Time to make a statement

I may have one or a million times, mentioned how much I love a statement necklace.  An oversized, bib shaped, highly decorative necklace.  With a stash of these in your jewellery box, (or if you're me, *jewellery box* is code for strewn along the window sill of the spare bedroom where my clothes are currently residing till we get proper storage when the house is redone.  Class.) a classic block colour dress can have a whole new lease of life every time you wear it.  

I shall refrain from discussing dresses in this post.  Let's just say the dress hunt is moving along at pace.  Dresses getting bought and returned at breakneck speed.  So it is moving.  In completely the wrong direction.  My fussiness has been elevated to a new level.  London tomorrow.  I have high hopes (fool)

So in the meantime, assuming that an option is a plain dress that I can dress up in different colourways for a number of occasions, justifying the purchase of a statement necklace (or two) isn't particularly difficult. (and maybe shoes.....)

I've also been scouring the high street as opposed to more top end and there are some great bargains out there.  As much as I adore my Stella & Dot jewellery, it isn't the cheapest option and when new shoes (not to mention a dress) are on the cards, something has to give and on this occasion, it's the jewellery budget. 

Having said that, I am a lover of these necklaces for day time as well as for dressier outfits.  A simple tee, jeans and a blazer - bung one of these on and it's my favourite look.

Starting with some in silver tone

Silver plated faux diamante collar    I personally am too lazy to hassle around with a ribbon and I find it gets caught in my hair (well, the scraggy, broken pieces of hair from too much styling is a more accurate description).  But I love the detailing on the collar itself.   A bargain from M&S.  

Limited Silver and White gem bead bib necklace from New Look  £14.99  Staying with the silver tones, this one has white in as well and again, I think the intricacy of the beading is exquisite for less than £15.

Pearl and Spike Collar  £16.50  Dorothy Perkins. Moving on to gold tones which at the moment, are much more up my street.  This would work perfectly all year round with the black accents in it.  Definitely as easy to wear during the day as at night.  Exactly the right amount of bling.

Glamorous Bead Collar  £16.50  Another gem from Dorothy Perkins.  This, I have to say, I am going to see if I can track down tomorrow.  Whilst it definitely has a feel of the couple of necklaces I already have from Stella & Dot, it's different enough to justify a sneaky peek, for sure.   Plus I wear the others so much, another one to add to the stable, will absolutely get worn.

Matching Bracelet which would look just as great on its own.  £12.50 also Dorothy Perkins.  I love a matchy matchy set and the detail in both the necklace and the bracelet for the money is amazing.  Will go with absolutely everything. 

Disc collar necklace in gold from Oasis £25  A slightly different look, again in a gold tone.  Much more symmetrical and detailed without looking fussy. 

Bespoke Gold Vintage Necklace from Next £25  This reminds me of the Dorothy Perkins one above - not sure which I prefer.  Probably an idea to have a look at both.  But there's no matching bracelet which means the DP one, for me, has the edge.

Martine Western Charm Necklace from Next £75  This is moving up the cost ladder but I think if you were looking for something with black and gold, this could be the beauty for you.  Very unusual, with a vintage feel I think.  Dare I go so far as to say a slight Chanel vibe to it?

Green Neon Stone Necklace £8.99 from New Look.  Moving away from the gold tone necklaces and bringing some colour into the equation.  I'm loving all things lime at the moment. 

Neon Thread and Chain Necklace from Oasis  £18.00  Ditto all things pink.

Neon Cord and Stone necklace £16 from Oasis.  I personally prefer coloured necklaces to be tonal within a couple of shades of colour rather than verging on including the whole rainbow. Having said that, there is something about this, I do find rather appealing.  Perfect in fact, if you're not a great lover of colour, to add that seasonal pop of neon to your outfit.  

Cord Chain Necklace from Zara £19.99  I have just taken receipt of this and it's the perfect wardrobe addition to give a new lease of life to all those old t-shirts you've had for ages.  The colours in real life are gorgeous.  I'm not sure I have anything at all in these colours but with a navy blazer, white tee and pair of jeans, I think this will give a totally new look to an old outfit I drag out all the time. 

Pink Stone Statement Necklace - £22 from Oasis  I've seen this in the flesh and it's gorgeous.  Amazing quality for the money.  With a pair of nude shoes and tan bag (and other clothes obviously...) you'd be set to instantly update a whole host of outfits.

Vintage Ribbon and disco necklace from Oasis £25   I'd love to wear this with a cream blouse, cream palazzo pants and nude strappy sandals.  Gorgeous. 

Rope Stone Pendant from Miss Selfridge £16.50  For all those monochrome outfits - the instant update. 

Love Rocks Skull and Rhinestone necklace £65  This so won't be up everyone's street but I just love how elegant it looks from a distance and then up close you can see there are tiny ceramic skulls as part of the necklace.  Stunning.

Jaded Drops Necklace from Anthropologie  £168  Ok.  So this is my ringer.  I know I said lower end High Street but this I couldn't resist.  I'm off to Anthropologie tomorrow to see if they have any more reasonably priced necklaces as I just love the cream stone I got from there last year (which was only around the £40 mark)  But this - swoon x a billion.  It would be the most stupid thing on the planet to buy a necklace and then try and get an outfit to go with it, but I am completely in love.   It would look stunning with navy, wouldn't it........

Fertile Crescent Bib Necklace a rather more palatable £48 again Anthropologie.  They do have more reasonably priced fodder and if pale blue is what you're looking for then this is stunning.  

So are you a fan of the big collar necklaces?   For me, they are the best scarf replacement - I need something round my neck and feel completely naked without one.  I'm sure a couple of those will be finding their way onto my windowsill. 

Finishing with outfits from yesterday and today.  

Starting with today for some reason. 


Breton top - H&M
Trench coat - Principles
Gold leather sneakers - Gap
Leopard Print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry

And yesterday when it was much much warmer!


White vest - Primark
White capped sleeve cowl neck tee - Zara
Navy, black and beige leopard print trousers - Whistles
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Stone maxi zip cross body satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Gold fretwork ballet pumps - Jimmy Choo

Off to the Big Smoke tomorrow so hopefully will have some interesting tales to report. 

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8 comentarios:

  1. I managed to bag the M&S necklace for just £16 on EBay, like you I'm not too keen on the ribbon but I can live with it.

  2. I liked all of them....and then ta da! The Anthropologie one trumped the lot, if it is that nice in the flesh go for it, you could wear it when you're 90, the others will last a couple of years tops as they are just fashion-y, but that's a classic.

  3. Oh that blue zara one is fab!
    Are you going to the Boden a/w13press day tomorrow? Was hoping to spot a familiar face or two as never been to one before!

  4. I have a necklace similar to the oasis one(rainbow colours) and thought it would go with anything(at least any colour) but it doesn't. the blue one from zara is gorgeous!

  5. thanx for making my day, making me feel inspired, making me feel like a womman... i was beginning to feel very dry and grey and even agoraphobic when it came to style, shopping etc. i had scaled everything down to fit to the working mum, lady spouce, basic thing

  6. I love this blog. i think its because you always show what you have worn. So many others just bore you with lists of wants. I havea boden catalogue incan look through..
    ..... Well done you do a great job !

  7. I adore statement necklaces and am gathering quite a collection at the moment. Love the Zara one that you got .. but then! OMG, that Anthropologie one is just divine. Thank God we don't have Anthropologie in Dublin :) This way I can just admire from afar. Good luck with the shopping trip in London

  8. Love nearly all of these.

    Btw the Dorothy Perkins necklace and bracelet are reduced - bought both today for £12!