Have we had an obsession this week?

Ignoring the dungarees (which I'm not going to mention again as it's clear now that I absolutely love them), I have found something else that I don't think I can live without.  

I am talking cream blazers.  Must be slightly shaped (she says that now but short and boxy could also work....I wouldn't want to be too prescriptive or anything). 

So what has prompted this sudden need for a new jacket.  



Clearly I am never in a month of Sundays going to spend that much on a jacket (£1570.  Snort)  Let alone on a cream jacket that is bound to be trashed in short order.  At the very least I will have a mark or two on it in a matter of wears.  I am a dirt magnet.  

This is suddenly something that my wardrobe needs.   In an ideal world it would be identical to the one above costing £50. Ha.  Ha ha ha ha ha.   

Well let's work out what I want to wear it with and then I can work out what shapes we could expand the search to.  

First and foremost I have a waisted dress with a full skirt which I think I've worn twice and certainly not recently.  I bought it a couple of years ago from Burberry and, truth be told, I bought it because it was a bargain.  I KNOW.  That's sacrilege.   What's worse is that I bought a pair of shoes (which weren't such a bargain) from Burberry as they looked really good with the dress.  Every single shopping rule broken (I'm not going to mention that I also ended up driving all the way back to Bicester having just been the previous day as I regretted not buying them both.  If there was a shopping prison, I'd have been given a life sentence)  

But I have worn the shoes loads... the dress - meh, not so much.  Partly because I really struggle with what jacket to go over it and it's very bare at the top, so needs a jacket in this godforsaken country with it's crappy weather (can you tell I am OVER the current climate?). 

It would be the perfect dress to wear for formal occasions but it absolutely needs a jacket to go over it.  And inspired by the unaffordable Gucci one, I am on a mission. 

Can I find anything similar?  In a nutshell, surprise surprise, no.  Can I find some jackets that may work?  Let's see.....

Starting with a jacket from Mango that I think may work but it's a bit plain.. I did have the rather random notion of buying some gold buttons....  This is not going to work is it?.... Let's just leave it plain.  Still a lovely fitting jacket which could definitely be worth looking at. 

Textured jacket in off white £49.99 from Mango

This one I have seen instore and oh if it were slightly more fitted.  I have to say I thought it was cream/ecru as opposed to pale pink though.  Lovely quality and ideal for all other purposes.

Padded shoulder Jacket from Mango £69.99 in blush

Actually maybe I'm thinking of this one although they look mighty mighty similar to me... 

Structured cotton-blend jacket in ecru £69.99  This is the perfect perfect colour.  Which I think I could possibly gaud up with the some gold bling... but it's not quite fitted enough.....  However it is a lovely jacket and I think probably is best left plain.

However one where the buttons are already on and I wouldn't have to do any sewing.. (that's so never going to happen anyway...)  Totally the wrong shape but I do love this (see - can't find any)

Mango Double Breasted Jacket £59.99

This is the right idea but if it were only shaped more.  (going totally in the wrong direction here)  Which I appreciate would make it a totally different jacket... duh.  Basically I would like a different jacket... Have already had this on in the black version but I think I might prefer this colour way. 

Gerard Darel Avril Jacket £265

And then I made the mistake of looking on Matches.  Well I'm a tool, aren't I?? 

Prompted by the one above - this one has to be the most stunning jacket I have seen in ages.  It's not REMOTELY what I was looking for.  But I could justify if 20 times over. 

Kipur Jacket from Sportmax £450

LOVE this one from Iro.  On the upside, it's much less than the Gucci one and it on brief.  Minus the gold buttons... Details schmetails.

But I'd actually have to insure it as I'd be bound to get a mark on it within the first 12 hours of wearing it. 

Iro Halston tweed and leather jacket £500

But I may have come up trumps and I think with the odd gold button sewn on this, it might work... Love the colour, the texture and the shape - may well be tempted to leave as it is actually.  Although the pockets could be screaming out for a bit of bling?

