Proof if proof were needed of how fickle I am.

My head has been turned.  A) By Boden and b) to all things Autumn Winter. 

To be fair, it's hardly tropical out there and so a fabulous day out at the Boden Press Day on Thursday has completely turned my head to all things A/W. 

Firstly I should explain my about turn with regards to Boden.  Interestingly they were one of the reasons I started this blog.  The assumption that as someone who was clearly too decrepit to shop at Topshop, FCUK and River Island, my fashion future was consigned to a selection of "fun linings".  I do Not do a bright (I wouldn't go so far as to say garish....) polka dot/floral/loud print lining.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with it at all and I completely comprehend why it appeals to so many people - absolute horses for courses and all that. 

And obviously it's a hugely popular concept as Boden over the years has built up an exceptionally loyal following.   As I bore myself with saying, it would be an exceptionally dull world if we all liked the same thing but Boden have clearly realised there is a wider market that they could appeal to and have slightly adapted their style, marketing and focus, in the last year.  The mainstream press have lapped it up and have been effusive in their compliments for the more recent collections. 

Which was evident at the Press Day as I signed my little "Does my Bum Look 40" moniker under the far more impressive signatures from Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Grazia et al, in the Visitors Book. 

But I soldiered on in my clearly unfashionable outfit (seriously, you can spot the uber trendy super fash ladies a mile off - of this I will be reporting more in the next week.  Watch this space) trying not to feel like the mumsiest unfashionista on the planet.... and was blown away by the stunning ME clothes that Boden have on offer for next season.  

They've managed to maintain their more traditional "Boden" offering with a fabulous 60's stylee, British Heritage slant.  Just stunning.  

Here are my embarrassingly crappola photographs - my personal cream of the crop of Boden A/W.  I shall be definitely letting everyone know when the Preview comes out with the 20% discount  (that there normally is - no idea if they'll do it this year) 

I am beyond excited and have already started planning my A/W outfits.  Beyond.  Pathetic.  Seeing as it's not even the middle of May and I worn have worn sandals for one day.  

If anyone sees my life, could they please return it to me. 

In the meantime, however, I shall be thinking of all things Autumnal and I cannot wait to buy these bronze ballet pumps. 

A slight insight whilst we're here, into Press Days.  Rooms full of clothes that everyone glides around, nodding effusively at, taking notes, sometimes photographs.  And no-one tries on a dicky bird.  

Until you're me of course and I thought - feck this for a game of soldiers. I am SO over ordering shoes on t'internet, only for them to be ridiculously uncomfortable, and so when you see a pair of shoes in your size - surely, SURELY, it's rude not to try them on no?  Well the feedback is, that these metallic pumps are fab.  A lovely soft leather that won't cut bare flesh to smithereens.  On my list of must haves. 

Button back cashmere top jumper (the front half is further down - they should be together. I have spent an hour trying to get them to be together and Blogger is having a real senior moment and doing my head in and so I've given up.  Apologies)


"Blouse"... But it's the most beautiful silky fabric, perfect neckline for under blazers and jackets and the loveliest colourway.  Perfect for work, with jeans or for dinner.  In the (imaginary) basket.


Olive button back jumper (see below for current season examples) Can't wait to see what other colours they release and a must have. 


The front of jumper - these pics co-operated.  Go figure.


Front of camel cashmere jumper above. Dipped hem at front.  Stunning.  So so easy to wear. 


Navy coat with sheepskin collar and cuffs.  I may be turned by a coat.  Probably not this one.....


But definitely this one.  Boiled camel wool.  60's style.  SOLD!


Skinny jeans of which I am a huge fan.  In a slightly washed black with extra detail.  What's not to love?


And a massive statement necklace just to prove that they really do know what I love. 


A stunning "blouse".  Ditto to everything I said to blouse above. 


And honestly there was more.  I am never afraid to step up to the plate and say I was wrong and I've changed my mind about anything.  This time I would like to think it's not necessarily me being super fickle but that Boden have changed and I now like what I see and am more than willing to give them a go. 

In the meantime, it has made me go an have a squizz at the current catalogue and bookmark a number of items which I think will work well now, but have longevity into the A/W.  

A number of these feature in the new collections in slightly different colourways. 

Audrey Jumper 

And some fabulous bright ones that would just be perfect for now and for next season.   In the sale at £55.20 

Button Back Jumper now reduced - various prices depending on colour

Bistro Crop Trouser

60's slingbacks 

Boden pointed slingbacks

And finishing with the last couple of days. 

Here is my Boden Press Day Outfit.


