It's the first "will we really be wearing these" blog of the season.

So I should pre-empt this blog by saying this isn't something new new at all.  These were around last season.  And the season before actually. 

But they are quite "out there".  When I say quite, think of that as code for VERY out there.  Some may even just say... errr vile? 

They were very much the domain of the super on trend.  Which, I'll hold my hands up and say - at 45 I'm not.  It's not often that I'm the adopter of something very different, very early on. 

I would say that's the case with pretty much most new fashion ideas.  It often takes us mere mortals a couple of seasons for items to be normalised and well frankly, just get used to them.

The more you see something, the more you think - ok now I could get on board with that. 

As I said the other day, it's also the easiest way to update all your old favourites - with the addition of one new season item into your wardrobe. 

So I think I've beaten about the bush long enough and I'm just going to throw it in now.  

The hunka munka (not the official title) big trainer.  The trainer that looks like it should only be worn by a 19 yr old basketball player.  Or Rihanna.  Also known as The Dad Trainer.  This I can't quite get my head around unless your Dad is Drake.

Really selling them, aren't I?  Thanks to good old Pinterest (where all pictures have been taken from), I have found some looks I could definitely get on board with.  

So what will probably stand out for you about those photos is that a) you'll no doubt think they mostly are hideous and b) the average age of the girls pictured is 14 (ish).

BUT I honestly think, the more you look at them, the more they grow on you (like mould?!).

Read these and weep.  Every single designer has done a pair of these.  For ridiculous prices.

Kindsay trainers from Isabel Marant £415

Triple S low-top trainers from Balenciaga £615

Balenciagas again £615 (OUCH!)

Leather and fabric from Alexander McQueen £560

Sonnie Sneakers from Chloe £440

Then we come down to slightly cheaper.. still very expensive but more purse friendly than the designer versions.

adidas Originals Pod-S3.1 in white £100

Nike Just Do It Well Newspaper Print Trainers £140  These are probably all sorts of wrong diddly but in for a penny, in for a pound.

Nike Black with Purple Piping Air Max 97 £145 (these I'm personally going to swerve as the 13yr old says all her friends have them).

adidas Originals Yung-1 Trainers £100

Steve Madden Current Leather Trainer £90

HOWEVER there are bargains to be had.  If you're thinking of just trying these on, then there are some cheaper alternatives that I've found.  And if they don't work, at the very least they'll be super comfy for walking the dog in. 

Linford Kurt Geiger were £149 now £34

Lamar by Carvela were £139 now £29

And in the blue - also £29

Or there are the Linton by Carvela were £149 now £24

Or the Linton in the grey blue mix were £149 now £24

Another amazing entry level pair (even the 13yr old approves of these and that's saying something...). 

Public Desire Trainers £29.99

Or a similar pair in neutrals which may be the perfect for starters.

Public Desire Trainers £34.99

Ok, on a roll now....

ASOS DESIGN Dare Chunky Trainers £38

And here I am.. NOT wearing any but I have some in mind that I think I'm going to get.   These two outfits would work perfectly with them. 

Black top and leopard skirt - hush (from partnership with The Pool ss17 and ss18)
Sandals - Forever 21 (5yrs ago)
Jacket - Tu Clothing (ss17)
Bag - Village England (gift 3yrs ago)
Sunglasses - Walter + Herbert (ss17)

Top - Goat (gift 2yrs ago)
Skirt - Me+Em (gift current)
Sandals - Hudson from a charity shop
Sunglasses - Walter + Herbert (ss17)
Bag - Village England (gift 3yrs ago)

So am fully expecting an onslaught along the lines of HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!  Well??  Can't wait to hear what you think! 

Also needed to say - YES I am definitely going to do another blog on all things leopard print as I had so many questions over on Instagram about the skirt I'm wearing above which is obviously last season's...

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12 comentarios:

  1. I absolutely love a chunky trainer. I was the girl wearing platform buffalo trainers in the 90’s like the spice girls :)
    As I have ridiculous small feet I can wear junior trainers so I got the white Fila for 60quid last month. Also gonna check out the top shop ones when next in town. Chunky trainers I am 100% onboard!!! X

  2. Ha ha am probably showing my age (also 45) as my first thought was 'oooh these look comfy' but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to step away from my Stan Smith comfort zone!! My 14yo said the same as your 13yo about the Nike air max ones. I love that you do the research and then I can decide whether whatever you try would work for me. Looking forward to seeing which ones you get. Maybe I'll jump in and try some- never say never ��❤

  3. I cannot wait for this trend as it means I can simply wear my running trainers with everything and it maybe won’t feel so wrong!

  4. The reason I'm not keen is cos I'm not tall and my feet are practically the size of trotters. So I feel they could swamp me. However I can see how they might appeal for the tall and leggy😁

  5. I've seen twenty somethings wearing them but they're not for me just can't do it. It was the same with bomber jackets, just can't!

  6. Umm I am 5ft 3 so would look utterly bonkers in them and my three children would not leave the house with me. I kinda did the chunky trainer back in the 90's where they need to stay for me as a 45 year old. My teenagers may wear them but it's a big fat chunky NO from me ..... xxx

  7. I have size 8 feet so id have to try a fair few on that dont make me look like ive got a couple of boats on my feet, or is that the idea?! 🤔😊

  8. These remind me of arguing with my mum over trainers for school. I wanted branded trainers and she would always want me to have some cheap alternative. I can’t get away with these. They look fab in the Pinterest pictures but I don’t think I could wear them x

  9. You are absolutely right. The more I looked at them the more I liked them. And now I LOVE them. And I don't care that I am 46 and short. I bought the Nike M2K Tekno in white and I wear them with cropped jeans and midi skirts. They are cool, they are modern AND they are comfortable.

  10. Sorry, me again, just have to add: I'm going to wear them with anything. ��

  11. Nope. Nope. Nope. Cannot get away from the fugliness of the shoe.
    Happy to continue wearing my Nike Roshe and white fashion trainers as a go to comfortable flat. ��

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