If we talk about sandals....

....then maybe the weather will get the message and the sun will shine?  Possibly not. Whichever way, NOW is the time to buy your sandals.  Don't make the same mistake I make every year and leave it till the last minute thinking that I'll wait and see what other stock they get in.  

Because that other stock invariably turns out to be boots.  Come July, whilst we're basking in the (very occasional) day of glorious sunshine or you lucky beggars are packing for your sun filled summer holiday abroad, the shops are piling the shelves high with boots.  Obviously. 

The Sensibles buy sandals earlyish in the season.   The Super Savvy have already bought theirs by now so they can switch off (or carry on reading, gloating at what you've already bought.  I fall under the category of The Morons who have yet again neglected to think ahead and discover that sandal after sandal has sold out in my size.

The main reason being (I say desperately hunting round for excuses and not the fact I have a memory a goldfish would be ashamed of) is that it takes me until now in the season to work out what sort of sandals I want. 

I seem to be on a roll at the minute with stuff that I find difficult to buy for myself.  Clearly dresses take the number one spot (there is more on Dressgate to come.......) but sandals are definitely vying for one of the following slots. 

Partially because I have gross feet.  The Husband has been known to mutter "trotters" under his breath and make noises which sound suspiciously like an industrial sander when I mention the word pedicure.  Truth be known it's not even all nature's fault.  Yes, they're bony and I have toes like fingers but if I'm honest, I am lazy.  I basically put my feet into hibernation in the winter.  You don't see them - I don't care.  Which is Bad Beauty Management.  

So let's assuming I manage to get them into a vaguely "fit for public consumption" state some time this summer (one of the reasons I'm not being too harsh on the weather at the moment - encasing my feet in leather is a very good thing chez moi), I need to think about which sandal direction I'm going to be heading in. 

There are loads of different options - from block heel minimalism which is everywhere, gladiator (knee high if it floats your boat),  to even good old school Bible stylee ones.  

The choice is, in fact, overwhelming.  I think, one of the most difficult footwear purchases to make.  

Which is why, I think I've chosen as my main sandal this year (so far this is - fully expect this to have changed in the next week or so and can I add another caveat in that I am talking flat sandals here....), what I still refer to as the Gigi sandal, as I am positive that Sam Edelman was the first make to bring out this specific style.  Certainly when I bought my first pair from them three years ago, there was nothing else like it available (and believe me, I looked) 

For me they are the original and the best.  My rose gold ones are still going great guns after three years of having been tortured by the gnarled appendages at the bottom of my legs I have the nerve to call feet.  

Handily, until the 17th May, if you purchase them from Coggles and use the code "MID25", there is 25% off. (that code is actually valid for pretty much everything on the site.  You have been warned... Surf at your credit card's peril)

Now as an interjection here, these are a very VERY loose version on the theme but I absolutely love them and am gutted they're sold out in my size.   I am going on a shoe hunt.

Tyra Saddle Sandals from Sam Edelman

Aldo have an amazing selection.  The Talulah in leather for £40 strikes me as being the best buy of the crop.  Simple, classic clean lines.  love the detail of the rivet round the strap and the gold edge round the sole.  Also available in gold, silver or black. 

The Yanagita for £45 has slightly more detail but is the same T-bar style with adjustable strap around the back of the ankle.  Available in a number of other colours as well. 

Staying with the neutral colours, these are gorgeous (although not leather) from Aldo.  Okelly   £35

I also quite like the white. 

Leopard Print Sandal from Zara  £29.99  Stunning if you're heading in a cobalt blue direction this S/S.

Snakeskin cork sole sandals by Even & Odd - £17 Bargainous although clearly not leather but for that price, I think that's fine.  Love the print on them and the detail round the edge of the sole. 

Metallic Silver croc Jelly sandals £18 If you did fancy something with a bit more bling then these look fabulous.

Staying away from the leather and with a proper flipflop pedigree Gold toe post sandal Havaianas from River Island  £26

In tan - this is (as you may have noticed) my favourite go to colour for summer footwear.  Literally goes with everything.  

Finishing with a slight twist on the classic with the addition of a gold coil.  These would work perfectly for both night and day - my favourite (yawn yawn) is of course the tan but again, the white has a fabulously summery feel to them. 

