Because what we all need now is a dress for super sunny days, yes?

errrr...... apologies. 

Clearly the fact that I have been researching all things of jersey loveliness to wear in the sun, has a been a complete nail in the coffin of our British Summertime.  

I have been feeling very sorry for myself since the end of last week as I haven't really been able to move.  I would love to have an excellent excuse for this but alas no.  I have no-one to blame but myself and my exercise shy excuse of a being. 

Kettlecise.  Dear. God.  Aka torture for all those who don't put gym gear on their Christmas list and prefer a glass of something with bubbles and alcohol in as opposed to a Lucozade Sport.  It wouldn't have been so bad had I not had the Sport Billy version of Little Miss Italy next to me - a stunning, lithe, whippersnapper of a 20 something year old who threw her kettlebell around like it was a flaming ping pong ball.  At double time to everyone else.  Needless to say I felt like anaemic Shrek next to her.  To add insult to injury, I literally couldn't move for the following four days.  On Friday, I actually contemplated sleeping on the sofa as the thought of stairs made me want to sob. 

I have been reliably informed that the first time can be this bad.  Unfortunately I'm not able to go this week as it's half term (gutted I am.  Truly gutted) and so I shall report back next week after my second session. 

Normal service was vaguely resumed by Sunday, when the sun finally came out and I felt less like a complete invalid and decided to well and truly get this summer wardrobe thing on track. 

So as well as the obligatory jumpsuit (of course the Lagerfeld one sold out as predicted.  And so I am now playing chicken with the By Malene Birger website and waiting for the sale.  Chances of this having a happy ending, aren't high), I am a massive fan of maxi dresses (as it's been well documented how much I adore getting my legs out). 

As much as I've bored us all to tears with threats of getting the white limbs out (when the sun shines properly - think I'm probably in the clear there then), there definitely are occasions when a maxi dress is super useful (it can't only be me who has those days when my legs are more hirsute than they should be.....).

Especially useful in jersey for throwing into a suitcase on holiday and serving a dual purpose for going down to the pool/beach and then for lunch/shopping.  Chuck on a little denim jacket and great for a casual dinner in the evening.  The latter is also how I tend to wear them here at home.

So with my holiday still firmly at the forefront of my mind, here is my favourite selection of what's available. 

Starting with what we now know is my guilty secret - the goldmine that is Forever 21.

Orange maxi dress from Forever 21 £19.75

Now just to throw in a curveball, this one isn't jersey but I just love it and whilst I have in mind a dressier maxi dress post - this one wouldn't fit in there, but it's perfect for casual days both here and abroad.  Years ago I nearly bought a very similar skirt in Mango and every year I lament the fact I didn't.  Am just gutted that they don't do this Dorothy Perkins dress in a tall version, although, to be fair, I think this would work equally as well in a boho midi length. 

Dorothy Perkins White textured maxi dress £35

Striped Halter neck dress - M&S £25   Perfect for flinging on over a bikini. 

Misumi Peach and yellow dip dye dress from New Look  £22.99  I love the colours in this.  Really really love them. 

FCUK Marilyn Draped Jersey dress £97  Now this one is more expensive but I honestly think this could easily be worn out in the evening and would work for a much more formal occasion than the beach.  I love FCUK jersey and if anyone is on the taller side, their dresses always come up long.  Easy to shorten in this fabric of course, but, well, impossible to add length.

Warehouse Bandeau Coral Maxi Dress - was £28 now £22  From House of Fraser at the moment, there seems to be some bargains on Warehouse dresses.  Great prices for some lovely simple jersey numbers. 

Warehouse V back Maxi dress in bright blue Was £26, now £20

And in red  Again only £20  (and they also do it in black as well) 

Whistles Charlotte Maxi Dress  £89  Again more expensive but a much more substantial dress for the money.   They call this red but to me it's much more of an orange. 

And in Khaki £89

Sunset dress in Whale from Hush  £55  I love this dress.  Adore the colour of it, the simplicity of it and the drape of the jersey. 

And in Fuchsia 

This is one of my favourites definitely.  Probably not for a super sunny day (I am obsessed with tan marks - why when I so rarely get the top of my body out - a hangover from a misspent youth.  That sounds wrong on many levels.....) but I'd love with a little blazer over for smarter occasions.  Also available in black. 

Ruched Maxi T Dress from Me & Em £98

And in navy  £98

For another patterned number, I love this one from Tommy Hilfiger.  Definitely a contender for being able to dress up as well. 

Frederique dress - £70. 

Also available in a plain pale coral colour - again £70 but you can guarantee that the quality will be great for that. 

My favourite though has to be this from Clothing at Tesco.  I will admit that I haven't seen it in the flesh but for £20 I'm prepared to take a punt. 

Florence & Fred Floral Maxi dress 

So there we have a brief round up of ones I've got my eye on.  Seeing, however that it's absolutely pouring with rain outside and seeing how past its sell by date my trench below is, I should probably be giving more consideration to a new raincoat.  Let's face it - which am I going to get more use out of......??
This is from the end of last week when it poured with rain.  A lot. 


Wine and off white breton top - Massimo Dutti
Paint splat indigo jeans - Zara
Trench coat - Principles (it's that old..!) 
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G

For Saturday - lovely day out with the family.  The kids even went swimming! 


Grey and cream striped top - Zara
Raspberry Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Quilted biker jacket -(inside out!!) - Zara
Linen charcoal, white and red scarf - Zara
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles
Gunmetal Virgin hitops - Ash

And for Sunday - super casual outfit for day spent cooking for dinner party on Sunday night.  Gutted that I don't have a pic of outfit - booooo, but it's one that I will be recreating a lot over the summer, so nothing lost! 


Cream oversized tee - H&M
Indigo real straight legs rolled up - Gap
Apricot tassel scarf - Mint Velvet
Gold leather pumps - Gap

Yesterday and today have been write offs.  I was so hideously hungover after a very late finish on Sunday night, my eyeballs even hurt (port.  Seriously why on earth would I drink PORT?) 

Tomorrow, half term goes on and we shall be going out, regardless of whether we need to take a boat or a car. 

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8 comentarios:

  1. I have the navy ME+EM one - it is AMAZING - forget tan marks, thing HEAVEN - seriously it's the most flattering dress I have ever ever owned!


  2. Don't apologise- the weather was warm & sunny Sat, Sun & Mon over in Hampshire! I have a GAP maxi dress (first ever maxi for me) in cobalt blue & white that I'm looking forward to breaking out at some point.
    P.s. Love the inside out Zara jacket!


  3. I also love the way you styled the jacket. I have tried and tried to make it suit my shape but given up and put mine on ebay sadly never worn.
    The frederique dress is beautiful am going to track it down.

  4. Some gorgeous maxis here and I'm off to check out Forever 21 immediately!

  5. I've gone a bit maxi mad, decided to have a different one for lunch for each day of the holiday, so far I have red, white and dip dye pink, bidding on 3 more on EBay, but I do really like that tesco one!

  6. Oh, I've had my eye on that Me and Em maxi forever. They sold out and are not replacing until the end of June, so I'm on the list!

  7. I bought the M&S maxi last year (identical to this year) for the beach/ casual evenings on hols. Was really pleased with it. Even at 17 weeks pregnant it looked fab!

  8. Hi Kat, Your blog is brilliant - and very funny (funny ha ha not funny weird!)Where oh where can I find maxi dresses WITH sleeves - short sleeves or cap sleeves? You featured two here with cap sleeves but if you know of any arms are not what they used to be since I gave up dragon boating on leavining Hong Kong!!!