I may as well be a goldfish.

As I clearly have the memory recall of one.  Will I never ever EVER learn?

There can be no such thing as procrastination when it comes to buying something that you love.  You snooze, you loose.  Even with the bigger players in the market like M&S (god  forbid in Zara - you only have to go and get a coffee to have a think about a purchase and it's sold out, never to be seen again by the time you get back.  My Wardrobe are also another "blink and you miss it" contender - recession, what recession...), if you see something you love - buy it. 

Here is my tale of woe. 

I had my eye on the perfect little bag.  I had blogged about it.  It was beyond cute.  It was beyond cheap (it wasn't leather, though by the time I'd got my head around that....).  But I didn't *need* it.  Oh I know, I know.  When did *need* have anything to do with it?  However, believe it or not, I am a frugal bunny (I can hear you guffaw from here. I AM!) and I can't abide having anything in my wardrobe that I don't get good use out of.  Hence, I try and not keep anything for best.  (I fail miserably).  I also try and not buy anything that I can't think of at least two occasions when I'll be able to wear it.

But it's my 40th birthday this year and I had hoped maybe to get a special little black quilted bag of a certain timeless brand to mark the occasion.  However, as it's a big year for us with some significant work on the house which takes precedent over a small bag.  Even I concede that one.  There's always the 41st birthday....... 

Decision made - I rushed off to order the bag.  Which obviously had sold out in the black.   Obviously.  Fool.  Fool fool fool. 

I have posted it before but here is the link to the bag in red (which is a great bag).  

Here are the abysmal pics of it in black, courtesy of the M&S website.

There is one ray of hope on the horizon.  The Husband, bless him, has gone into M&S in Covent Garden and seems to have been able to order one in black to be delivered to store.  I had been told they'd sold out countrywide so either a) he has some magic powers and they've tracked one down or b) I'm going to get a red one.  I would lie if I said I wasn't waiting with baited breath...

In the meantime, not having four figures to spend on a bag, I have had a look around to see what else there is that would fit the bill.  Criteria being a cross body smaller bag - but not an evening bag, bigger than that - in black.  Ideally with gold hardware.  The latter isn't a deal breaker. 

Top of my list comes this beauty from Bottega Veneta - the Cubo small intrecciato cross body bag  At an uncompromising and completely unaffordable £855.  Nope.  Were I to spend that much, it wouldn't be on this.  But it's still quite cute.  It would though, have to be newborn puppy cute for that price.  Actually it would have to be a newborn puppy. 

On to something more palatable, I love this timeless classic from Hobbs.  The Maeve Bag 

Gorgeous zip detailing on the top 

Perfect size too.  

Although it may be that the strap would be too short for cross body.  Which is handy as I really don't want to spend £199 on it and that's how much it is.  Having said that, Hobbs are fantastic at running early season discount codes so if it is something that you think you might like, worth keeping an eye out for. 

They also happen to do it in a very handy navy (not so long ago I had a complete obsession with navy handbags - it may come back...)

And a rather delicious summer shade of cream.  Now that is stunning.  Definitely going on my list of things to keep an eye out for (which means it will be sold out.  Doh.)

Not that the above bag reminds me of another brand but I couldn't help but be reminded of said brand that I've loved for ages which would fit the bill as well.  Bar the price tag though.  Actually there was also an Anya Hindmarch cross body bag with a tassel called the Maeve but let's gloss over that.  

Her new version of the Maeve is called the Faithful and if you have a spare £485, this would be very useful indeed. 

Lastly we have a sale bargain (although not nearly as cheap as my M&S lovely) from Jaeger.   Also not quite as big as I'd like, but it is a really sweet little bag. 

The Josephine bag - now £99 from £150

So fingers crossed, whether or not I can persuade him to bomb in on his way home from work into Marks or not is another matter.....watch this space.

And now for the snow outfits.  Of which there is one.  On Friday I went out for lunch with friends (an early birthday celebration) which turned into a rather large one.  And of course, completely forgot to take photograph of outfit.  However I am going away this weekend and the outfit will definitely be reworn - maybe even before then, and so I will re-pap.  

Saturday was rather a right off and this is my outfit from today (I also wore it yesterday but with a different longsleeved tee underneath for when I left the house for a couple of hours.  I have a sick child at home at the mo and so I've been snuggling with him in sweats on the sofa for the majority of the weekend.  Poor wee lamb) 



White longsleeved tee - Topshop
Grey Elgar Cowl neck dress - All Saints
Navy, white and black tie dye jeans - H&M
Grey poncho - Simply Be
Grey crocheted hat - Primark
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Brown Mardy boots - Caterpillar
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Now hopefully the snow doesn't go on for too long as I am not overly fond of these boots - very much outdoor boots and I don't tend to carry a spare pair in my bag.  Other than wellies, I am pretty much tied to these in the snow.  And it gets dull.  Here's hoping....!

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20 comentarios:

  1. Argh poor Kat. Feel for you missing out on the m&s bag. I had seen it in store and was undecided until I read your blog and you raved about it ! I brought it and love it, it's should we say a 'homage' to Mulberry. Maybe all your blog readers brought it and that's why it's sold out ? !! You're looking lovely in the snow. We are boot twins, had the caterpillars 5/6 years and they are only worn outside in rubbish weather. Get well poorly child.

    1. It's back in stock!!! Random...... But hopefully the husband is going to pick it up this avo. They're great boots aren't they but yes definitely only for pants weather...

  2. Important question - are they big enough to pop an ipad in????

  3. I got this beautiful bag for Christmas- its black,crossbody,has gold hardware and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Maybe one for the bag list?? Here's a link: http://m.selfridges.com/mt/www.selfridges.com/en/Bags/Categories/BESTSELLERS/Women/Too-Hot-to-Handle-satchel_149-3000609-M3113046/?previewAttribute=Black

    1. that's lovely. Very similar actually to the Jaeger Tilly which I have had for a couple of years which I love but it's more formal than the M&S one. Lucky you!

  4. Noooo! I hate when that happens. It will haunt you until you find a replacement bag or your hubby manages to get the bag! Wish my husband was as helpful!

    1. Yes, have to say The Husband is an absolute gem at doing things like this!

  5. Hi Kat
    I must say I'm not a massive fan of the M&S bag myself. But I expect to have my mind changed over the next few months and kick myself for not getting it when you first posted.

    I have just seen this cross body back in the Pure Collection Sale:
    £59 from £199, Black one has gold bits, in leather and comes in red or green.

    1. Red or Green too that should have said!

    2. Oh my lord that's an amazing bargain isn't it??!! Great find.

  6. I want the Hobbs Maeve in all three colours. Drat I didn't want them till you brought them to my attention. Drat.

  7. Black M&S bag is back in stock on the website......

  8. My advice is to get the special quilted bag! It's the one you really want & has all the features you describe. Did you know they increase in price 1-2 times per year by 10 - 25 percent? Meaning if you known that's what you want, it makes more sense to get it now rather than wait. And since there cost is always increasing it actually becomes an investment, as it can always be re-sold for at least it's original value. With all your other lovely bags it would fit right into your wardrobe! Not to mention they last a lifetime& can be passed on to your daughter. I got a small timeless classic flap bag with silver hardware to use an evening bag 6 months ago which I love but do wish I'd gone for a slightly bigger size as you describe in between day & evening si I could get more use out of it.

    1. Oh I will get it eventually but at the moment, the money is definitely going towards the extension. Next year though.... In the meantime, you're right I don't want to spend a lot at all which is why I was gutted when I thought I'd missed out on the M&S bargain!

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