Leopard but not as we know it...

Yes, this is for all of you who love to hate leopard.  Because of the shade. 

May I present - leopard that isn't leopard. 

What on earth is she talking about (she says to those of you are still reading...!).

I have so many people say they love leopard but don't like brown or tan.  It may be that the colour doesn't suit you, it may be that it's rather more ubiquitous in the traditional shade, it may be that it's a bit bland.

FEAR NOT.  Not that I'm forcing you down the leopard route but just in case another shade may float your boat, I've found other options. 

I'm also going to just mention that I would happily mix these shades together (and will now ignore those of you at the back who are throwing up!).

Without further ado..

Starting with a subtle pale blue version.  The more I look at this, the more I absolutely love it.  Anyone with a Winter wedding coming up - this.  THIS is all you need.

ASOS DESIGN Leopard dress £38

Black and white leopard dress exclusive at ASOS from Lily & Lionel £175

Variation on the theme also exclusively at ASOS. 

Lily & Lionel Ruffle Dress £175

Yellow and pink skirt at River Island £36

Skirt LUST now in monochrome with rose detailing, exclusively at ASOS with Lily & Lionel £160

Tops now.

Leopard Print Button Blouse from Topshop in orange £29

Yellow at Monki £20

Burgundy at & Other Stories. 

Oversized Abstract Leo Shirt £49

Red at Topshop. 

Leopard Print Shirt £36

Red cotton at Ganni £140

With matching pants?  Hmmm perhaps better with a plain tee.

Ganni Bijou leopard print trousers £150

This though I absolutely love.  With jeans, with a full skirt - simply sublime for pretty much every occasion (I'm going to have to see if there's a matching skirt...).

Make Ruffled Printed Crepe Top £210

Couldn't find a matching skirt but I did find an alternative red leopard one which is DIVINE and a lot cheaper (perhaps not to be worn together but never say never).

ASOS DESIGN red leopard skirt £35

Speaking of matching tops and skirts - this.  OH THIS! 

Drawstring wrap blouse £20 from Monki in green leopard 

Midi Skirt in green leopard print from Monki £25

Or you could team it with this sort of blouse. 

Flowy oversized shirt from Monki £25

Pale pink with floral.  

Lost Ink Blouse in leopard and floral £38

It's slightly too early to be thinking about scarves but well, here are the scarves. 

Red Leopard Print Blanket Scarf from Warehouse £22

And whilst we're doing a little bit of sweating... how about knitwear.

Green and pink may well be my Autumnal obsession.  Eye shadow optional.

Leopard knit sweater from Monki £40

And here I am in... nothing remotely leopard. 

Last couple of days doing all things family which I've LOVED (not going to lie - how lost my shizzle on more than one occasion).

Trip to London for dinner at Honest Burgers and then to School of Rock.

And then yesterday to.. drum roll.. Ikea!  And Costco.  Living the dream peeps.

Hopefully this will work for some people - personally I can't get enough of it in any shade but I appreciate there is still a marmite element about it for some people.

I've got more beauty coming this week, along with a perennial favourite that I have been asked to do again.  Even though I cover it A LOT!  However I'm doing a high street only blog.  Which I've started researching and am v impressed with my findings so far.  

Have a great Saturday - we have one less chez nous this evening, I feel like I've lost my keys or something! 

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3 comentarios:

  1. Love that red ASOS skirt but it’s all sold out already! x

  2. Yeeees! You've sold me on this, leopard is definitely better in glorious techni-colour. Of course fate would have it that the one I like the most (and is within my budget) is sold out, unless you're tall or pregnant that is. But hey that's so that when something even more perfect comes along, I can actually justify it!

  3. Been listening to your Costco adventures on Insta. Hilarious!!! Then literally the same weekend friends tried to convince me of the joys of Costco and I just kept hearing your Insta stories LOL. Needless to say it's never going to happen in this lifetime (but the Mr is itching to go!)