googling to stalking - sounds less deranged) she's very involved in the selection of clothes for Nikki - some are in fact her own, most of the jewellery definitely is. 

It's not a complete shock reveal really though - a large proportion of the time she is encased in skinny jeans and heeled ankle boots.  Sporting a scarf.  Which is very much my safe haven and something I can be found in very regularly.  Ditto her Alex Monroe jewellery she wears.  

However two things she does really well which I am aiming to steal steal steal are the blouse.  And the saddle bag. 

Firstly the blouse.  Dear god.  What a hideous word.  Conjures up images of 70's polyester from M&S (or St Michael as the labels used to say - why was that?  And why did they stop? Answers on a postcard please - I could google but I fear I may have used up my allowance on Dr Nikki).  But nay, that is the blouse of yesteryear.  A little taster of a blog I have up my sleeve for next week - the return of the blouse.  Ok for some people it never went away but in my experience it wasn't conducive to being blasted in a 40 degree fierce wash, followed by a roasting in the tumble drier along with 30 muslins, 20 babygros and a sleep sack with vomit on.  Yes, it may have been a while since that scenario took place chez moi but things happen slowly round here.  Heels were my first priority.  

It's also taken me till now to realise that I don't have to carry around a bag that I can fit a weekend's worth of crap in on a daily basis.  This revelation has been nothing short of a miracle - hopefully my first foray into the smaller bag brigade is winging it's way home to me tonight courtesy of M&S and The Husband.  (oh and the M&S bag is back in stock now - completely randomly!) 

Which moves me on neatly to my second steal from the good Dr - the saddle bag.  She has a Mulberry Bonnie which they no longer make (I am aware of this as a friend of mine spent I don't know how long last year or the year before trying to track one down to absolute diddly avail.) 

So why don't we cut the chat and start with the pics - so you can all proclaim me barking mad. 

Paradise Lost (6)
Promotional Shoot (6)
Shadows (5)
Promotional Shoot (1)

And here is the Mulberry Bonnie that Nikki often carries - so often that I can't find a photo of course.  

As that is no longer in production, here is a selection of cross body tan (ish) saddle bags that might serve the same purpose. 

A classic - probably would look better a bit worn in.  They also have a great array of metallic, coloured and textured leather ones.

Zatchels Classic Chestnut Saddle bag £65

I cannot normally rate highly enough the products from Plumo.  Gorgeous quality and often stock which it's really hard to track down elsewhere.  This bag is no exception and is now a known down bargain price.  Lovely. (and yes I'm still hankering after the scarf as well)  

Twist Shoulder Bag from Plumo now £119 from £229

This is now only in stock in the brown which is a crying shame as I think I may well have ordered it in the worn metallic.  How gorgeous for the summer?  Actually I've eyed it up over the years a number of times and it's my own stupid fault for not buying it (what was I saying yesterday?  Moron)
Orelia Cross Body bag from Red Direct at £99

These are far more boho than I personally would go but are great value for leather. 
Kelly Leather Satchel from Vida Vida at Style-Passport - £65

Bazaar Leather Martha Saddle Bag from Style-Passport - £65

Now I haven't lost leave of my senses and just become obsessed with all things M&S (I don't think I have anyway...) but I will pre-empt this next pic by saying that I haven't seen this in the flesh.  And clearly it looks hanging here.  However I do have it on good authority that is a ton better in real life - and knowing the good old photographer at M&S online, I have absolutely no reason to believe otherwise. 

Limited Collection Single Handle Saddle Bag  

Leaving the best to last.  One of those bags that probably deserves an entire blog to itself.  A bag that I've had my eye on for a while now (it was a toss up between this and the Anya maxi zip satchel).  The purely divine Chloe Marcie Satchel at £705. 

Do I love it more than her big sister the Marcie shoulder bag?  Not sure to be honest.  Wouldn't sniff at either! 

So I'm saving my blouse thread (I'm pretty sure it's only me who rates that word up there with "moist".  Wrong words) for next week.  Let the research begin (ok and I may have done some sneaky ordering already..... The sales goddamnit.  They're practically giving stuff away - she says with her crazy sales head on again.)

Finishing with another (dull) snow outfit.  