The Jas T-bar sandal from Dune for £35

Finishing with me in a hilariously un-May like outfit but yesterday I was proper chilly.  And exhausted from the weekend so this was a total slob around outfit for chores around the house and a myriad of school pick ups/rugby/piano drop offs etc. 


Black vest - Primark
Charcoal grey longsleeved tee - Zara
Grey harem pants - Toast
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Mustard & fuchsia stag scarf - M&S
Bea suede wedge trainers - Ash
Grey Cherelle cross body bag  - Whistles
Leather and chain cuff - Hultquist
Gold link bracelet - Made from Whistles

So have you bought your summer sandals yet?  I did actually get some fab GIgi alikes from M&S last year in leopard print and black patent which came out very late in the season - July I think.  There may be hope for us sandal slackers yet........especially as from my top wish list of 3 sandals, they're all sold out in my size.   I may have to rethink this sandal gig...

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16 comentarios:

  1. I already have the Aldo Talulah sandals in gold (sorry for being one of those organised people!) and they're gorgeous! May have to invest in some others after reading this though....

  2. I got some gorgeous "going out" sandals in New Look to wear for a wedding reduced from £30 to £7 last week and some flat sparkly ones in Primark reduced from £10 to £4 so there are bargains to be had out there at the moment. I'm not going anywhere hot this summer due to hubby having new job so praying for nice weather to wear them. Luckily the wedding is at one venue so it won't matter if it rains! Ant xxx

  3. Haven't bought mine yet, but some very nice suggestions here though xx


  4. I still have my Sam Edelman Gigi which I bought last year. Probably won't be investing in another pair of sandals this year. I have bought a pair of the Clarks Hamble Oak in Mushroom (oxfords). Love the selection of sandals you have shown. Marie S

  5. I bought a pair of Gigi's in the States two years ago for about £40 (so irritating that they are double the price here) and I do love them but not as much as that other pair of SE's you've shown above. Dear God I must get them! LOVE! I too was all decked out in black the other day as we regressed to winter again - too depressing.

  6. Actually saw these today and thought of you!..


  7. Did you miss the front page of yesterday's papers, basically long term forecast is well..shit there isn't another word that sums up how bleak this summer is set to look. If you think your feet are bad, I have bunions AND a club toe, it is hideous, almost worth a picture in itself, basically twice the size of a normal toe. In the Middles Ages I would prob have been put to death as a witch. But might still wear these sandals, as I like them and am loud and proud!

  8. Gigis for £36 on the outnet!

  9. Wow!!! These sandals are all so pretty especially the Tyra Saddle Sandals from Sam Edelman. I usually prefer these kinds of sandals because they are comfortable to wear and easy to walk with.

  10. Love the Tyras, but I bought Gigis in the US at Easter, and can't justify £80-£100 on another pair of nice sandals.

    [shh] But I see 30% off them at my-wardrobe, plus an additional 15% cashback via Quidco, and £50 off a £180 spend...[enabler]

  11. Well you can't have the bad feet that you say you have, as all of those lovely sandals expose expose expose - I couldn't dream of wearing any of them, strictly peep toes only here I'm afraid. I too have toes that look like fingers, plus callouses like little pads on the tops of them, like knuckles - truly hideous! So for me it's either peep toes or closed toe ballerinas - very sad! I would rather walk down the street stark naked with shoes on than fully clothed in bare feet - seriously that bad.

  12. Thanks Kat for identifying another hole in the shoe dept!! I have leopard print, black, gold, tan and silver flat sandals but I knew something was missing!! Have now filled said hole with the Even & Odd snakeskin sandals. Beautiful...just need the weather to change so I can wear the damn things!!

  13. Hi, you will find the tyra saddle sandals on eBay. Quite afew sizes available still. They are lush!! Loving your blog! X

  14. You just made me spit Green Tea half way across the living room for laughing!! Bless you & your feet! :) I could quite happily own all of the above & have had the Havianas on my wish list for a while!! Andrea x


  15. Nice post kat. Thanks for sharing this post and your experience with us. Keep it up.

  16. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. waiting for more.