Not entirely sure these will work.

As I try them every season (these or tassel loafers) and they look totally and utterly pants on me.  

In my head - I am going to look like Alexa Chung.  

In reality - I look like a middle aged frumpy saddo.

So why I think this year will be any different, hell only knows.  Especially as in my head they're going to be part of the perfect Spring outfit with boyfriend jeans.  Which are errrrrrr not materialising (I do have a whole stack more to try on though - fear not, I will leave no boyfriend jean unturned).  

I'm working on the basis that now that I actually am middle aged, these will suddenly elevate me to the realms of hip old lady as opposed to mumsy and meh.  (oh yes, I can hear you guffawing hilariously from here) 

Undeterred, I have compiled a list of beauties that I need to try on.  First issue (ok first issue is avoiding looking like a refugee from The Archers but let's swerve that) is finding ones that I can wear without socks.  A thorny subject - should they be worn without socks?  Personally I'm going for yes.  With socks (and ankle on show be it with the elusive boyfriends or straight legs rolled up or 7/8ths skinnies) I fear it is a style statement that is just..., well just too stylish.  In a Shoreditch kind of way.  Which isn't me.  There are people I know who can definitely get away with it, but not entirely sure I am cutting edge enough for it.  Or gamine.  And not look out of place in Hoxton.  (who am I kidding, I know I'm not) 

So without further ado let's crack on with the gems I've sourced. 

Firstly starting with a classic pair.  I do have it on good authority that these are soft enough to be worn without socks.  Not sure whether this does include the patent but being from Clarks, one would expect them to be exceptionally comfortable (or is that just me?) 

I love the colour (I absolutely love the colour although not sure it will love lily white me...) and I love the styling.  Perfect amount of detailing, perfect masculine edge to them but with a slight delicacy to them.  Not sure we can do much better to be honest.  

The Hamble Oak from Clarks in Nude - £54.99 

But there are other options, as ideal as they look. 

Boden (I know, I know, I was lead there to look at the jeans and there was a ton of other stuff I actually like.   Go figure.  Please please don't worry - it's all very unBoden.  There isn't a fun lining in sight I promise)

These in white and green are just gorgeous. (and I wouldn't say not to the tan if I'm honest)  A much scarier £110 though.  And white suede?  Oh how we laughed - only in a Boden catalogue (or a White Company catalogue come to think of it)  But they're still lush (if I weren't such a slattern)

Another great option and slightly more practical are the Langbury Brogues from Dune  a more palatable £69.00.  And (for me I know) a flattering apricot shade. 

They look like a lovely buttery leather as well but not entirely sure you can tell from a photo (it's me projecting my hoping they're buttery leather, clearly...)

A similar colour but not so similar price wise, are the classic Martha brogues from Grenson at Style Passport   Grenson are a traditional British Brogue manufacturer so these really are a heritage piece - think a cheaper Churchs.  If you think you're going to live in them for years, then these are probably a great investment.  As my inner Elle will clearly kick my inner Alexa to the curb come the summer and strappy shoes are all the rage, these wouldn't really be the best use of my cash at £180.

A cheaper version in a delicious mole shade of suede are these from White Stuff.  A not too shabby £59.95 and they get great reviews online.  I think I'm personally looking for a lighter colour I think but these are an interesting option to look at. 

Slightly left field but these are a version of a classic from H by Hudson.  The Charlie White Multi at £125.  These look like completely stunning leather (in my experience, Hudson shoes always are and a pretty good buy I'd therefore think).  I think I may be after a single tone but I shall give these consideration.  I may however have Brogue overload....

Now for my off the wall ringers - these from Hobbs I have a soft spot for.  At first I thought, barf, no, but the more I looked at them, the more I thought, hmmmm, yes I could.  Definitely.  I clearly am developing a random fetish for leopard print shoes (still hankering after the red leopard print kitten heels from Zara...).   However not exactly an impulse purchase at still £99 in the sale.  Does make the Zara ones seem like a steal though.  Oh darn it.

