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Ok so seeing as I've been rather lacking in anything bright recently, I have been persuaded to do a blog on adding some colour into your wardrobe. 

And fair enough as finally it looks like Spring is set to stay and could Summer be round the corner?

Now we could do coloured clothes but honestly I think the easiest way to add interest to your outfit, that you'll get most use out of and will be the most versatile addition is a bag. 

What colour.....?  Well the world is your oyster.  My advice would be first of all to work out what your main colour palette is from the clothes part of your closet and then take it from there. 

So, if like me, you're mostly neutrals - black, off white, navy, khaki and grey - then you can pretty much go with whatever floats your boat.  My personal choice would perhaps be orange or yellow.... Other options could be green or red but for me, I think I'd err towards the citrus shades.  

It's also not a bag I think I'd spend lots on.  Having said that, I have a fuchsia Mulberry Roxanne that I have had so much use out over the past six and a bit years (yes it's that old..... I bought it for my six year old's Christening as I also had a 23 month old as well as a 3yr old plus the baby and had so much gubbins to cart around with me.  And before anyone asks, yes I was rocking in a corner for years.)

Therefore, backtracking here, if you do find one that you love and it's a colour that you know you would wear, year in, year out. then you could justify spending that little bit more. 

I'm starting with yellow as it's top of my list of super summery colours but I think I'd also use in the A/W as well - thinking about how versatile throughout the seasons, my marigold scarf has been. 

Orla Kiely Sweet Pea leather shoulder bag in lemon £180   Love the simplicity of this.

Another small across the body bag from Next, again in yellow £24  If I'm being picky, I prefer the brighter shade of the one above....

Am loving a tassel at the moment.  As opposed to fringing, I definitely think I'm a tassel girl. (that sounds wrong on so many levels, doesn't it?)

Yellow tassel front slouchy bag from River Island £32

Yellow Leather Snake Print Slouch bag £37 also from River Island.  A paler yellow, this could double as a beach bag..... (if you were the cleanest person on the planet that is....)

Out of all the yellow options, I have to say this would be the most me.  I would perhaps say this is more of an orangey yellow if such a thing exists... Ochre.  That's what I'm looking for.

Bright yellow flap suede bag £39.99

First duffle bag now and I love the shape of the Hattie from Paul's Boutique (which they do in amazing array of colours... scroll down for more) 

But the yellow would get my vote £60

Ok so I'm cheating now as apparently this is tan... but it's definitely an orangey tan 

Leather Vintage-look satchel from Topshop £65

Proper full on orange at Next and we're back with a tassel. 

Hobo Bag in orange £34  This is so so similar to my best friend's Anya Hindmarch bag, I can't tell you.

Aren't that many green ones out there and to be honest, I'm not loving them... 

But this one is quite cute if you're looking for this shade. 

Green Saddle Across body bag - £25 from Next.

Another smaller bag in leather this time, again from Next.  The leather here looks gorgeous.  This would work for both day trips and nights out - the perfect holiday bag. 

Pink Mini Leather Chain Handle Across the body bag £20

Variation on a theme here so not pink but red.  Think this is very chic indeed. 

Calvin Klein Leather Sofie handheld bag £240

A richer red at Mango. 

Saffiano-effect cross body bag in bright red £24.99

The Hattie across body bag from Paul's Boutique in Coral Snake £60 I love the clean lines of this bag so so much.

Slightly left field here but it is a colour.. just not a very bright one.  And it's not the most practical bag in the world although I have to say, I often carry my black quilted leather Zara one as a clutch and it works really well. 

Pale blue leather clutch from ASOS £28

A much brighter and on brief blue now - that Hattie bag again.

Paul's Boutique Hattie Across Body Bag £60

Another bucket bag at Mango in a slightly different shade of blue £39.99

More blue at Mango - this time cross body knot bag £34.99

Brighter blue again at Mango but this time in suede £59.99

Suede again but teal this time.  

Paul's Boutique Alexa in teal £130

And I could go on and on but I have news..... (and there are some great ones there to choose from, any get your vote?)  So today I've been to Bicester.   And no, I didn't buy one bag.  

I bought two.

I will report back tomorrow but I am absolutely the moon with my purchases.  Had just the loveliest day, it wasn't that busy, weather was amazing, there were some fantastic things to buy, was with some of my best friends and it was just one of those days you wish you could bottle.  The Husband is on his way home to cook me dinner (he did very well in Ralph Lauren today.....), catching up on Masterchef with the children and enjoying a little glass of red wine. 

Finishing with outfit from last night - lovely evening for dinner and drinks.  Embracing some colour here... finally!


Silk jersey dress - DVF
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen
Suede cut out ankle boots - Boden

And today - yup back to all black but there is a white tee underneath the dungarees. (which I appreciate is hardly colour but it's not all black?!)


White tee - Eileen Fisher
Black Dungarees - H&M
Black military jacket - Zara
Ponyskin mules - All Black at Anthropologie 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Anyone hazard to take a guess what coloured/sort/brand of bags I bought?  You might be surprised........

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21 comentarios:

  1. Love the Orange hobo bag from Next..may need a trip to bluewater next week...cheers chick 🍸🍷

    1. ooh I'm going next week - holler if you see me!

  2. Well I never thought I'd say I love a bag by Paul's Boutique but the bucket bags are gorgeous! Next have got some beautiful bags at the minute but some of the 'brights' are not quite bright enough for me. I looked at the Orange hobo bag but it looked ginormous next to me, it made my tiny t-Rex arms look even shorter!! X

    1. You would never know they're from Paul's Boutique, would you?! They're amazing. Oh gosh, yes I suppose that orange bag might be at tad large..!

  3. Lovely suggestions here - so much to peruse! If we are thinking outside the box for your bag choice I would go with pink!

    1. Not this time! I do have a pink bag already so I can tick that box. Has been super useful, I will say.

  4. Some fantastic bags you've picked here.

  5. I always think of Paul's Boutique as one for the teens but I LOVE the yellow bucket bag, really considering it for summer. Fab choices as usual.

    1. No, they've had a real about turn with their products and their image. Some gorgeous things now that definitely I would use as a 42yr old!

  6. I do love a yellow bag as I find that colour hard to wear otherwise! Look forward to seeing your bags x

    1. That's a great point - a coloured bag is marvellous for being able to add to a wardrobe, a colour you can't actually wear!

  7. Love a bright bag to jazz up an outfit. Looking super cool in your dungarees

    1. Great addition, isn't it? And still loving the dungarees here! x

  8. Oh lord i'm such an eejit, totally forgot I'd put it on Insta. Duh. Yes you're right on the brands but the colours... hmmm!

  9. I have a really old but really lovely yellow bag by Marc Jacobs and, I agree with you, it's such a good way to add a bit of colour. I love the orange one from Next. Lx

    1. You're right, they are things that you can have for ages and ages. For sure - so maybe it is worthwhile spending that bit more. But having said that, the Next one is great (and could also be used as a beach bag....!)

  10. The Top Shop vintage satchel. Just ohhhhh. How lush is that x

  11. OMG half right.... (and yes a clutch - go and see, just posted!)