WHOA - apologies - just cut and pasted from Flickr and it's the first time I've uploaded straight from my phone.  I appear to have added a filter of some description.  Oh well, outfit still looks the same. 

Black oversized jumper - Reiss
Black fringed poncho - Reiss
Leopard print jeans - Primark
Black crocheted beret - Primark
Brown Mardy boots - Caterpillar 
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Here's hoping there's an end to the snow soon.

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19 comentarios:

  1. I'm resolutely ignoring all the handbags because I simply can't justify another one (well, to myself I could, obviously; but not to the OH!) However, totally with you on the awfulness of the word 'blouse' and really looking forward to your post on the subject. Helen

  2. Oh Kat I do love a good blouse, but I'm with you on the whole horrible word thing I shudder everytime I hear it. But I still love them nonetheless. I wear them a lot for work but they've filtered into my weekend wardrobe recently and they are so easy to style. I'm still at the suitcase sized hanbag stage at the mo, filled with supplies for every possible eventually!

  3. Oh I have a satchel from Cleobella that I love, but seeing your selection makes me think I need MORE satchels in my wardrobe. :o

  4. hi Kat, I came across your blog while deciding whether to buy Ash Bowies (of course I did - half price in the sale :)) and enjoyed it so much that I have been catching up from Day Zero (I am up to August 2012 now!) even though we have different style in many ways (my default settings are colour and print dresses; not to mention that compared to you I'm a curvy midget) we do have about 80% overlap on shoes and bags (and the other 20% keeps it interesting!) I have one tiny tiny tiny ridiculously small bugbear (probably only because I've overdosed on the blog) - please spend 10 seconds looking up the difference between "it's" and "its", you won't regret it ;) I mention it only because you write so very well and clearly have a great vocabulary (brain) so it niggles disproportionately! yours is now the 3rd blog I'm following (check my friends' blogs out for completely different topics: travel and dating keep up the great blogging, thanks! Jill x

  5. I too have a complete aversion to the word "moist" too!! And, yes, "blouse" isn't far behind! But what is your definition of blouse nowadays? I ordered what I would call a blouse from Massimo Dutti in the sale but annoyingly, I got an email yesterday saying it was out of stock so I won't be getting it. Don't like Silent Witness so EF's style has passed me by but I do like the images you have posted above.

  6. I was obsessed with tracking down her blouses in the previous season - she wears a lot of stuff from Tucker I think. Still couldn't find her blouse - err top!

    1. DVF Silk Ortega Blouse, after much searching!

  7. Haha! My Emilia Fox style crush was so strong in 2010 that I named my daughter after her. Wrong?!x

  8. Hi! I found you the other day from Ain't No Mom Jeans and thank GOD I did. You rock. Of course, I'm always immediately drawn to a blog that has "40" in the title, since unlike yourself, I HAVE busted through the 40 barrier ...cough cough...3 years ago....cough cough...who said THAT?!! Anyhoo - it's always nice to see a blogger my own age who looks amazing and stylish and not like a soccer mom at all. So THANK you for that, and I look forward to going back through your blog to see what I've missed!!


  9. You look so much better than Fox does, though. She's slightly too cadaverous!

  10. Hi Kat, I love Nikki's style too...may I also suggest the Mulberry Daria Satchel (£695) as an has the plus point that the strap can be converted so that it can be used either as a cross body or shoulder bag so it is like two bags in one...result...I love mine loads. Hannah-Louise.

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  12. Hi Kat, just bought your Mardy boots - they look great on you in the pic...only hoping they suit me too, as i am a mere 5 2'....fab blog by the way, you are inspiring!

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  15. That second blouse looks very similar to the style of some Great Plains blouses. They should have their new season stuff on any day now.

  16. So funny - us bloggers really do think along the same lines - I'm wearing a 'blouse' and a tweed jacker today lol! LOVE the Chloe satchel. I had a couple of gorgeous leather saddle bags that I bought when I was really young on holiday in France - they were my souvenirs! I wish I'd kept them!

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  18. Spooky on two counts:

    1. I sneak off and watch Silent Witness largely because her wardrobe is so fabulous and have been strongly considering venturing into a blouse purchase.

    2. I have also just been coveting a friend's lovely, genuine vintage 70s brown leather satchel/saddle bag. Seriously tempted by the Zatchels one, thanks for the tip...