Finishing with my ridiculous, never going to happen, but oh how I love them.  Not £415 enough love them, but I just think they are perfect.  Which completely contradicts everything I've said about having a masculine edge to them, with classic detailing.  These are, in fact, more a homage to the brogue.  Maybe it's the fact they look so so so comfy (or that I'm addicted to Boardwalk Empire.  Perhaps that)

The Marcell Lupin 

A round up of what I've been wearing the last couple of days.  Have been just loving the milder weather.  I am beyond ready for Spring!  Please excuse the random filters - am getting to grips with Flickr where I now have to host to post.  


Navy and white breton top - H&M
Indigo straight leg jeans rolled up - Jigsaw
Navy knitted peacoat - Zara
Tan knee high boots - Jigsaw
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Wine wrist warmers - H&M
Sunglasses - Dior
Chestnut Lily - D&G


Navy jumper - H&M
Distressed straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Buttermilk leather trench coat - Vintage from Greenwich Market
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Chestnut Lily Bag - D&G


Off white blouse - Zara
Washed indigo jeans - Boden
Greige suede western ankle boots - Zara
Black belt - Prada
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Brown leather cuff with chain detail - Hultquist

So lay it on me - thoughts on brogues........

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32 comentarios:

  1. I have the blue pair and I do love brogues. I am 41 now and just getting over the shock. I love wearing mine and totally think ladies of our years can still pull then off. Please keep the inspiration going for us stylish ladies of a certain age.

  2. New commenter . . . I've been following your blog for a while now and loving it. I can't imagine you looking mumsy in anything, including brogues.

    I'm 40 and a devoted fan of brogues, though definitely without socks and never with a skirt or dress (and there's no way I would wear boyfriend jeans). Church's is my favorite label for that type of shoe, and I can attest that the patent leather version can be worn with bare feet within a week. I love the Marsell shoes you've shown; I've found a distributer in the States and they're now on my wishlist. Thanks!

  3. The green ones are lush! Don't think it's possible for you to look frumpy in anything btw.

  4. If, by the time you read this comment, you haven't bought those red leopard print shoes, I'll be amazed! :-)

  5. Hi Kat! I'm such a brogues girl so maybe I'm biased but I love them in all colours! The nude clarkes brogues are my favourite but a classic tan pair will never date and look fantastic with your spring wardrobe. I have many pairs and every year I wear them as they go with everything. I'm also loving the cowboy style boots for ss13 I'd like to know your thoughts on those! Looking forward to reading your blog for new season inspiration!

  6. There are some lovely brogues in the jones sale called Fabiola. They do not have them in my size but are a lovely soft nubuck leather. If you go past a Jones shop look out for them.

  7. 40 is NOT middle aged *she says definitively (creeping up on 40)*.

    I love the look of some of the brogues especially the Clarks ones but they are not for me and my stumpy legs although I did rock them in the 80s when I wore them with my school uniform (and odd socks).

    BTW how many pairs of boots do you own? And can we have a look at your actual wardrobe? God I'm so nosy.

    The white zara blouse is gorgeous on you.


    1. LOL, Yes, please. Do answer this boots question, because I've been wondering myself...:-D
      Ditto on the white Zara blouse.


  8. I've been looking at brogues and loafers like forever. I'm currently getting the spring/summer wardrobe ready just incase we happen to have any nice weather at all this year. I've just sent a pair of brogues back to Yoox as they were lovely colour, lovely shape, really comfy and made me look like a heifer. They do not suit my legs. However, like you. I am not giving up. I need pale brogues - that much I know. I've identified three pairs of loafers so far which are on my radar ... but the brogues are hard work. Never give up. Never surrender.

  9. If you wear brogues without socks do they not become smelly and make your feet sweat? Or is that just me *blush*. I'm not a fan of them myself, they're a bit too manly for me but look forward to seeing you model some.

  10. I've been eyeing up brogues too, but I think I'll look like a complete frump in them. Still, it doesn't hurt to try.
    On another note, I love that necklace you're sporting.

  11. I looked a nob in the clarks ones. . Mum was in School Shoes

  12. I've still got scars from my white brogues circa 1989 that were the most uncomfortable shoes ever. However do fancy a pair of loafers this year so please, a post on them would be great!