Marella Egisto Long Sleeve Fray edge jacket £210

I have managed to find loads and loads of blazer style, in fact so many that I've decided to do another post dedicated to the neutral blazer but a couple that are collarless and could fit the brief (I've abandoned all hope of the gold buttons and think if you add them to these, you could easily descend into cruise ship bursar territory so we'll swerve that)

I have a black blazer from Topshop and one thing I will say about them is that they are great for being fitted at the waist. 

Double Collar Blazer from Topshop £49

However I definitely prefer the texture of this one and the colour - very much liking the creamy neutral tone to it as opposed to an ivory.  Otherwise it all gets a bit Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder..... Ebony & Ivory...

Helene For Denim Wardrobe tailored cream jacket £165

And now we have the ringers.  These are ones that fit the bill only in that they are cream...oh and a jacket.  Not forgetting that they're rather lovely.  In fact, I would go so far as to say, it's normally a ringer that wins.  Best thing about fashion is that you start with an ideal and then end up with something from left field that will serve the same purpose but doesn't necessarily meet the original brief. 

I've shied away from capes as I still remember buying a poncho for a Christening (one of my own children's... think it was number 3.  It was a winter Christening and I had a black tassel edge cape/poncho from Reiss which I still have and wear.)  Looked lovely, only issue was that I couldn't actually pick a child up in it.  Teensy issue at your own child's Christening  (no wonder I've blocked it from my memory)   However the days of carrying my kids around are long gone and so these are now an option. 

Cape Sleeve Crepe Blazer by Rare £45

But this has to be my favourite.  I love this so much - I am rather giddy that I've found an opportunity to wear justify purchasing it - IF it goes over the waisted dress..... I'm going to try it and see.  In my head this whole outfit will look amazing.  In reality it will probably be a disaster but I have to scratch the itch.  It's only going to really work if it tapers on the waist and I'm not sure it does....

Broderie Anglaise Jacket from Zara £79.99

Finishing with another one which most won't see the beauty of but trust me (I've had a lot of wine) I think this is a cracking jacket.  It actually reminds me of my Pearly King and Queen jacket which, when I bought it raised eyebrows amongst my friends as it did look super frumpy in the window of Phase Eight, styled over a "frock" with sensible shoes.  But, I've had it now for 6 years and it one of my favourite jackets in my wardrobe.  This could also be just as good.  Trust me,

Better Barclay Round Neck Jacket £115  Over a white linen tee, kick flarejeans and 70s sandals, this would look amazing.   I also think over a full skirt or waisted dress (see where I'm going with this...) and just make sure the shoes are full on strappy with a bit of attitude and you're off. 

I think I'd actually get a hook and eye sewn on at the waist to do it up there as opposed to the neck line.  

Dare I say it, I actually prefer the Betty Barclay one to the DVF one... 

Kirsten Jacket by DVF £498

So hopefully I've got a couple to peruse there... another idea I've had, thinking about more dresses to go with the jacket and killing two birds with one stone here (by the way, don't say this phrase to an 8yr old with Aspergers unless you have a spare hour to try and explain it... and get him over the trauma of thinking about your mother murdering wildlife) is that we haven't yet looked at plain dresses which can serve a multitude of purposes.  Coming up shortly. 

Finishing with outfit from Thursday actually - day out with the kids at Bluey. 


Navy and white striped loose tee - H&M
Ecru dungarees - H&M
Navy waffle jersey blazer - Next 
Navy and white ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company 
Whiskey Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe 

And I'm typing with one eye proof reading this as I have had an amazing day with the family at our East Lunch/Dinner and neglected to press send earlier so excuse me for any typos. 

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20 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, is the weather really that good over there? or do you quickly put your coat back on after the photo? I'm just jealous really, it still sooooo cold here! I find blazers very hard to wear at home but I love wearing bomber jackets. Bought an off white 'blouson' from the Ines de la Fressange range from Uniqlo. they have a nice little crème blazer too, worth a look!
    By the way, Penn & Ink is American, New York based, not known in the UK?
    Good luck with your hunt! I vote for the Barclay jacket....

