I shall go to the ball...errrr......

but it may well be in my pants..... As I am having not the hugest amount of luck in finding a dress.  I am constantly being told - oh you can wear anything.  Well. I can't.  

Last Saturday I had the most hideous shopping experience known to man.  For a start - a Saturday at a shopping mall.  What on earth was I thinking?  (I was thinking that I had a big function that night and really wanted a new dress to wear - why?  Why would I do that?  A whole week in sneakers has addled my brain.  The DVF that I've had for years was more than adequate in the end.) 

Well the trip was not a success and I have the photographic evidence to prove it.  Feel free to guffaw as loudly as you like .

Starting with the black and white striped dress from Zara on my previous thread that had had such promise.  Didn't deliver on me.  The sandals are undone as they clearly weren't sandals - they were a Krypton factor exercise cunningly disguised as shoes.  Impossible to put on in less than 10 mins.


This dress has the most beautiful print and the promise of the most stunning shape.  The quality of the fabric however (plus it being unlined) is something of which Primark would be embarrassed.  Utterly appalling.  The creasing is from me having bent over to take those bastard sandals off.  Imagine what it would look like having been sat down for an entire meal or even a taxi ride?


The zip was actually sticking out at the back due to the fabric of the zip edge being of a much sturdier quality than that of the paper thin dress.  Grim.


I then wisely (or not so as the case may be) thought I should throw money at the problem ad just go for the dress that I loved.  On someone else. ie a model.  On me?  Dear Mother of God.

This is the 10 in the silk.  Massive.  Randomly wide, unflatteringly so, neckline.  Ridiculously short slits in the side (as demonstrated by me Angelina Jolie stylee) and with so much detail in the print, you lose all the lovely detail of the draping at the front and it just looks like a sack.  As you can see, I was so disillusioned, I classily couldn't even be bothered to take my jeans off all the way.  


Armholes cut for a Russian shot putter.  And you almost get a flash of my pants. 


This is a 12 in the jersey (only size they had in the black) and as you can see from my delighted facial expression, it's not entirely as I had anticipated it looking.  At.  All. 


So I thought - change of tactic needed.  I always go for a straight dress.  RIGHT.  Or WRONG as it turns out.  How about going prom stylee?  In for a penny, in for a pound, I can do this - I shall not be defeated.  A Woman on a Mission.  I think it's a shape that could work on me.  Most 50's styled dresses of this ilk have a higher neckline which works.  They're also structured and with my total lack of waist, the fullness of a skirt could work.  Nothing loose - there needs to be substance to the dress as opposed to a floaty tea dress which makes me look 4 sizes larger than I actually am.  Has me humming "sturdy girl, strength of ten" as I type, just thinking about it. 

The issue I have personally is with dimensions.  I'm not particularly long in the body but even so, I am probably of more generous torso length than most.  And a high waist sitting under the boobs is attractive to no-one.  Ditto the length of a skirt that just about covers the bum.  Shirley Temple springs to mind.  Thank you but no. 

With this in mind, I've been researching and come up with some interesting options.  There may well be photographic evidence to prove that I should live my life in trousers.   Tomorrow I shall be venturing out and trying on. 

FCUK Spring Bloom Flared Shirt Dress   They also do this in an ink version which is irritatingly sold out online.  Whilst I'm sold on the shape, the colour would do me no favours I fear.  Far too demure for my potty mouth.  But it's so so pretty.

Spring Bloom Flared Dress - FCUK again - £89   Think I prefer the shirt version and again the colours aren't me but a great bargain dress. 

Brown Invitation Adeline Dress from Hobbs  I LOVE this.  From the sublime to the ridiculous. Could this be a dressy day dress?  It would be the most fantastic party dress, the jury's out, I'm going to scratch my itch tomorrow and try it on. 

I also think it would be delicious with the matching bag.  Which would be just as lovely on it's own as well. 

