Sporting the new trews

An extra post from me today, extolling the virtues of my new (bargain) trousers.  Now I'm absolutely sure that these will prove to be another marmite item.  As I say numerous times, you can't please all the people all of the time and wouldn't it be a dull old world if we all liked the same thing and pitched up in identical outfits all the time. 

But interestingly, sticking on this point, that's not as random as an occurrence as it might be.  The majority of the trousers out there, especially on the jean front, are skinny.  Which I don't have an issue with at all (as has been mentioned once or twice!) - I love them.  I find them really easy to wear, length isn't so much an issue (and being 5ft 10, it's always normally an issue) and they suit my shape.  

However I've been wearing them for years and do indeed, have a plethora of them.  And it also means that often, there is a high chance of someone wearing something very similar.....

So after the success of my khaki linen cargo pants from Topshop at the end of the summer, I've been looking for some loose tapered trouser alternatives.  

I will quickly mention my jersey baggies as for me they work really well and I adore them (and handily I already had them so win win) but moving on to my new FCUK trousers that I picked up in the sale.  

Super comfy, although I did wear the wrong top today (longline Baukjen one which is too long.  Duh) and haven't creased nearly as much as I thought they might.  Think they'll be a winner for the Spring with a little blazer (of which I have one or twenty). 

A number of people have said that they were in the market for some and were interested to see how I styled them, so here we are - outfit number 1.  A round robin of kids birthday parties.  Two today.  Oh the glamour..... (very much looking forward to a fantastic dinner out tonight with The Husband and friends.  Can't wait to get dressed up although it will have to be something warm as it is absolutely brass monkeys out there.  And threatening to snow.....) 


White long sleeved longline tee - Baukjen
Leopard print cardigan - Warehouse
Khaki silky trousers - French Connection
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black Madonna wedge trainers - Ash
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Currently doing more research on my new obsession which follows on nicely from this post - watch this space.....

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12 comentarios:

  1. They look great on you Kat. But at not quite 5ft 4, I don't think this is a look that would work for me. Enjoy your night out.

  2. Outfit is perfection!!! Styled beautifully! Utterly jealous of the trews fabulous reduction!!!!

  3. They look utterly fab on you, definitely one for the lithe and narrow hipped - any roundness in the arse department and they're in danger of resembling a soiled nappy!

  4. Thanks for showing me something new. I'm your height and size 10 so tend to stick to the same 'safe' formula of skinny jeans and long tops as they suit my shape. Think I'll give them a try. Great inspiration.

  5. They look lovely on you, esp with the wedge trainers. I fear I'd look too big bummed in them.

  6. V nice Kat, but I know they'd suit you even before i seen them on, you could get away with any trousers really. Lovely to see you out of skinnies too! Lol

  7. Love the styling of them - kept it casual without descending into slobby (which I confess I think I would look in them). This style is really growing on me and I think would suit my body shape so well worth pursuing I reckon!

  8. Anya Hindmarch.....such a lovely bag- wish I had one!!

  9. Great outfit, Love the trousers and scarf:)

  10. I love your blog but the outdoor pictures often amuse me, I'm so used to ready American blogs were they basque in sunshine, and as a result have these glorious photos, that it amuses me how normal I find the back drop of your pics! Reminds me bloggers are real!

    Ps it's also rare to find a witty fashion blogger

  11. Sorry lack of editing and auto correct run wild there