    1. aha, no it was cold here yesterday, I just didn't go outdoors all day as we had the family at ours! I can't do a blouson jacket but I'm definitely going to check out the cream blazer, thank you xxx

  2. Hmmmm it must be something in the air. I'm fancying another white jacket - I saw a belted one recently and can't for the life of me remember where. Hope you have your kids well trained - I'm a no go area when I'm wearing my white blazer x

    1. My kids are very well trained. It's me I worry about!

  3. I bought a cream /white blazer from Mango around September 2013 after seeing it on your blog, and I think maybe you might have had it too?? It's a tweed type fabric, collarless, with metallic detailing around the neckline. Would that help with your current search or is it not the right shape? Great blog, as always. Happy easter! K

    1. I do have that!! I love the shape of it - I just need something without the metalilic edging. I've looked at trying to take it off, but I think I might just sell it and buy another one.. (can't justify both, you're right!)

  4. I was in zara today and also fancied the lace jacket. However, I think it's too see through and so looks more like a blouse. I've bought a 70's black suede skirt with buttons from topshop and think a white jacket would be best to team it with. Trying to decide if I should keep it (I'm 45!!) or take it back and leave that style for the younger generation! I've had a couple of pairs of the h&m dungarees delivered but the sizes are super small!! I'm size 10-12 and have had to send the 14 back and order a 16. If I keep that label will be getting cut out! Enjoy your hols next week.

    1. Oh gosh, yes I did definitely say to size up! They are super super small (BUT they do stretch during the day....) . I love the idea of the suede skirt and 45 is NOTHING! Need to get on with my capsule wardrobe...!

  5. Oh I love how you write! Do you look on eBay much Kat ? Maybe you will find what you are looking for on there ?. I have been inspired by your chanel perle sunglases , and I have recently bought some from ebay. I adore them x

    1. I've looked on ebay - but will keep looking thank you xxx And the sunglasses are ace, aren't they? x

  6. I've emailed you a pic - it's totally Gucci, but Zara 3 years ago and bargainously dirt-welcoming on eBay at £40!!!! X

    1. Thank you!! And yes, it's the same as my navy one which I LOVE and would be perfect. I hawk Zara every season to see if they'll do a similar one and they don't. And too spooky, I had found that M&S one you emailed me and totally forgot to put iton. Way too many bubbles during the day..... Am absolutely going to try it. Looks amazing xx

  7. They are both very classic ones - I think I might be after a bit more detail.... Ireland not tll thursday night - lots to do before then! x

  8. Favourite post this year! You have the best taste in jackets. I especially like the Helene for Denim (and also in its black/pink tweed version) - it is the notch neck which hooked me. Round neck and collarless looks great on you, rubbish on me. Although I'm tempted by the Gerard Darel of that ilk. He's been doing those fringe-y unfinished pockets for at least twelve years; I still wear a favourite black/brown/cream tweed asymmetric jacket of his. There is something rather Per Una about him, but I can't help myself. Also tempted by the white lacy Betty Barclay (summer wedding to plan for …) Can't wait to see what you pick. Thank you for a lovely selection. Bon voyage and hope the sun shines in Ireland.

    1. I SO know what you mean about Gerard Darel although I saw the most amazing ad in Elle the other day - super super cool. Maybe they're trying to change their image a bit? Summer wedding - ooh haven't been to one of them in forever! (old gimmer alert...) xxx

    2. I will be the step-grandmother of the bride - how old gimmer is THAT?

      And Kin is good isn't it - looks like Cos to me too.

  9. I buy a cream linen jacket every couple of years. Have to keep replacing as they get trashed so easily, but I don't spend more than £50 on one, and wear it with all manner of things. My current one is M&S.

    1. Have to say I do have a couple that have lasted - but then I don't tend to wear them that much. I agree, it's not worth spending a fortune x

  10. Not somewhere I've ever shoppped before but loads of chic collarless jackets at La Redoute. Hang them once they've arrived to let the creases out (that's always the disappointment of mail order shopping when everything arrives creased - as if it's been through the hands of that person H&M employ to take all thenice new stock and scrunch it up!).

    1. Oh you are so so right. ALthough having said that - a lot of the quality at H&M is absolutely abysmal. I tried on a dress the other day - the most lovely print but oh my god, I have dishclothes that are better quality. And then you pick up something and it's amazing and you have it for years. Go figure.

      Wlill check out la Redoute - excellent point, thank you xx