My cunning plan to avoid depression by weather

We had hail yesterday.  Verging on snow.  I have had my heating on for the past two days.  I am sat here typing in Uggs.  And I may actually light the fire.  In May.  Wrong.  Wrong diddly on every level. 

Now we could really let this get us down, drown our sorrows with alcohol and crisps (anyone who knows me well will be aware of how attractive I would find the latter part of this proposal.  A glass of bubbles and a trail of Kettle Chips and I'm there) 

Or.  I have sussed it. 

We book a holiday to sunnier climes.  Now unfortunately as The Husband has started his new job, he is unable to take any significant length of time off which rules out us going on a family holiday anywhere warm (ie in another country.  Clearly, clearly not anywhere on this island).  And as much as I adore my children, the thought of a holiday on my own with them - well, even the promise of a tan and some sun on my face isn't *that* appealing.  There is always the trip to Ireland with them later in the summer holidays to look forward to.  Driving this year.  Me and the three of them.  It's only about a 12 hour journey.  Oh yes. 

So the only thing to do, given the circumstances, was to book a holiday with the girls.  Now originally we had planned to go for 3 days, but somehow, when it was being booked, we seem to have ended up going for nearly 5 days.  Absolutely gutted.  Marbs here we come. 

Of course, a (long) weekend away with the girls is a pretty darn good excuse to forget this dreary, utterly dire weather and get thinking about that holiday wardrobe.

I might be lying if I said I hadn't already had a good look through my summer clothes (which I have had so much wear out of so far this year) and I have to say, seeing as we are only going for a matter of days and I may have stocked up last year and the year before for my weekends away without the kids (I swear to god it keeps me sane), there isn't that much I need. 

However the items I have had most use out of and have worn again and again were (don't laugh...) my jumpsuits. 

Even EVEN The Husband last year, acknowledged that the one I got from M&S (black with white paint splatter pattern all over it) looked good. 

I have a small collection now - all of mine are bandeau which for me is the ultimate sun solution.  No tan marks (shallow, much, yes).  They are perfect for during the day (even back here for when we get our hot spells), great with a little denim jacket and flipflops and ideal for dressing up in the evening with a pair of heels. 

So seeing as I get so much use out of them, if there is anything I can justify purchasing, it has to be a jumpsuit (and also a summer dress as I did promise myself I'd get my legs out.  But that has to be it.  Perhaps.  Oh god, I've forgotten swimwear.  Kill me now.)

But talking of jumpsuits, there are lots of them about, here are some of my favourites. 

Oasis Bandeau playsuit  This is very similar to one I have from RIver Island 2 years ago.  Unbelievably easy to wear.  As perfect to drag over a swimsuit round the pool, wear to the supermarket on a boiling day in the summer here with havs (I promise you I can remember having them in the UK) or with some strappy sandals and huge earrings or a necklace for a night out either at home or abroad.  

Good old classic from M&S in a navy. £25  This looks to be a very similar shape to the black paint splat one I got from M&S last year that I loved.  So easily wearable and perfect for a holiday wardrobe. 

Navy floral printed jumpsuit now £18 from Dorothy Perkins online.  Would look fabulous with a little denim jacket.  

River Island Utility Jumpsuit  £40 from ASOS.  I love the colour of this one.  In fact, this could easily be worn in chillier weather here - ideal with ankle boots, hi tops or trainers and a little fitted blazer.  It's Lyocell as well, as I mentioned the other day, a great drapey, non crease fabric.  Again, perfect to dress up for a night out. 

Promod Camouflage floral print strappy jumpsuit in Moss £32  I wasn't really aware that Promod delivered to the UK.  It seems that the jumpsuit is more suited to our European counterparts as they have a fair few on this French site.  Love the muted shades of this one.  Gorgeous. 

Sleeveless round neck jumpsuit £32  Ideal for those don't like wearing a strapless bra or going braless. 

M by M Gordon Harris Flirt jumpsuit from Nelly - £84.95  This looks to be more on the dressy side, but I would just as easily wear it with ballet flats or flat sandals for day wear. 

Navy Phase Eight Roxanne Jumpsuit £79.20  For those who don't like a tapered/straight leg, this one would be great.  A flowing jersey in two shades - currently with 20% off.   I've seen this instore and you can either have the ties down the front as in the first pic, or tie them behind as in the second pic. 

Maxmara Weekend Jumpsuit - £150   This again has the slightly wider leg.  A jersey number from Maxmara and yet again - easy to dress up and down.  

