It's time for the short sleeves.

I think finally, we can legitimately crack out the short sleeves.  Let's not look forward to the weekend (rain) but certainly at the moment, the sun is out.  It's warm.  So what on earth do you wear?  

Short sleeves.  That's the answer.  So that we can still wear a little jacket over the top. 

Today, I actually have my new short sleeved jumper on and so I won't need a jacket but that's primarily as I looked at my wardrobe this morning and thought - I am lacking in short sleeved tops.  Not tees, but something a little more put together.... The irony is that I have a fair few that are print.  But at the moment  (oh please please tell me I'm not the only one gets like this.....??) I look at them and just thing - no.   Plain, please.  Monochrome, simplicity is what I need.  Why?  Who on earth knows and you can guarantee I won't feel the same next week.  But then I'll be winning as I've got more than a couple of them which will work wonders!

So what am I looking for?  What do I think are the perfect tops for this weather?  Looking for ones that can go over jeans, trousers (chinos obvs), shorts and, a not mentioned yet this season, culottes.  Not forgetting under my beloved dungarees, which are the most comfortable item of clothing I have discovered in years.  

And, me being me, in an ideal world they would work on more than one occasion.  One of the great things about plainer clothes is that they're not as distinctive and therefore offer a versatility that is often lacking in a more detailed print top. 

Having clothes like this in your wardrobe, is so useful.  As I found a couple of weeks ago when I was packing to go to Ireland.  Clothes that you can mix and match and make up a whole host of outfits from, are really what we need as the building blocks of our wardrobe. 

These sorts of tops, teamed with skinnies or leather skirts can work wonderfully for evenings out.  Under a blazer they are ideal for work.  For me though, we're mostly talking about for every day with jeans, chinos and dungarees.  And hopefully soon... shorts!  It's all about tops that offer versatility.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I'm not going all out on colour today.  I am all about the neutral, a simple palette of shades that go together well and go with the basics in our wardrobes. 

Having said that, starting with an inkling of colour - a baby blue.  This is a great Spring colour that goes beautifully with grey, navy, cream and even black.  A pretty useful top that works both tucked in or left out. 

A disclaimer to start with... you will notice that it's sleeveless and not short sleeves.  And I can imagine that there are loads of you out there (me included at the moment) who are less than happy about baring the tops of your arms to the elements.  

This is the sort of top that I think works perfectly for the less toned amongst us, under blazers and jackets.  And as it's not tropical weather yet (or you may work in an air conditioned office....), a lightweight top to go under a thinner jacket is just the ticket now. 

ASOS Sleeveless Deep V Neck Blouse £22

They also do a white version £22

Seeing as I'm all about plain and simple - this top with absolutely no extra detailing on it would get my vote.  I love the looseness of it around the bottom (a muffin disguiser if ever I saw one)

ASOS V front back and front vest £14

Slightly more shaped at Hush with the Astrid Top £35 in antique white

Another sleeveless option at Atterley Road which would work for all occasions.

Y.A.S White Loua Plain Woven Tee £30

Moving onto a little bit of sleeve cappage here.... I would feel much more comfortable with that smidge of extra coverage.

Atterley Road Grey Panelled Woven Top £28

And a cream version although for me, the grey one win hands down. 

A Grecian inspired number from Atterley Road again, which I wasn't sure about to begin with but actually, I think is probably super flattering. 

Y.A.S cream Sonar Wrap Top £35 I think with smart cigarette pants, this could work very well as an evening outfit.  And fling on with khakis or jeans for during the day.

And finally - proper short sleeves.

ASOS Mono Colour block V neck Kimono blouse £25  They also do this in a Tall version.  I love the idea of this under black dungarees.

This is simply perfect.  It would be that magic top to turn a casual outfit into something with just that extra oomph of sophistication. 

Selected Femme Sasali Off White Shirt £50

Another smarter version of a tee.

Dark Grey Pleat V Neck Blouse from Atterley Road £38

There's also a cream similar version at Next. 

V-Neck Woven tee from Next £24

Moving onto round neck now and there are some gorgeous ones at Hush.  Very reminiscent of the shell tops I have had for the last couple of years from Whistles but with more drape in them which, I have to say, I would prefer.

