Last chance to Rock up in Red for the British Heart Foundation

Following on from this post , as I am not the most organised person on the planet (noooo really?) and I wanted to be able to do a round up of my favourite red things, I'm going to postpone the final decision on who has won the Radley bag

To win the bag, all you need to do is post a pic of you (or a family member - the 8 yr old photographer chez moi is desperate to get involved.  She has her heart set on that bag!) in something red.  Either email me on or post on Twitter with the hashtags #rockupinred and #dmbl40.  

As it's Rock up in Red Day on the 1st Feb, I thought it would be fitting to announce the winner then, so you have until Thursday of this week to wing your pics over to me. 

Have had some great ones so far, please do keep them coming.  The British Heart Foundation is a cause very close to my heart - my father and both grandfathers died of heart related diseases and anything that I can do to promote awareness of the charity, I'm more than happy to get involved in.  And I hope you are too. 

If you're struggling for ideas of how to rock it in red, then I've come up with a couple of suggestions. 

The head to toe red look doesn't work for me unfortunately.  But a red accent - oh I can definitely do that. 

And combining it with my favourite print - leopard?  Yes please. 

So starting with my favourite favourite piece.  From Zara.   This season I think it's my inner Audrey H who is screaming the loudest to come out and play so pointed heels may well be significant in my SS agenda.

Another easy way (and yes, another fave of mine), the Breton.  From My Wardrobe

APC Rouge Merino knit Breton top  £145

One can never have too many bracelets.  And what an easy way to completely change the look of an outfit with a pop of colour. 

McQ Alexander McQueen Red Razoe Triple Wrap bracelet - £65

Now I will hold my hands up and say this, for me, is an exorbitant price to pay for a beach dress (Primark is my personal fave)  But then my beach holidays are few and far between these days.  However were I to be going on a super glam beach soiree, then this would solve that problem of beach to bar easily.  Actually I think it would pass for a great summer party dress for this country!  Maybe not such a foolish purchase. 

Heidi Klein Red Mumbai Twist Maxi Beach Dress £219

Wouldn't be a post on accents without me including an old faithful.  The Scarf.  The butterfly scarf that I posted ages ago from Warehouse seemed to go down a storm and I can see this one being equally as popular this Spring. (on proofreading this, I've just realised absolutely stunning and versatile this is...... the perfect tie in as well with all that burgundy/wine ya de ya from AW.)

Rose Print Scarf 

Now this orange red is a colour I simply can't do but this is a great SS dress for those who work but want a versatile dress to be able to go straight out after work in as well.  It's also a great basic dress that could work for a wedding or a christening and then be used in a work wardrobe afterwards.  Reiss dresses are always good for that sort of thing. 

Venna Flame Boat neck dress 

And so there we have it.  I could go on and on and on but I'm so keen to see what you guys are able to come up with.  Any red items out there that have caught your eye?  Busy planning my outfit for Friday as we speak. 

I'll be back later today with the final (and dear Lord this has to be final) sales goodies.  And only because they are actually goodies.  See you later this afternoon. 

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