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Something I haven't done yet this season is look at plain dresses.  I seem to have focused on the print which is all well and good but it is probably much easier to justify the purchase of a plain dress. 

The opportunities to wear again and again - with different accessories thereby changing the whole look of the dress and outfit - are undeniably better.   I adore my print dresses (and there are three that I have spied this season which I can't get out of my head - haven't caved on any yet..) but a plain one that will pay for itself numerous times over. 

Especially if you already have jackets, shoes and bags that go with it.  Or is that just me....

For a start I have two fantastic pairs of animal print sandals that I don't get nearly enough wear out of, with bags to go with them.  And print jackets..... (which I wouldn't necessarily wear with the leopard or snake sandals but handily I have a plethora of plain sandals too).  Plus (so long as you can fling them in the machine...) you can then get double bubble out of your frocks by flinging them on during the day with a casual jacket (or blazer - yes, I am obsessed with blazers) and flatties for the day.  I also do have a casual jacket hole in my wardrobe and I may have ordered a new one today.  The Summer jacket - there's a blog in the making, right there.

Whilst you can also do this with print dresses (and yes I do buy mine so they can be multifunctional) there is no denying that they are simply more distinctive. 

So first up on my ordered list, is this one from Hush.  Yes it's white and can one wear white to a First Holy Communion?  Well when you put a black tuxedo jacket and snakeskin sandals and a snakeskin bag with it, yes you can.  Alternatively, I'm toying with the idea of leopard print sandals and a tan clutch.....  You could also ring the changes by just adding different jewellery.  

Triangle Dress in Antique White £65

Alternatively there's the black one too... If the fit is good as I hope it is, I'm very tempted to order this one as well.   Would be great with my Marc Jacobs navy, black and gold oversized charm necklace and the black and blue Reiss sandals for a party. 

Another option that would work so well with snakeskin would be the New York Dress also from Hush. 

New York Dress £69 in slate Would also look classic and chic with black accents too.

There is more white on offer at Next.  A more casual fabric in the linen but this could easily with for a smarter occasion with a blazer over the top.   Or a dress coat.  Again, an item that I have a teensy tiny obsession with (I don't think I have that many actually....) and am planning on sharing this season's beauties shortly.

Linen Blend Dress from Next £22

If you'd prefer - they also do it in a black £22

Slightly less a neutral base as it's clearly quite bright but you could ring the changes with different accessories.   Pink Linen Blend Dress from Next £22  Love fuchsia with beiges but also think it works so well with clashing shades of orange and pink.

Similar shape as the Next one but in navy at Hobbs.  And it also goes in the machine.  I love the idea of this with heels, although I do think maybe you'd have to be careful with the length of this.  I personally would find on the knee difficult to wear with flats but just over or under would be ideal.  Any length would work with heels.

Blue Carly Dress in light navy from Hobbs £119

Now what else would look amazing with leopard print - well this yellow one for a start.  You could keep it more conservative with navy, black, white or tan shoes but leopard print would look really really fab.  

Cornel Dress in chamomile from Hobbs £139  Not sure this fit is great on the model but I've seen this instore on a huge screen and it looks absolutely fabulous (and not v Hobbs, dare I say it.... she says having loads of things from Hobbs.  All of which I say "aren't v Hobbs".  Well maybe Hobbs have just changed.  Duh)

I do seem to have a thing about the fit and flare look this season (to be fair, I have it every season but I have always struggled like hell to find one that fits being tall - it always ends up looking like a diddly wrong empire line dress, being just that inch or two too short in the body)  However doesn't stop me dreaming of one and I love this one in cream.  

I have a Me+Em dress from two years ago and I adore it, except it's dry clean only.  These are machine wash which is more than slightly handy with an ivory dress.  

And I've also found a discount code that works for Me+Em.  15% off plus free delivery MARCL15. 

Pleat Fit and Flare Dress from Me+Em £128  With the tan shoes... oh my... In fact any of these dresses would go with these shoes..... (obviously I have a blog on block heel sandals coming up with the most hideously sad tale ever.  You will weep.)

Or the black... as you can see - how perfect for layering and/or with flats £128

They do a capped sleeve similar fit and flare style in navy.

V Neck Fit and Flare dress in navy £135 from Me+Em.  Also in cobalt online.

However my navy choice would be back at Hush.  Absolutely love this one. 

Astrid Dress from Hush £45

This however, is also a beauty. 

