And a slight break from the usual proceedings...

... in the fashion stakes, for a little beauty blog. 

I've got a couple of these up my sleeve on different products but first up, it's all about the body.

Lots of summer sun = dry skin = much moisturising needed.

And getting older, the dry skin is less "dry" and more "leather".  I had forgotten how much I love one particular product in the Summer... an oil.  

There is nothing more luxurious than lathering yourself in scented oil after a shower.  If anyone knows the joy of a scented product, it's me - I can't be the only one who used to apply copious amounts of baby oil after a shower in the days before luxury versions existed?

So these are ones that I have used over the years and can personally recommend. 

First up - two that will instantly transform you into the most glamourous French person.  Ever.  Ish.  Ok so this *might* be in my head but mind over matter and all that.

Caudalie Divine Oil £28

And the super famous Nuxe oil.  Parisienne glamour in a bottle.  I PROMISE! 

Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Oil £29

A couple of products that have more of a Spa scent about them.  Herby, invigorating and super relaxing.

This I have used for years (I wear it with the Liz Earle No.1 Fragrance).

Superskin Dry Oil for Body from Liz Earle £36

And them I've also seen this one which I haven't tried, but I can imagine I'd also love it.

Superskin Treatment Oil for Body £36

This definitely has a spa scent to it but it's more reminiscent of the Far East... oh take me back to the massages in Bali and Mauritius... recreated in the home counties.  Oh yes.  This is perfect for warmer weather as it actually comes as a solid oil and needs to be warmed to transform it into a useable liquid.  In the Winter, just put in the shower and it will be melted by the time you've finished.  Not going to lie - I always forget and so end up using this solely in the Summer time!

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil £38.50

Another spa scented dream from Balance Me.

Super Toning Body Oil from Balance Me £20

And the one I've bought with me on holiday.

Kukui Oil Radiant Glow Body Oil £34 from Connock London

Onto one I haven't tried but are on the list... I'm not the hugest fan of Rose Fragrances.  I want to be.  I REALLY want to be but I can't past the smelling of Nana bit.  That was until I smelt the (don't know if it's new) Prada Les Infusions de Prada Rose (never found it in a duty free obvs... insert all the eye rolling) but it's AMAZING.  I'm hazarding a guess this would be perfect with it.  Disclaimer - I haven't tried..

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Oil £35

Now these aren't the cheapest way to moisturise, that's for sure.  I do tend to only use them in the Summer when I've been in the sun and my skin seems dryest and I also have flesh on show... there is a lovely sheen I find an oil gives me that a cream doesn't.  They're also the perfect way to add a little bit of luxury to your holiday toiletry bag.  

Seeing as I am on holiday - a couple of sunny outfit pics to finish. 

Dress - M&S (sale ss18)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift ss18)
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert (ss17(

Dress - & Other Stories (current)
Sandals - Zara (current)
Bag - Sue Ryder Charity Shop

But I will be back next time with my first dip into the Autumn/Winter water!  I'm going for trousers and what I find to be my favourite transitional shape.  It's everywhere and hopefully there is a variation on the theme to suit everyone.  However it's currently scorchio here, so we're heading for the beach.  WHOOP!

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3 comentarios:

  1. lucky you heading to the beach. Living in NI we have had precious little sun for the last three weeks ... even considered turning on the central heating this week.

  2. Like you I don't like anything with a rose fragrance (and don't get me started on food with rose petals etc). I use all Liz Earle's products including the fragrance you mentioned, but never the body oil. I will certainly be trying that pronto as I am starting to look like a crocodile in some places ;-) Enjoy your hols xx