Sales bargains? Or dregs.....

Yes finally the curse of the sales has got me.  And I was doing so exceptionally well.  But alas, as always (and I mean always) I reverted to the proverbial rabbit in the headlights.  Panic.  Must.  Buy.  

Did no-one hear my cry?  Ok so admittedly it's normally in my head - a small voice screaming, "someone save me from myself".  Which is then beaten to a pulp by the bargain obsessed other side of my brain who has no concept of need or budget.  It tends to win.  Darn it.   

I have attempted to redeem myself by returning some things.  (All of my Reiss order - I will do another post but I was utterly blown away by their Customer Service and Delivery/Returns policies.  All other online retailers should take note),  a number of things from Zara, ditto Massimo Dutti.  Plus I had a complete result in River Island.  Took back the one jacket that was too big and mentioned to them that the beading had come off the one I had worn.  However I loved it and would like to keep it, instead of returning, was there anything else they could take off it?  Yes, they would take off 50% which made it £12.50.  Well for that, I was so definitely going to keep it, even though the chances of it not coming back from the second wear in one piece are hideously high.  But it's a great fit and a wonderful little jacket (of which I appreciate I have 20 too many.  Moving swiftly on.....)

So, so far, I have FCUK trousers, a white cowl neck top from Zara which will really come into it's own in the summer and a wine and off white breton top from Massimo Dutti.  All keepers (I've a horrible feeling there's more I've squirrelled away and am clearly in completely denial about.....) 

Here are my final (she's says ambitiously) sales bargains that I'm definitely keeping.  Necklace and bracelet from Zara - £9.99 each. 


And here are my two ponder ponder ponder items.  I love both of them.  I really do.  Plus (and this is following the advice I give clients - smug smilie - I do *try* & practise what I preach...) they both adhere to at least one of my sales rules - make a note of those things during the season that you love but can't quite justify.  Then hunt them down and buy at a a much more palatable price.

Well *check* with both of these jackets.  It was definitely love at sight, but I couldn't justify them back then.  And my dilemma is, can I now?  Both are great fits and both slot really well into my wardrobe - again ding ding on the sale rules.  But that will be because I already have similar things in my wardrobe.  Gah.

Let me try and justify keeping them.  First criminal in the dock - the quilted two tone leather jacket from Massimo Dutti.  Love.  Drool.  Gorgeous leather and now £125 from £225. (it was £155 when I first ordered it but it was reduced so I rebought it and will take the first one back. A faff, but £30 is £30!)  

But I already have the small washed black suede jacket from All Saints.  However on just writing it down, I may have managed to make the justification whilst writing.  Washed black and suede?  Well this is black and leather.  Hmmmm


So maybe I can justify keeping one of them then.  But which one?  As much as I love the leather jacket above and think it will be perfect in the Spring, I am officially addicted to navy jackets.  I have a few.  But this one is slightly different..... I do have one navy blazer which has definitely seen better days and must be 4 years old this year so there could perhaps be a fitted navy jacket hole in my wardrobe.  This wasn't the best bargain ever it had sold out however of my local Zara way back when and wasn't reduced all year), £59 from £79.


So over to you - which do I keep?  Either, both or neither?  Obviously I'm erring towards both.  If we weren't due snow (dear god please no - after two weeks of being at home, despite having a great time, I don't need any more time chez moi housebound) then I could wear both next week, no problems.  In fact I'm out for lunch next Friday for my birthday and I'm toying with which one to wear.....

And I would love to hear about your sales successes or disasters! 

Finishing with my outfits from this week 


Charcoal grey jersey top - Zara
Distressed straight legs rolled up - Zara
Red & Black leopard print cotton scarf - Hong Kong
Grey knitted military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Chestnut Lily Bag - D&G


Nude vest - Primark
Burnt orange knitted top - Cos
Khaki zip detail trousers - By Malene Birger 
Camel knitted jacket - Whistles 
Snake print scarf - M&S
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G
Chestnut knee high boots - Jigsaw (a fabulous gift from one of my bessies as she didn't wear them - how over the moon am I?!) 


Black vest - Primark
Charcoal Renoir top - FCUK
Navy, black and white tie dye jeans - H&M
Black silk jersey scarf - Cos
Black boiled wool coatigan - Ronit Zilkah
Black suede & patent ankle boots - LK Bennett
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs



Navy jumper - H&M
Navy, camel and black leopard print jeans - Whistles
Gold necklace - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Navy knitted pea coat - Zara
Beige scarf with gold studs - Taylor Stephens
Black suede & gold patent ankle boots - LK Bennett
Brown leather cuff with chain detail - Hultquist
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

So blog posts coming up.  My first obsession of 2013.  And ideas for your Rock up in Red outfits!

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19 comentarios:

  1. Now I've seen them, definitely keep them both.x

  2. They are both keepers ! You will get your wear and £ per wear, they will cost nothing. Looking great as always.

  3. I like both jackets Kat, but I'm steering towards the navy one, but then I'm a big navy fan anyway. I would think you would get great wear out of both though, so you should probably keep both. Go on we'll not tell anyone lol!

  4. Well if it's your birthday it'd be rude not to keep both!! I've done the same as you as I found a great pair if boyfriend jeans in the Gap sale and was happy to pay £19.99 for them on Tuesday but had an email today for an extra 25% off sale today so I went to investigate!! They still had my size, had been reduced further to £12.99 and with the extra % off they ended up costing £9.74!! I hate being had so I am going to take the £19.99 ones back!! How I love to get a better bargain!! Love the quilted jacket and can't wait to see what you wear for your birthday lunch!!

    1. oh god I love it when a plan comes together like that. You sound so so like a girl after my own heart!

  5. I love the navy jacket and very nearly bought it myself, unfortunately it was a bit too snug!! I definitely think you can apply the £'s per wear rule to both of these items. By the time you've worn them for a season it'll almost be like they cost nothing!!!!! : )

  6. If you could only keep one, then my choice would be the quilted leather one ... purely because I've wanted it since I saw it a few months ago! But heck! It's your birthday week; keep both. You know you want to :)

  7. I've got the navy one myself so I'm biased!

    1. You therefore have excellent taste.... It's a really timeless jacket, isn't it. x

  8. I was after the raspberry breton from Massimo Dutti and didn't know what size to buy when they had it on line. By the time I decided to buy, they had sold out ... and now you're telling me you got it in the sale?

    1. oops. Sorry I did. But to be fair to you, sizing in MD is absolutely bonkers. My leather jacket (that clearly I"m keeping!) is a 14 and literally is super snug on my arms. And I'm not normally a 14, only occasionally a 12. I've got the breton in the medium and tbh I could probably have gone for the large! I'm pretty sure they've got lots more this season actually. Oh and to make you feel better, there was only a fiver off it, so hardly the bargain of the century.

  9. I've the navy one too and love it - loads of compliments on it. Dying to see what you do with it.

  10. Keep both, they are lovely and you will wear them loads (shameless enabler alert)sara x

  11. You are a jacket girl so why not keep both, I feel you would wear them both a lot. Sorry!

  12. They are both gorgeous Kat. Hard to choose. I'm inclined to agree with everyone else as I am sure you will wear them lots as you love jackets so much. Have a fabulous birthday. It's mine next week too. Marie S x

  13. Not a serious question surely? I'll humor you and say both obviously:)

  14. I love the quilted one Kat. Would love one myself actually!

    The navy is nice, but doesn't excite me.

    Nic x