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So.  I have high hopes.  High hopes that we're going to see a plethora of the more modern and less tartan, sensible hem lines and nude shoes.  Don't get me wrong, I adore a bit of Kate Middy.  I really do.  And every now and again she knocks it out of the ball park (the fact she's had the same Penelope Chilvers boots in forever means she can definitely do no wrong in my book).  But for the majority, I can't help feel that she does play it on the safe side, when she really has the world of fashion at her feet. 

I'm absolutely not saying she should channel Jenna Lyons (although it would be interesting if she did it just the once... although g'wan.. you know you want to...) but when I look back and how inspirational and ground breaking Diana was with her fashion - I'd love Kate to just push the boundaries every now and again. 

However now she can be the classic and safe part of the Royal fashion equation as I think there's going to be a new girl crush in town (just though - is that a beheadable offence, declaring an unhealthy interest in a soon to be Princess?  Or will she be a Duchess?  Clearly I wasn't paying enough attention in The Crown).

As I say, I have high hopes that she will be less Rachel Zane (Suits character she plays if I'm the only person that watches) and more American Girl (aka Jenna Lyons.. JOKING).  Thankfully she seems infinitely less smug and irritating in real life (by that I mean "when I've seen her interviewed on the telly...) and she can rock jeans a white shirt like a true fashionista.

But for the minute, she is all about the beige.  And is there anything wrong with that?  Well not to me, as I love a bit of beige.  Camel, light beige (aka cream) with a bit of texture or an interesting shape and suddenly you've got beige porn right there.  Which, as I type, is wrong on every level but I know what I mean.

And for now - she's definitely all about the coat.  Which is handy as is there anything more useful than a came or creaml coat?  Well let's see...

First up - it'a a wrap with a cream version at New Look.  Not one of the ones that Meghan has worn but hers all obviously sold out within a nanosecond.

Cream Layered Collar Belted Coat £49.99

Deena Wool Blend Wrap Coat from Reiss was £335 now £225

ASOS Shawl Collar Belted Coat was £80 now £40

A shorter wrap in coat in camel from Reiss - Merena Wrap Collar Short Coat was £295 now £140

Longer in beige, new in at & Other Stories 

Wool Trenchcoat £165

Collarless and fitted at Boden in the sale - Imelda coat was £198 now £99

Wool Cashmere Boyfriend Coat from Jaeger was £375 now £250

Fitted and cream at New Look was £44.99 now £23

Shorter and more fitted at Reiss.

Lillie wool blend coat was £275 now £150

Personally though, I'm a fan of the oversized coat and this one from Jigsaw is definitely a keeper.

Grace Coat from Jigsaw was £360 now £288

Again at & Other Stories, new in at £165

Looser again at ASOS in the sale. 

Religion Craft Coat was £145 now £108

And then of course another option to achieve a smilar look if cmal isn't your thing is a pale grey. 

Alpaca Cocoon Coat from Jigsaw was £260 now £130

Speckle Coat in Pale Grey was £350 now £149

Pale Grey Single Button Coat from New Look £34.99

Three buttons also new in at New Look. 

Pale Grey Button Front Coat £34.99

Orrr you can go GREEN!

Meghan you can keep your beige - I've thrown colour at my coat today.  I was sent this by Jigsaw a while ago and I will completely admit that I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.  I then tried it on today and HEY PRESTO - my new favourite coat ever.  I love it.  I love the colour - I think it looks sublime with navy and tan.  Am also planning on wearing it with black.  It's now in the sale.


Fluffy mohair coat - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Navy cropped wide leg trousers - M&S (current season)
Navy polo neck - Zara (sale 4yrs ago)
White trainers with pink hearts - Rogue Matilda (gift current season)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (aw17)
Puzzle bag - Loewe from Matches (current season)

Tomorrow - I'm sticking to colour with both a big and medium C, depending on what takes your fancy.  Intrigued?  All will be revealed...  AND coming up I have my version on what I'd wear if I were Meghan. HA HA HA HA HA!

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9 comentarios:

  1. Pah to the beige and the grey not liking the dulldrumbs of it all But yes yes yes to your green love it Almost as much as my red (which I got last year) one. You look fab

    1. I did get a red coat this year and I did think I would wear it a LOT more. I have to say I do wear my tan one from Warehouse last year a lot.. which is the same shape as the green Jigsaw one. The green I LOVE. love love love love love. It also matches a jumper I got from M&S about three or four years ago that I have kept as I knew it would come in handy one day!!!

    2. I have neutral coats, they go with everything after all. But yes yes yes to colour too!
      I'm looking for a blue one, cut has to be right of course, but so does the shade of blue, bright enough to be seen, but classic enough to pass the test of time. Feel I'm looking for the impossible, although I'll know it when I see it. This is where I wish I could get one tailor made...

    3. Well I've fallen in love with all things navy!!!

  2. I totally get what you mean about Kate. I like her and think she usually looks great, but she can at times skew a little old; I think it's mainly the matchy-matchy tendencies. And I know there are certain parameters, but look at Queen Letizia of Spain or Queen Rania in Jordan. Both manage the balance of looking chic while still remaining completely appropriate. And I agree, high hopes for Meghan. Before anyone freaks out, yes I'm aware this entire premise is relatively shallow, of course these women are far more than their wardrobes, but I think it's safe to say we're here for the clothes.
    Your coat is SO pretty! Is it a robin's egg Tiffany type blue/green? I just love the color. Loving the camels as well, although I prefer those tones on the darker side of the spectrum. The Jigsaw one is my favorite.

    1. I don't think it's even the matchy matchy - I think you can do that AND have a fresher more modern look but I genuinely don't think it's her style. I think she is a much more traditional dresser and prefers the purely elegant as opposed to elegant but with a fresh feel? I wish she'd just try something slightly left field every now and again. Like you say - others manage it... For example I always always remember when she in India (I think?) and she wore a Glamorous maxi dress. It wasn't the fact it cost about £50 but it was the fact it was incredibly elegant with a boho vibe to it and just so unexpected from her.

      Anyway - the coat.. no it's not a Tiffany blue/green, it's more of a pistachio green with a hint of sage? Does that make sense at all??

    2. Kate, sensible hem lines??!! She's the one with the very short skirts and the blow ups!! Meghan's hemlines are much longer! Xx

  3. Totally agree that Kate can skew matronly and safe, (I'd love to see her throw in a pair of boyfriend jeans or Chloe Susanna boots or even a pencil skirt) so I also have high hopes for Meghan.

    1. Oh can you imagine?! although I am scarred by pencil skirts after seeing Meghan as Rachel Zane wear NOTHING but a pencil skirt for 7 series of Suits!!!

      I just think Kate could do wide leg trousers or a shoe with a bit of attitude or something like a Roksanda dress or or or - I could go on and on!