If I were Meghan...

...(which, funnily enough, I'm not), what on earth would I be wearing?

So - buoyed up by her dabbling with the pale and interesting as outerwear, I am following in her wake and my selection for her wardrobe is all things neutral.

But I'm going even paler.  I am devoting my blog today to even less than camel and beige.  Folks. we're going winter white.  I think an entire pale look head to toe is a fabulous idea (dogs and children not withstanding...) and something that, were I Meghan who has no issue with small, slightly feral family members following her around with chocolatey fingers, I would definitely embrace. 

It's a look I do favour in Summer - some examples are at the end of the post but in the Winter, I do err towards darker colours.  

However I think a pair of cream/winter white trousers, a knit in the same colour, camel coat, bag and white trainers - oh hello..

Starting with these - ideal now and into the Spring with a white blazer (tick!) and tee... Go on Meghan, you know you want to...

Fine cord wide leg trouser from Me+Em £169 BUT they go in the washing machine... the hems will thank you. 

High waisted palazzo trousers from Mango were £79.99 now £39.99  BUT these are dry clean only... which for me would be a no no but they are utterly sublime.

These I think are incredibly stylish and elegant.  For me personally, I'm not good with something this high waisted on the outside.  Don't get me wrong, I love a pair of "tuck your tummy into your high waist" on a pair of leggings but if I need to tuck a top into it, it doesn't really work for me.  Which I am GUTTED about as I adore these.

ASOS White paper bag jeans £55

Cropped Wide Leg Trousers at La Redoute were £45 now £22.50

A more tapered style of trousers. 

Drawstring Baggy Trousers from Mango were £39.99 now £19.99

Moving onto the tops.  This with the trousers from Me+Em would be amazing.  70s ski tastic.  Can be worn with the zip down too.

High Neck Zip Rib Top from Me+Em in Cream £79

Another top that would be supremely with any wide leg cream trousers (or skirt...).

Wrap Front Jumper from Me+Em £99

Nipped in at the waist at ASOS. 

Selected Knitted Jumper £45

Looser again in pure organic cotton at Mango. 

Organic cotton sweater £39.99

Viscose mix at La Redoute.

V Neck Jumper was £29 now £20.30

Perfect Cashmere at Boden new in.  And H6C5 will give you 20% off with free delivery and free returns.

Crew Neck £98 (makes this £78.40)

In a v neck with a relaxed fit.  This I LOVE.  I don't usually do v necks but this one I am ridiculously drawn to. 

Cashmere relaxed v neck jumper £130

V neck again at La Redoute in beige marl was £89 now £62.30

Another V neck cashmere jumper in cream, again from La Redoute was £89 now £53.40

Boatneck cream cashmere at La Redoute was £95 now £76

And finally the one I think I would get most wear out of actually.  Ok not the MOST wear but a lot of wear.. over leather leggings - oh hello.  I have a similar one in grey that I bought about three years ago from Me+Em and I still wear it regularly.  Have always kicked myself I didn't get it in the blush colour so this is going on my wishlist for sure.

Longline Cocoon jumper in Cream from Me+Em £249

And I don't have any of me donning winter whites but to give you an idea of how much I love an all white ensemble in the Spring and Summer. 

Although I say that and the first photo I find is if me in the Winter!  I'm going to wear this outfit this week - I LOVE it.


Untitled Untitled Untitled

So basically those photos have made me yearn for Spring and Summer which wasn't what I intended... I reckon it's a pair of wide leg cream trousers that I need.  Or a pair of wide leg cropped.  On.  A.  Mission.  Am I on my own in my quest for this ethereal look?  Come on.. And Meghan if you're reading (ha ha ha), let's do this.

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5 comentarios:

  1. I would love a pair of very pale trousers but even if I were to have a child-free day, I don’t think I’m cut out for the colour x

  2. Sooooo wish I could wear white trousers! Sadly an excitable cockapoo, clumsy eating habits and general accident prone-ness prevent me from buying any 😢

  3. I suspect the dog is the main reason I didn't wear my cream trousers last year! Cream tops/sweaters on the other hand....
    ....but if someone else walked the dog on occaision, and dry cleaning was no problem, and there were the occasions to wear them, who knows what would happen!

  4. I love the idea of a winter white outfit, it’s just commuting and a job that involves a lot of walking/buses/tubes between sites means, sadly, it feels less than practical. However I can hear the Me+Em wrap top whispering my name......! And I adore your outfit in the top photo - so much luscious fabric!

  5. Those photo's of you in white are amazing, you look(ed) great. Roll on Spring/Summer'18! Audrey x