Barny Jersey Jumpsuit from By Malene Birger £169  And finally we come to my two favourites.  Which are, of course, two of the most expensive.  For me, I like a tapered leg.  Mainly because I have stupidly long appendages and half mast trousers are up there with bare midriffs for me.  A massive no.  Whilst I am now all dressed out, I do still have a couple of nights out that I could do with a new outfit for and this would fit the bill perfectly.  Also so easy to wear in the A/W for a night out as well - no fake tanning of legs needed.  V important in my lazy arse book.  The neckline is ideal for me (fingers crossed it's not too plunging mind) and I love the slight ruching on the legs.  Just not sure whether to go for navy or black (hoping it is navy mind...... if it's a brighter blue, it's a bit too HandyManny for me) 

And in black  £170

Karl Lagerfeld Phyllis stretch jersey jumpsuit from Net A Porter  £149   I know it's not cheap, but I can't quite believe that you can get a Karl Lagerfeld jumpsuit for under £150.   I'm slightly shocked that you can buy anything that isn't a tee shirt, a pair of socks/tights or bikini bottoms from Net a Porter for under £150.  It is a complete toss up between this and the BMB one.  Gah.  Decisions, decisions.......   What will happen is that I will procrastinate for so long, one, or all of them, will sell out. 

And there we have a very brief round up of jumpsuits.  Now, I appreciate that these aren't for everyone.  When The Husband asked me what I was planning on doing next, I did mention my jumpsuit post and he did mutter something about, wasn't that the same as a onesie?  I ignored him, smugly thinking about the entire weekend he has coming up, on his own with the children.  I may hide Haribos in their rooms for them to find and not mention to him.  A lot of Haribos.

So finishing with a round up of what I have been wearing.  Clearly not a lot with a summer vibe to it. 


Gull White longsleeved tee - Toast
Navy sweatshirt - Zara
Dad boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott
Gold leather pumps - Gap
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi

And yesterday.  The sun was shining.  And then it rained.  Then the sun shone.  Then it hailed.  Then it snowed.  Then I gave up. 


Gull white longsleeve tee - Toast (I do have two!) 
Grey and oatmeal jersey blazer - Zara
Grey Baxter jeans - Topshop
Tan Cypress boots - Acne
Apricot tassel scarf - Mint Velvet
Leather cuff with chain detail - Hultquist
Pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Apparently though, the weekend is going to be much warmer.   Apparently.  I am now moving on to all things dresses for during the day.  I may have to spend the GDP of Belgium on fake tan but I WILL be getting my legs out. 

And finally a huge huge thank you to all those who voted for me in my last minute plea for votes in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  I am so thrilled to be able to let you know that I have made it through to the final 6.  There is an Awards Ceremony on Friday 21 June which I am unbelievably excited about.  Of course there is the tiny dilemma of WHAT TO WEAR?  However it does make my slightly ridiculous jaunt back to Bicester last week to raid Burberry, seem not quite so ridiculous now.  Outfit needs some finishing off but I think that could be the winner.  Thank you again.  I am most touched and very grateful. 

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11 comentarios:

  1. I think it was around this time last year I found your blog so you your post today (and the previous one) made me chuckle because the weather was shite then too (am I allowed to say that on here?)- it just rained all the time and you kept apologising for mentioning the rain. Good old Britain, hey, not much changes! Fingers crossed the BH wknd will bring some much needed respite :)

  2. I can't believe the weather either, can't believe it's nearly June and I'm still wearing my ankle boots!!! I've had the heating on as well.
    The Karl Largfield jumpsuit is very nice, very nice indeed, that would be my choice if I could wear them, they just look so ridiculous on me with my little legs xx

  3. We've had no heating for the last 5 weeks - freezing. Not happy . Love the Asos jumpsuit...may order that to try and see if I caould get away with it! Love the Baxter jeans - have 3 pairs of those myself - love them!

  4. I know, sooo cold - fed up. Not sure if it's because I'm so cold and therefore find the whole strapless jumpsuit so improbable, but I'm not feeling the summer jumpsuit. Think it's because the majority of them give a little "tum" with the fold over elasticated waist thingy - gives me the shivers a bit with a version of my own c section tum fold!! Also, I remember wearing these in my 20s and I have a rule about that. But if I had to, would go with the Karl Lagerfeld. Good luck at the awards on 21st June - kick ass in your hard won for Burberry! Did your daughter tell DH about the whole escapade??!!

  5. Love the River Island jumpsuit Kat, colour, design, everything - only thing that puts me off the whole jumpsuit thing (we used to have to wear them when I worked in Top Shop back in the day) is the fiddling about in the loo (can you imagine when you've had a few drinks too?) - in which case I would have to opt for a strapless one! Fingers crossed for some good weather this weekend so you can get your legs out!

  6. Good luck in the awards ceremony. I love your blog and your style xxx

  7. Jill LedgerwoodTuesday, 28 May, 2013

    Aaaaaaagh. Karl Lagerfield one sold out - I'm not even relieved at the money I have saved! Jill

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