All about the jacket

So continuing my obsession with Spring, it's now time to focus on jackets. 

You're not going to necessarily be wearing these tomorrow but they will be your bread and butter outerwear-wise come milder days (we do have them once in a while - I swear there was a hint of Spring in the air in the sunshine today) and in the coming months (after we've done the snow thing...). 

And it's the PERFECT time to hunt down some sales gems.  My tip for the sales is always to buy out of season - summer dresses, skirts and sandals all often have excellent reductions, as do humble blazers. 

I cannot get enough of these bad boys.  And I do wear mine all year round.  I am a huge fan of a thin knit to layer underneath plus a whacking great scarf and gloves go a long way to keeping the cold out in the Winter.  Ok, so you're not going to be going on a hike in these and if you are spending any excessive time outdoors then you're probably better hoiking on a coat.  But if you're just hopping from car to location and don't have to spend a long time in the wind (or if it's a mild day - like I say, I was one step away from sleeveless in the sun today.  Sort of) then you can definitely still get wear out of these. 

I love them with all sorts of trousers and jeans and they've also become my go to jacket over dresses and skirts.  The tiny fitted ones are PERFECT with all midi or maxi dresses, ditto skirts.  The longer lines also work as well - it will take a bit more getting used to with the silhouette but it does work, I promise.  Give it a whirl. 

What better place to start than with my favourites - the ultimate in black blazers - but I've expanded into check, have thrown in some velvet options and finished with a bit of military.  These are all in the sale (bar the Boohoo one but that's such a bargain and I can't find any like that in the sale so I've thrown it in) so I definitely have a new season post on them, up my sleeve.

Collarless in the sale at hush - Zadie Blazer was £95 now £70 

BCBG  MaxAzria Collarless Pointed Blazer was £128 now £80

Tux Style reduced at ASOS. 

Selected Melanie Tux Blazer was £80 now £24

Striped 4 Button Blazer from M&S was £59 now £20

Boohoo Longline Blazer £30

Prince of Wales Blazer £69.99 now £49.99

Check in grey for a bargain price at ASOS. 

ASOS Tailored Clean Mansy Blazer in Check was £55 now £33

Flecked wool-blend blazer from Mango £99.99 from £59.99

Thinking forward to the Summer - this is where the bargains are - great reduction. 

Uttam Boutique Blazer was £110 now £25

Ecru Velvet Oversize Blazer £169.99 now £119.99 (this is definitely definitely my favourite.. seeing as I don't have one like this).

Velour at La Redoute in chocolate was £79 now £55.30

The same in black was £79 now £47.40

And in the red - again £47.40

Velvet military style jacket from £79.99 now £49.99  Actually no - THIS is my fave.  It's GREEN!

Military again in navy and black at La Redoute from Maison Scoth was £185 now £111

And finishing with two textures that I have and love - sequins and boucle. 

Storm and Marie Glam Sequin Collarless Sequin Blazer was £125 now £48  Do remember sequins are for life and not just for Christmas....

Boucle jacket with puffed sleeves from Mango £49.99 was £29.99

And here I am today - not in a blazer.. BUT I COULD HAVE WORN ONE!! 


Jumper, coat and trousers - all M&S (c/o paid project last year)
Trainers - Rogue Matilda (gift this season)
Earrings - Topshop (this season)
Soho Disco Bag - Gucci (3 years ago)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (this season)

Apologies for not being around yesterday - I was at Bicester.  Where I bought.. drum roll.. NADA.  Nothing, zilch, zip.  Ok apart from some bedding which is so not interesting I can't tell you when we need to decorate the rest of our bedroom. 

But we had the loveliest of days (girls' day out) - last day of the holidays for me - it was back to meetings this morning (although I did manage one last look at the sales and did manage to pick up a pair of shoes which I am SO excited about and will report back on tomorrow). 

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday evening!  THANK THE LORD IT'S FRIYAY!

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6 comentarios:

  1. Love a bit of military and velvet to boot..Got a lovely navy jacket coats affair from Zara in the sale....Most pleased

    1. I have got NOTHING from the Zara sale which is so so unlike me!

  2. I have been after a velvet blazer for years but never find one I like - am sooo fussy about fit! Wish Me&Em would do one - I love their clothes. Looking forward to Spring - it's my fave time of year clothes-wise. Spotted some daffs yesterday in Guildford's Stoke Park -before I've even seen snowdrops!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Me too! If Boden had done a navy velvet one in a petite fit, it would have a place in my wardrobe! Other jackets I can get away with regular fit, but not blazers!
      It may have been wishful thinking, but I had my blazer on (no coat) today for a walk up to a nearby store. And scarf. And gloves. Sub zero temperatures, but the sun is shining.

    3. OOH yes - Me+Em blazers are THE best. I also like Baukjen ones... I am tempted to try that Mango one though...