Sophie top from Hush £45 in antique white 

And in black 

Speaking of Whistles, I love the extra trim on this one.  Slightly skipping away from the brief but it would still be versatile enough to wear with a whole host of bottoms and would work for nearly every occasion. 

Linen t-shirt with a lace trim from Whistles £65

Whilst we're talking skirting the brief, I'm going to fling this one in as I love the simplicity of it, the shade of the chambray which screams "Double Denim Is a Must" to me and the extra little detailing with the fray edge. 

Waven Crisp Blue Drop Back Blue Chambray Raw Edge top £44

Another option with short sleeves which I love and would work both day and night and with jeans or for work, are the silk tees from Hush - a scoop neck which is often hard to come by these days.

Silk Tee from Hush £65 in black 

And in antique white. These would work so well under dungarees too...

And of course, couldn't include tops and not have a stripe.... this is a bit dressier than your usual breton.  The front of this is like a light scuba fabric - really unusual.

Jessica Striped top from Hush £40

Moving onto different textures now.  This is a fabulous lightweight, but still chunky, knit.  Has a lovely fluid feel to it - would be ideal also to layer in the cooler days and months over a denim, white or navy shirt. 

Box Stitch Top from Hush £60

Another knit from Next - this is definitely more detailed than the rest I've found.  

Fringe V-neck Sweater from Next £32

Also in an ochre - although I have to say for me, I like the cream. 

Options a plenty there.  And one reason I love the idea of these tops that you can wear under thin jackets, is that I don't have to think about the fake tan just yet.   Although out for dinner tomorrow night and think I might wear a dress which means might have to think about the fake tan after all..... and on the legs too..... EEK.  

Finishing with my outfit from today.  Still sticking with the neutrals and just adding a bit of interest with my new shoes which I am obviously obsessed with. 


Off white jumper - Kin by John Lewis 

Off white boyfriend jeans - All Saints
Ponyskin mules - All Black at Anthropologie 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Back tomorrow and I have more off white on the go.

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13 comentarios:

  1. Great selection of simple and tasteful summer tops. I am also attracted to plain tops right now in shades of white and blue. I also love how you embrace the longer length tops. But coverage is a must.
    Loved reading about inventory in your local TJ Maxx. I am a bit obsessed with my TJMaxx just west of Boston. There was a Balenziaga leather jacket, and a Gucci tuxedo jacket both in my size. Did not buy them. They were beautiful but still really expensive $800-$1100. We have lots of designer stuff in the "Runway" department. Its discounted but still not cheap. Do you have the "Runway" section in your TJMaxx?

    1. AHa, yes we do - ours is called Gold Label. But to be honest with you - it's no cheaper than when the things are on sale instore...... And there always seems to be a reason why they're reduced, if you see what I mean... ie they had an amazing Bottega Veneta bag which was still £600. But it was brown. Which is fine if you want a brown handbag - can't say it's something I'd pay £600 for!!

    2. I agree with you the stuff is still really expensive!

  2. I am totally drooling over those shoes! I've found some lovely sleeveless tops this season on Mango - love how they fit!

    1. ooh which ones in Mango? You have to try and get these shoes.. they're so you too!!

  3. Sally Hansen Medium Glow spray - spray it onto a mitt, then rub mitt on legs! Super quick and just soo easy! Even works for arms. Just lightly spray. Tip of the day! Audrey :-)

    1. I love the stuff. They have a new light shade too in the states. I just picked it up I think its called Light Glow.

    2. WOW I've never heard of this - will check it out. Is it a wash off one or a proper fake tan iyswim?!

  4. Have been envious of your whistles shell tops for months, but can't find anything like them anywhere anymore! The Hush ones are lovely, but I really do want a bit of structure... and in black, and in mainly natural fibres... any ideas??!

    1. oooh hmmm I'll have a think. I don't think they do them anymore? The stripe Hush one is definitely more structured although that's not plain... I'm trying to think if there are any other Hush ones...

  5. I hate to admit it but at nearly 42 my arms have 'gone' along with my knees! I now need a proper short sleeve as opposed to a sleeveless top which saddens me!

  6. I am LOVING the shoes. And yes, I must look at Me+Em - seem to be forgetting them lately! I could have had my legs out today too, it was so warm!