Brown Invitation Palace bag 

Havren Japanese Flower dress from John Lewis   This looks much better on the model and with super strappy heels would be great.  A great length by all accounts. 

Havren Daisy Print Dress I actually think this looks a lot better with the belt tied at the back like it is on the pic of just the dress. 

Jaeger Abstract dress in pale pink   I'm not sure why I've put this in, I think it was the blush with the black, I can't remember but it's probably not very me.  I do, however, love the neckline and the tiny cap sleeves.  Needs more pouff on the skirt in my humble opinion. 

Havren Fit and Flare Scallop Dress from John Lewis   Very very classic.

ASOS midi flared dress £25. YES £25. I just can't imagine that this looks as good as it does on the model here.  I may well have to order just to see! 

Untold Dress from House of Fraser £125  With a huge set of bunchy pearls on a necklace (Zara have some fab ones at the mo) and again some fab heels and a clutch - could go all black or could add any sort of colour for a different look) this is a great basic black dress.  It does seem to be quite short though, which unfortunately rules it out for me.

Boutique by Jaeger Maria Dress £170 but 20% off with this month's Instyle till 6th May.  This looks like quite a reasonable length.  With super funky accessories or pared back classic nude add ons, this could perhaps work.  I'm off tomorrow to see if I can find it. 

Hobbs Avilla dress in Navy  £129  This is a random throw in there, but I have a soft spot for this dress. 

Vivienne Westwood Antoinette Dress - reduced now.... £319.50   It's over £300. It's an invisible line in the sand I'm struggling with.  I'm sure it's really short as well... (she says not having an actual clue!) 

And a last floral number from Raoul.  This completely won't be to everyone's taste at all.  But there's something about it which I quite like.  I've seen it in real life and it's a proper contender truth be known.  The print looks rather different close up.  Not so... SO (if that makes sense..!)  I happen to love.  I wouldn't team it with so heavy a bag.  Ok so I've ordered it and will pap on to see what we think. 

Print Raoul Structured pleat dress 

I did want it in navy - I REALLY wanted it in navy but it is literally sold out everywhere in my size - and I'd need a 12 in this.  It may be my mission in life to track it down.  There was one at Neiman Marcus in the sale (Can you believe?!) but when I went to order it, it had gone.  And I found one at Harvey Nichols online and when I went to pay for it, not 10 mins after putting it in my basket, again it had gone.  It's clearly not meant to be and I should just take the whacking great hint and get over myself.  

Ink Raoul Structured pleat dress 

Finishing with what I've been wearing the last couple of days.  Loving the sunshine.  Just love love loving it!


White vest - Cos
Pearly King and Queen jacket - Phase Eight
Distressed indigo real straight jeans - Gap
Black patent ballet pumps - Primark
Black belt - Prada
Secret Garden necklace - Stella & Dot
Fuchsia Roxanne tote - Mulberry


Paisley blouse - Zara
Raspbery skinny Leighs - Topshop
Navy blazer - Zara
Greige suede western style boots - Zara
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles 
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe

Tomorrow the dress shopping continues.  Who wants to bet I come back with shoes and another sob story (but comedy photos)?

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20 comentarios:

  1. Liking the new tactic! I will be interested to see the results x

  2. Thinking of trouser suit for my daughters! Sexy high heel sandals and glitzy clutch. What you think?

  3. oh girl...soooo with you on the floral zara dress....such a pity....love the asos one....may take a gander!!

  4. A great post, you are funny....particularly love the hots with your jeans round your ankles....classy! We all do it!

  5. I've just got back from Paris where all of the women are in this 50s style and they look amazing, but I think it is all about the perfect fit, an inch one way or the other can take you from too girlie to too large around the waist. I have big shoulders and no waist, my only slim bit is my hips (but my bum is generous) so I have always ruled these out, in favour of pencil skirts and fitted tops, but I am tempted to give a few a whirl. For me the ASOS looked the most wearable, but can it really be THAT good in the flesh?
    I love you Phase Eight jacket it is a store I always walk past, are they still around? The two I can think of seem to have gone.