  13. I wear my Next brogues with anything and everything as they are so comfortable. Never thought I could pull them off but then thought what the hell, I'm gonna wear them anyway :-D

  14. I am so far quote against brogues unless as you said you are a stick like Alexa however I would be very inserted to see if you can convert me!!! and in fairness I have seen them on people 'our age' and they can look great but as someone who is genetically unfortunate to have inherited cankles (seriously the bane of my life!) this is not a trend I fear I can wear!

  15. I totally get how you're feeling about brogues, and I really hope that your inner Alexa Chung flourishes! If Boden are able to pull it off, it gives some hope that those of us over 20 can work the look, without looking like we've stumble upon Hoxton Square by accident. Have a good weekend. Kat x

  16. The Clarks version are gorgeous - I'd been debating the Boden ones for a while but wasn't sure I could justify them on cost per wear. Clarks may have to be my stop #2 after M&S when I'm back!

  17. Oooooh, those grey suede shosies are my faves. I lucked out last year and found a pair of cognac leather brogues on thrift for $2. I wear them SHAMELESSLY sans socks.

    On another note, I have just decided it is IMPERATIVE that I have a pair of wine colored wrist warmers in my life.

    And finally, I wanted to tell you I gave you a little shout out on my blog yesterday. You can see it here if you want:

    Have a great weekend!


  18. The Grensons are on sale at their own site for a much more affordable £100, plus many more gorgeous styles. My favourite is Rose, and I may just slip up on my No More Sales mantra now...! - eep! Love your blogging, N x

  19. Hi Kat,
    New commentator, though I previously edited a regional fashion magazine for 11 years, so I've been keeping an eye on you for a while...! I bought a bone-coloured pair of brogues last year, actually managed to keep them clean, and love them - very Gatsby-esque. I'm about to invest in a pair of antiqued grey ones next - which I think will be great with bf jeans and a navy slouch sweater.
    On a shoe theme, I need to pick your brains briefly on two things: a) how do you find the fit of your Pied a Terre Ohio boots? I'm considering buying a pair off ebay but they're only a 7 and I usually take a 7.5. Am I likely to get away with it, or are they already small-fitting.
    And b) same question about Ash trainers - a 7 or an 8...?
    Hope you can help - thanks!

  20. I ordered some nude brogues from Gap with pink laces, didn't look right but still looking.
    Tomorrow I'm going o completely copy your first outfit with my new navy blazer!

  21. Another 'yay' from me for the brogues. Love the Dune best- gorgeous :)

  22. The Hudsons are just dreamy! Also like the Clarks but that colour wouldn't suit my skintone...if only they had them in tan. I've been wanting brogues for years too but can never find a pair soft enough. Would be a great inbetweeny shoe I reckon.

    Nic x

  23. Seriously, it's like you're writing exactly what I'm thinking! Being 5ft10-11 myself, with size 8 feet, I just dream about brogues, but I totally think you can do these Kat! Love the *whispers* Boden ones, and the *whispers again* Clarks ones! Do it!! Ps. I think they look great with rolled up chinos or rolled up skinnies x

  24. Ive size 8 ft too ans am same height....but am going to try the clarks today....think will be fab with my khaki gap skinny chinos(least i think thats what they are!!)

  25. It's a look I loathe but if any can convert me it's you, Kat x

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  27. Love brogues. I have a black pair from Jones which I have worn for a couple of years with jeans and trousers. Still going strong. I would like a lighter colour for spring though. Maybe grey or blue. I am now in my fifties btw.

  28. I was obsessed with buying a pair of brogues at the end of last summer but didn't want to spend a silly amount of money when I wasn't sure it would be a long-lasting love affair. So I bought a couple of very cheap pairs in navy and tan from New Look and 'practised' with the look - always sockless and mainly with skinnies and rolled up bf jeans - was really surprised by how much I liked them! Need to upgrade them now though - there are some nice looking ones on the Gap website.

  29. Brogues on bigger feet just look like clown shoes.

  30. What an inspiring post! I have been debating buying a pair myself. I am going to do like Anonymous and "practice" with a cheap pair to determine if I like them enough to go for an upgrade.

  31. check out Gap brogues - they look lovely online and I do rate Gap quality: