Is there such a thing as a transitional sandal?

Can you tell I may overthink things a bit?  However there is definitely method in my madness, believe me. 

So what on earth am I chuntering on about today?  Well.  Sandals that are a sandal but also are part shoe.... I'm talking sandals with a bit of substance to them.

A sandal that you can wear now - as I'm typing this it's not pouring with rain and my iphone weather app is assuring me that we will be basking in 15 degrees plus come the next couple of days.  However as this is the iphone weather app, there is as equal a chance of it snowing.  Let's be frank, it sucks.  But we must be optimistic - for if I have to contemplate more rain and more cold weather, I may just lose it. 

We're not talking tropical temperatures though, but to have your toes out and a bit of ankle on show, well that would be bliss.  So a sandal that has a bit more coverage to them - that doesn't leave copious amounts of white foot exposed to the elements. 

And yet again, a trip to the hairdressers (this time the successful return trip last week) and a couple of hours spent with magazines (clearly a luxury we don't have time for generally), I spied these and the idea was born. 

These are probably my favourite sandals that I've seen this year for sure, I absolutely love them.  In fact, they were what I was looking for last year and this season I've found them early (I'm ignoring the fact I have looked at about 45000 pairs of sandals, so the definition of "early" is relative.  By "early" I mean the fact that we have had zero opportunity to wear anything coming vaguely close to flesh exposing yet)

The inspiration was... 
Buckle Leather Sandals £59.99 From Mango

For me, those Mango ones are the perfect cross between minimal but with that lovely 70s shade of tan.  I was just over the moon that they were Mango as they just have easily been from Tods or Marni.

It definitely made me start thinking that these are, in fact, a good idea and I wondered what other options there were out there. 

Anyone else not want their white feet on show, just yet?

Another great (and I think expensive looking) style from Clarks.  

Who - WHO - comes up with the names for these shoes?  

Polenta Syrup (I kid you not) £30  Love the idea of the adjustable strap on the front of these.

More lovely snakeskin in the same style (Clarks are on fire with their snakeskin this season) 

There is of course the classic slider - some may say minimalist chic, others may say Pool Side Attendant....I will admit the jury is out here.  I just think there are other lots of fantastic alternatives but there is no denying that they are practical and comfortable whilst not being a Croc.

ASOS Flat Slider £10

Actually I may well eat my words as I think they look pretty darn chic in the black patent.  For a tenner?!

ASOS Flat Sliders £10 in the black (these may well be my beach shoes for the Summer - Aldeburgh pebble beach = need for a good plastic sandal thingymajig.  What's not to love?)

Much more detail now and I have to say, had I not seen the Mango ones (and were they to have done these in a tan), these would definitely be top of my list.  I still love them.  Why don't they do them in a navy?  Going on my sales list for sure.

Whistles Leather Brie Fringe Flat Sandals £140

Slingback style in tan again at Pieces £35.00

Vaguely similar idea but with an ankle strap at Next and they're in navy.  Navy sandals are like the proverbial stuff from rocking horses. 

Navy Peep Toe Two Part Sandal £25

A more solid looking gladiator style in black again from Mango.

Strap Leather Sandals £59.99

A woven two part sandal now at Next.  Much less flesh on show than most glads and ideal if you're not the biggest fan of your own toes. 

Weave Two Part Sandal £30

Two piece from ASOS.  I know some people love these, for me, I can't quite get over my mum forcing me to wear Startrite sandals till I was about 14.... However I absolutely love the burgundy shade. 

ASOS Faraz Two part crepe sole sandals £32

Now not quite as much blanket coverage but these are definitely more robust than the lacy up your leg, tied to your foot with a bit of dental floss versions that are all the rage at the moment. 

These are an amazing price for leather and they also do sizes at both end of the scale so from a 2 to a size 9. 

Criss Cross Leather Sandals £29.99 Mango

Or in white 

I have my crossover ones from River Island last year and they will definitely do me this year as well but there are lots more out there to choose from this season.  The ridged leather is very reminiscent of a Marant pair from last year and then the Dune Jolenes that sold out.  Far more abundant this season. 

Pieces Tahi Black leather cross strap sandals £35

So there we have a selection of sandals, ideal for people who have feet that can be seen from space until they get slightly sun kissed.  Also a great option for a bit of foot coverage as fake tan on feet invariably goes very very wrong..... I am on a fake tan mission this week.  As much as I will blend in with my blue skin in Ireland, I've heard a rumour it's going to be warm.... (still not packing a bikini or shorts.)

Pic from yesterday - very chilled Easter Day with the family. 


Beige knit dress - Baukjen
Knit Cardigan - Zara
Chestnut boots - Jigsaw 
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Finishing the long weekend with a movie with the kids - spent the last three hours outside and I. Am. Freezing.  It was absolutely bitter - despite the sun trying to shine, I am so cold my head hurts.  Even contemplating tea over wine to warm up.  That cold.

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  1. Hi Kat ~ I remember thinking I wanted to ask about your fake tan regime last year, any chance you can share?! Thanks!

    1. ooh I will I will, off to pick up some more tomorrow but it's super cheap and easy, fear not! My secret is Cocoa Brown.... (from Superdrug!)

    2. Ooh I haven't tried that! Thanks, I'll give it a go this weekend. ..
      I've used Vita Liberata but I think I must have horribly acidic skin as I invariably go green first, then orange....

    3. Definitely try the Cocoa Brown as it's so so amazing (and loads cheaper) I have to say I didn't particularly rate Vita Liberata at all....

  2. I bought these from Camper - not cheap but very sturdy and I plan to wear them shlepping round cities on our hols

  3. If you like the Pieces sandals take a look at Varca

    1. There are indeed loads like that around - traditionally Spanish or Portuguese aren't they? x

  4. I like the next navy ones best but I hate my toes - they look like fingers - so maximum coverage for me at all times! Yes, thinking will have to extend the fake tan routine to whole body soon - so boring - I usually only do arms and neck in winter and it's so much more faff to do full body. Are you still using the Melissa Carter 1 hour tan? It is good but may have to use gradual self tan by dove instead on hands and feet as the 1 hour tan grabs sooo bad there.

    1. Oh I have totally the same - toes like fingers. The less on shoe the better - although randomly not so bad if ALL my toes are on show with a thong shoe.. does that make sense? And yes, I definitely use the 1 hr Cocoa Brown Tan - THE best. I actually find better results than with the dove stuff which seems to go orange on my feet.....

  5. new to your blog , your clothes are amazing , I am starting to collect a few pieces but find it hard to find ,any ideas for a base wardrobe, do you just keep on collecting or do you edit your wardrobe and get rid of clothes to keep you updated.

    1. Oh thank you! I am very disciplined about what I collect each season and then yes, I do have stuff which gets relegated to the attic but not so much to be honest (of course I like everyone make the odd howler every season! Nothing bad about the stuff but it's just not so much me if I think about it!) Most of my stuff I wear year after year after year though xx

  6. Brrr. Too cold! I can't even wear trainers with my ankles showing yet, I need hi-tops. The curse of poor circulation. Lovely sandals for when it's warmer, though.

    Love the zara cardi, I have a knitted jacket that's similar that I have worn to death.

    1. Oh go on........I think it's ok actually so long as the rest of you is warm. Yesterday I totally messed up with a lack of scarf. Freezing I was. x

  7. Hi Kat,
    Any ideas for transitional jackets?? I'm really struggling to find something suitable! Love these sandals.

    1. I've just ordered one so yes, blog on them coming up this week xxx

  8. Love the first pair from Mango, the color totally makes it. I just bought a pair of simple double strap slides, a super cheap dupe of the Joie slides out now. Can't wait to wear those when it's warmer. Until then, I'm relying on my oxford black & white mules (closed toe front) so my toes don't freeze. Also good when I'm in need of a pedicure, lol. Both new shoes are from Forever 21.

    1. I love them too - aha, yes, I need to look at Forever21 thank you for the reminder. We don't have Joie here sadly xx

  9. .....OMG I hate you the best nicest possible way of course!!....literally just about to hop on a plane with youngest and friend to get some sunshine (hmmm and its hotter here) and thought I would see what you had posted....and of course just had to schlepp into my local town and purchase the snakeskin slides from clarks...really funky with ripped denim and a t shirt...thank you thank you!!!!...feeling even smugger (is there such a word?!) as net a porter has similar ones for £250....xx

    1. YES! I knew they looked so much more expensive than they are! Have a fabulous holiday! xxx

  10. Was so mad when I found that Mango don t do size 42 in womens shoes that I wrote to complain ! Will let you know if it makes one blind bit of difference!

    1. Is a 9 a 42?? They do some special sizes now... and also have a look at Zara as they have Special Sizes as well (but again, I'm not sure if they go up to a 42?) Good luck xxx