It's a quick make up one

A brief one today - essentially because at the minute, I'm wearing much make up. 

Over on Insta stories, I have been asked many times, what make up I use. 

Well - the short answer is, it varies BUT there definitely has been a theme to my routine for this holiday.  There is also a reason I think why I'm able to wear less make up which I'll bring you in the next week or so but suffice to say, it's worth waiting for.. 

In the meantime however, a quick run down of what I am loving and - more importantly - am very happy with.  Some of these I have had given to me from Press Days and from paid partnerships but lots I have bought.

First up - eyeliner. 

I think the key to the no make up make up look has been eyeliner that does the job but doesn't look like you're wearing any.  Clear as mud?  THIS works.  It's the only eyeliner I've ever used that enables you to do a super thin line, that isn't a liquid eyeliner.  Which I am waaaaay too incompetent to use. 

This is more like a felt tip pen.  I use it on its side and dot it directly between my eye lashes on the top of my eye.

Max Factor Masterpiece Precision Liquid Eyeliner £8.99 

Eyebrows.  I recently had my eyebrows threaded at Blink Brow Bar at Liberty's and she then filled them with one of their new products.  Which I immediately bought. 

Ultimate Arch Definer in Chai £22  This is a very light brown/dark blonde - I would usually go darker but I have learnt from a couple of experts recently that with eyebrows, also go a shade lighter than you would expect.  And it works!

Mascara - I am a huge fan of all Max Factor mascaras but currently I am absolutely loving a Bobbi Brown one that I was sent. It.  Is.  Amazing.  Yes, it's a treat at this price but seeing as I'm wearing so little other make up, I will definitely purchase when it runs out. 

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara £24.50

BUT I think the most important thing when it comes to my lashes - and one of the reasons I'm able to wear so little make up - is down to a product I'm mentioned many times - Revitalash.

Currently 20% off everything online with the code ROYAL20.

Revitalash Advanced 2ml £74 

Then onto the cheeks where I do spend a little more time.  First up - two blushers.  Cream versions so you can really blend well (I actually apply with my fingers and then finish with a brush...).

The pinkier one I put on the apples of my cheeks and the copper version, I place slightly higher up my cheekbone.  And then blend the two.  Trust me - it works and if I can do it, anyone can!  Bespoke blush right there.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush £6.99 in soft pink  Again on the 3 for 2 offer.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in soft copper £6.99

Max Factor Miracle Glow Illuminator in Medium £10.99 (3 for 2 on Boots at the moment)

Moving onto lips.  I have become rather obsessed with lipsticks.  I have actually turned into my mother and feel naked if I don't wear any.  However she was very much a fan of the bright lipstick, whereas I do tend to live in my comfort zone of nudes and pinky browns.  

Matte Art Stick from Bobbi Brown £20 complete with sharpener £22 in Bare

Tom Ford Beauty in Otranto £39  This is actually a sheer Moisturecore lipstick and I am on my second in three years.  I LOVE this.  It's the perfect every day lippie, it feels more like a balm but with a colour that stays on longer than most balms.  

So head over to Insta stories for vids and close ups of my make up.  Today has just been so manic - I did mean to do a selfie but holidays, boys, work, teenagers, a tutor and a dog meant I didn't get a spare min.

Instead, I am leaving you with my outfit from yesterday.  I had bought this dress - yes, the leopard coat is indeed a tuxedo style dress - a couple of months ago from ASOS for a reduced price of £24.  It hasn't seen the light of day as a dress but it really is the perfect jacket! 

Tee - Isabel Marant from My Theresa (ss17)
Jeans - Frame Denim from Fenwick of Bond Street (sale aw17)
Jacket - ASOS (sale ss18)
Loafers - Gucci (2yrs ago)
Bag - APC from Coggles (3yrs ago)
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive (ss18)

Tomorrow is my London work day so will be out from the crack of dawn to a dinner in the evening.  Sporting my minimal make up look... can't wait to hear what you think!

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12 comentarios:

  1. Your makeup looks great . I'm sure you've been approached but I have to rave about Trinny London and her stacks system of makeup - I love it and wear nothing else except mascara and Charlotte Tilbury hollywood illuminator

    1. I've not tried them!! Have heard very good things x

  2. Do you mean no foundation? You skin looks flawless!

    1. Honestly, since I've invested in my skincare, I really don't have to (well - I don't think I do anyway..)

      I've also had another secret weapon up my sleeve.. I'll reveal soon!

    2. But also the Summer helps..

  3. Love a minimal makeup look, will have to try the eyeliner!
    I tend to stick to a bit on concealer, mascara, eyeliner if I can be bothered, neutral eyeshadow (my fave is a subtle terracotta that enhances my green eyes), and either a transparent chubby stick or eight hour tinted lip balm for the lips. Never really got into blushed, for some strange reason.

    1. OOH try a blush - I honestly think it makes such a difference!

  4. Do you not wear foundation?BBcream?Anything?Amazing if not...

  5. Great tips! Do you prefer liquid eyeliner or gel?

    1. I prefer usually a kohl pencil.. I'm a bit cack handed with a liquid liner!

  6. Kat, have I missed the post re you revealing your 'secret weapon'? dying to know what it is!