Grey and ivory striped longsleeved top - Zara
Pear Drop Skinny jeans - Boden
Grey cropped double breasted jacket - Topshop
Silver charm necklace - Jaeger
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles
Grey patent ballet pumps - Gap


Navy linen tee - Zara
Silk scarf print jacket - Zara
Bleached distressed skinnies - Zara
Cream stone and gold necklace - Anthropologie
Clay Thelma Wedges - Ash
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And out for a dinner party on Friday night 


Black Dress - Patrizia Pepe
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black caged gladiator sandals - Zara
Gold razor blade cuff - McQ by Alexander McQueen 
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

Trip into London on Saturday to meet up with some old friends.  Fantastic day/night out! 


Black crepe top - Cos
Indigo real straight jeans - Gap
Quilted print jacket - Zara
Sarina Betty sandals - Clarks
Grey Cherelle Cross body bag - Whistles 
Silver charm necklace - Jaeger

And finishing with a slight request.  It's not very me but better late than never.  I have very kindly been nominated in the Britmums, Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  Now as you may have noticed, I don't normally go for widgets, and whistles and bells which say I'm this, that and the other.  But if you do get a moment, before midnight on Sunday 12th May (SEE what i mean about the late thing!) and would like to vote for me, then if you click on this link and scroll down to Q12.  You don't have to fill in every category at all.  Thanking you kindly . (this is so so not how it's supposed to be done.....!)


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12 comentarios:

  1. "Navy coat with sheepskin collar and cuffs."

    LOVE. Love love love love love love LOVE

    So me.

    *goes to rip hole in old winter coat to justify new winter coat.

  2. I liked Boden at the very beginning when it was all done on a shoestring and the catalogue was real people.
    I can't decide if the whole world is now more stylish, or if Boden has just upped its game with top models and better designers, but once it is all too slick and corporate, a little bit of the charm goes too.

  3. You see I've always found absolute gems at Boden, looking beyond the "fun" of course. I've had the most amazing jeans, trousers and fab quality plain knitwear and the shoes are fabulous. My favourite this season has been the Bistro crops, the quality and cut is beyond compare.

  4. Oh, I love the idea of you trying on shoes amidst all the glossy mag gitterati!! Brilliant! So ... Kat! Seriously! I have a slight fear of ordering stuff that I can't see and touch and feel beforehand. Do you really recommend giving it a go? There are a few items in the Boden sale that I might just 'desperately need'!!! (I'm too lazy to bother with schlepping to the Post Office with returns ... that's why I like to know in advance!)

  5. Survey done, happy to vote for you, thanks for your blog, it's funny and real but it costs me (read:my husband) a fortune!
    Yours, a fellow shopaholic xxx
    PS. fricken love those bronze flats!

  6. I have to agree, I was never a Boden fan....too many connotations, of how a sensible girl, woman, mum should dress, and like you say, just to really let your hair down let's go a bit wild with a fun lining! But like lots of these "safe" brands Boden have realised the customer is now a pretty savvy shopper, and in these really bad trading conditions have had to pull a fresh rabbit out of the to speak! I really like where they are going right now, and like Rihanna for River Island, what about Gaga for Boden! Or is that just a step too far?.....only joking. p.s. Great post! xx

  7. I ordered the button back jumper for work
    It looked cack tbh - think the front too high.

    Like the dipped hem affair though

  8. What about your press day outfit was unfashionable?! You look great! I wore a very similar outfit except mulberry trousers and navy blazer over my breton. Would have LOVED to have met you there but I went in the afternoon after work, Basingstoke to Waterloo doesn't take long luckily, was pleased to make it up!

    It does feel way to early to think about autumn although it was a horrid windy grey day on Thursday which made it a little easier to embrace the clothing! Glad you found some you items :-)


  9. Love the boiled wool coat only prob in past with boden for me is sizing am 5ft 3 and size 6/8 and their sizing just wasn't right for me maybe will revisit sorry only just saw this post now otherwise would def have voted for you good luck you should def win love your posts

  10. Yup, coat with sheepskin is VERY nice. I think I missed the boat on you Zara print blazer btw. Not sure it is me but would have loved to try it on. Looks great when you wear it.

  11. And just to add - Boden's customer service is fabulous. I bought the lovely skinny jeans but when they arrived I didn't like the way the leg had been pressed - the seam was sort of 'off'. When I phoned them the woman I spoke to promised to inspect a new pair for me and then sent them straight away - no problem about waiting to receive the return first. No fuss whatsoever.

  12. I love the Audrey jumper! Its too cute & the 60's sling backs would look ace with it! I've only just looked into Boden & there are a few things that jump out at me! Andrea x