  6. Oh wow, those All Saints ones are disappointing. Love the Vivienne Westwood one, but it is a bit expensive. I love the top in the background of your Zara trying on shots. Whats that like on? Have been eyeing it up. The ASOS dress in the navy looks fab for the price, am dying to see that one in the flesh.For my RR1, I have a navy spot dress from last year H&M worn once, have the same white jacket you have from Zara and not sure which shoes and need a bag all before Sat!! Why do I leave until the last bloody minute?!

  7. PMSL at the photos - classy - LOVE the Vivienne Westwood dress - so sorry about the Raoul one at NM - I should have just ordered it for you!

  8. There's nothing I love more than a girl with a mission! So many pretty dresses to choose from. Makes me wish I had an upcoming event.
    I actually love that flowered zara on you... too bad about the zipper. That Hobbs Adeline... Amazing! And let us know if you do try that Asos midi flare... the picture is very pretty!

  9. I'm tall like you but have given up on dresses.
    Either the waist is in the wrong place or the skirt is too short.
    At least with a skirt and top you can control where your waist sits.

    I'm glad someone else keeps their jeans on when they try on stuff ;-)

  10. I think dresses can be harder than any other items of clothing to buy. At least with separates you can get everything to sit in the right place! I haven't yet tried many of the 50's style's on, as I alway's feel a bit like an Aunt Sally! But you are lovely and tall, so I can imagine they look amazing on you! xx

  11. The red John Lewis one leapt out at me, it's gorgeous! Happy (internet) hunting. I hate shopping centres on Saturday and avoid them like the plague :)

  12. I love a good dressing room shot where jeans are by ankles - I mean who really does take them off to try stuff on? Not me and not you!

  13. hi Kat,
    Please could you tell me if your navy zara blazer is still available as I love it!
    have looked on their website but can't work out which one it is.
    love your selection of dresses , especially the black and white one from John Lewis. really cute.

    Cath x

  14. hi kat, great blog post, I love the print on the zara dress - I've not seen it in real life, just spied it on their website, what a shame about the fabric and quality... i was wondering as you seem to have a long relationship with zara; do you have any idea when the next zara sale is likely to be? i've been watching and waiting, but nothing so far!

  15. Hey I wore that zara dress to my hen night last sat! Lovely dress, lots of compliments but see where you're coming from, should have been lined for the price. Tried it with your sainsburys body shaper but hung better without x

  16. I love the asos one the skirt part in particular it is a gorgeous colour navy. You may be right maybe the quality is not so great but you could splash out on the accessories. I think the sandals she is wearing with it give it a more stylish edge.

    If I was going funkier the John Lewis one with very high wedges.

  17. I love that Raoul dress - their things are so beautifully made too. Have you ever thought about getting a dress made? There are so many amazing patterns and gorgeous fabrics about now. Try Vintage vogue, Colette, Merchant and Mills for patterns - stone fabrics, ray stitch, ditto fabrics, Liberty for dressmaking fabric.

  18. Loved the dresses review some reminded me of Charlotte sex in city. For 1 uni ball i wore 50,s style black lace dress from vintage shop. I think dress shopping always hard things look different on model cant go wrong with hobs such classic good value. Had to chuckle at pics as i have been wearing black patent pumps with gap skinny jeans lately.Loved the pearly king jacket is that recent? Just had wardrobe overhaul and brought some chinos and t shirts from next as cant face shoe shopping with kids. Got some nice office wedge ankle boots which I can hardy walk in so definate going out boots. Have not been primarnie in ages need new ballet pumps they never last me long did they have much range? Hubby stumbled upon your blog as was on my faves, been following you on twitter before realising you had a blog. He loves it too.

  19. love the dresses

    A visit or follow would be nice

    Danica Stark