Navy Crepe Dress with rib neck from Next £35 Again, in petite, regular and tall. 

Finishing with a classic LBD for the Summer.  Add whatever you want. 

Square Textured Dress from Next £45

Or again, they do it in white... I think I need to look at a whole load of LBDs another day as today, really feeling the love for the white and the navy. 

White Square Textured Dress from Next £45

Dresses a plenty with some food for thought.  This year, do you have a special occasion you need to shop for and have you snagged that elusive outfit yet?  Dress?  Trews?  And print or plain...?

So I need to get on with thinking about my capsule wardrobe for Ireland as we leave on Thursday.  Going solo with the kids as The Husband's work has blown up.  The chances of me making it from the airport to my mother in laws at 11pm on Thursday night, driving on my own, are not high.  Do watch Instagram for pictures of me driving around the Irish countryside for three days, totally lost. 

Hopefully have some goodies I ordered coming tomorrow.  I was planning on sending the two boys to footie and the 10yr old and I were going to have a girly day but we have a poorly 6yr old who spent all night last night throwing up.  Every thirty minutes from 11pm till 7am.  Today totally wiped out, so tomorrow's footie not looking hopeful.  He may have to gatecrash our girly lunch (which he will love so long as there is crunchy chicken.  We're planning on going for Thai which isn't his favourite.  Last time, he asked the waiter if there were any sandwiches.)  

Here is the outfit from yesterday - lovely day out with friends for lunch although it was chilly.  We thought it would be a good idea to sit outside - gotta love our British resolve but hell, it was cold.  But loving the new jumper (even though a scarf on top would have sealed the deal warmth wise... peaked way too early on the eschewing of practical items)


Off White Jumper - Kin by John Lewis
Camel knitted blazer - Whistles
Paint splattered khakis - Zara
Chestnut peep toe boots - Kurt Geiger
Cognac bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Today - at home with a small sick one who lay on the sofa all day.  Very very relaxed.


Square beige jumper - The White Company
Khaki zip skinnies - By Malene Birger
Gun metal Virgins - Ash
Spanish Dancer Scarf - Hush 

Crossing my fingers that no one else goes down with the lurgy and we make it to London/footie tomorrow (and massively selfishly I'm hoping for a decent night of sleep.  I was a broken woman today I tell you.. broken)

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  1. Oh I do like those Next linen dresses!

    1. Their linen dresses from last year were ace, so these could be equally as good!

  2. Beautiful dresses from hush and next! Love the triangle dresses and the grey one, particularly. You are making me think snakeskin sandals - so useful...

    I hope your 6yr old is feeling better. You have my sympathies, my 5yr old had 2 nights of appalling sleep, it's an absolute killer.

    1. The Hush ones are my fave for sure. And yes, snakeskin sandals (and I have a matching bag) can really add that bit extra to a more vanilla outfit. 6yr old is on the mend thank goodness, he's begging me to let him go to football..... hmmmm

  3. Such a beautiful dress! You did great job styling this look, it’s a perfect wow! outstanding blog, i love your collection.

  4. I had to drive out of Lisbon (on the other side of the road, for the first time in years) and as I drove out of the car hire place I was faced with TWO double roundabouts hahaha.

    1. OMG I nearly had a nervous breakdown (ie did for about 5 mins...) when i got into my hire car at 11pm last night KNACKERED from the journey. But have to say I am now in love with a tiny car after driving my tank and have been googling Minis all day!

  5. I love your dress picks, thank you!

  6. I love the Hush dresses. I only recently discovered this brand when the little catalogue popped through my door the other week. Will def be ordering something from there soon. Lorraine x

    1. Well my white one arrived and I am totally in love. So in love, I'm going to order the black ones as well. I will live in them all Summer x

  7. Hush dresses are definitely my faves. Been on the lookout for plainer dresses and tops to accessorise with so love this post! (And that scarf...) x

    1. The white triangle dress is the most amazing dress I have tried on in ages. So good, I'm going to order the black one as well. LOVE. Can't recommend highly enough xx

  8. Cream jumper - omg I can't recommend the Kin one highly enough. And yes, I am definitely going to get the Snakeskin ones I think from Clarks.. Got to London - Covent garden is day enough for us - great great time! And arrived safely in Ireland - will let you know how we get on (thank GOD we drive on the same side of the road!!) x

  9. Nice article. This is so much more than I needed! But will all come in use thanks!
    black fit and flare dress