Only because you've asked..

..I'm throwing in an extra skirt blog.  Yes, you love a maxi and midi dress, yes you love a print blouse but I have had so many messages about new season skirts and how to wear them, that I'm throwing in another one as a special treat. 

Right now, I am wearing mine with roll necks.  Both tight fitting and the more voluminous roll neck varieties, which I'm appreciating is of absolutely zero use to you if you're not a roll neck lover.  A v neck jumper works just as well - any jumper of your choice to be fair.   I have two very different styles shown at the bottom with the same skirt which, I hope, gives an indication of how they could be worn.  Ok so when I say "very different".. meh - very as in not very, but as varied as the same skirt can look.

Yes I know I did one of these back in January but seeing as it's something I wear a lot and I think is perfect for this time of the year, not to mention being super useful going into Spring and Summer with a tee-shirt, denim jacket or blazer or biker, with trainers or sandals, I thought I'd do a quick round up of the new ones that have come in since (and some sales dregs which are definitely worth looking at).

I also managed to get an amazing bargain in the sale at Fenwicks last week - a Markus Lupfer skirt that was £80 reduced from almost £400.  And yes IT HAS POCKETS.  I'm obviously going to mention if they have pockets as that's what we all really want..

But started without that tiny detail - however for the money.. this is a gem.

Boohoo Striped Belted Midi Skirt £20

Stripes again at DVF - asymmetric stretch midi skirt was £306 now £183

DVF with all the stripes in the sale at Matches and this one has an extra 20% off the final price.  Enter EXTRA20 at the check out. 

Saxon striped asymmetric skirt from DVF was £332 now £199 pre extra discount

I think you would be forgiven for thinking this was also DVF.  Why no - it's a bit of a Mango bargain. 

Printed Pleated Skirt from Mango £49.99

This definitely has a hint of Jonathan Saunders at DVF about it too... 

Striped asymmetric skirt from Mango £39.99

Moving onto print now and back to the sales with this one which I LOVE. 

Elsden print silk crepe maxi skirt from DVF at Matches with an extra 20% off final sales price was £332 now £199

Stevie paisley-print silk skirt from Dodo Bar Or was £508 now £152 at Matches with an extra 20% off that price... 

Print and surely the best print ever - that of the leopard variety, from YAS at ASOS £48

Floral midi at Monki £25 (with pockets...)

Poppy print at & Other Stories £45

Monochrome masks (as you do) again at Monki £25 (and yes, this one has pockets too).

Or how about monochrome dots at & Other Stories £59

I cannot wait to check this one out. 

Asymmetric Checked Wrap Midi Skirt from M&S £39.50

And finishing with two plain ones - just in case you've had a print overload.

Faux wrap in navy at M&S new in.

Deconstructed Stripe Wrap Midi Skirt £39.50

ASOS Jersey Maxi Skirt £22

And here I am in mine with two, perhaps not so different, outfits. 


Jumper - Jigsaw (4 or 5 yrs ago)
Skirt - Markus Lupfer from Fenwicks (sale aw17)
Biker - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Boots - Grenson from Collen & Clare (aw17)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

And today.  Dodging the rain.  With little success. 


Jumper - Me+Em (gift current)
Trench - Zara (aw16)
Skirt - Markus Lupfer from Fenwicks (sale aw17)
Boots - Jigsaw (given to my by a lovely friend about 7 yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

I should point (smugly as this is a total out of character chain of events for me) that I did Pilates this morning and then did a 35 min run in the howling wind and rain.  Week three of my running course and I'm not going to lie - I did struggle today as the weather (the wind mostly) was so horrific, I couldn't find a cap so I had to use one of the children's school caps which was about as much use as a chocolate teapot and the interval app on my phone really didn't work well with the rain, so we were all distracted.  Looking forward to week 4 on Saturday and, to be fair, if you'd told me that in only three weeks I would be able to run for 35 mins (2.5 mins running and 1 min walking) I would never have believed you.

BUT I digress (although can you tell I'm rather proud of myself and if I can do it, genuinely anyone can do it...) - I have also taken my boys to the trampoline park after school (Jump In - can highly recommend, only £5 for an hour's jumper on a school night), just in case I had fooled anyone in to thinking my life was all about the glamour!  (but yes I did get to go to the NTA Awards last night as a guest of MaxFactor which was fantastic).

Oh and tonight, I shall be catching up on Scandal which I have started watching and am OBSESSED!  Alas the husband thinks it is a massive pile of turds so I have to watch it on my own.  Pah....

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11 comentarios:

  1. I haven't thought about wearing long skirts in years until now, love the look with jumpers and jackets. The DVF ones jump out, which makes me ask your opinion, what are your thoughts on wrap dresses? I "invested" in a some DVF ones a few years ago, but they seem so dated and (urgh) fitted now, way too Gilmore Girls - have you read her (Lauren Graham) book btw? Scandal, season 1 amazing! Mono!

    1. The old school DVF dresses a la Gilmore girls? I would say they're not the most modern of dresses now BUT they are a classic and I guess it depends on what your style is. I've finished the seasons but I've still got to do the book!

  2. I have made a note to myself that I shall wear skirts (and dresses) more often. Which is a good thing as I've bought one midi (no pockets, but gorgeous) in the sale and pre-ordered a skirt and a dress, so I have to wear them really! But not dog walking in the rain! The dress is a bit of a departure for me, midi, flowing and a wrap style, so I dithered a bit, but it can always go back if I hate it!

    1. Yes definitely not for dog walking. But I think they do work for more casual days with chunkier boots and trainers. GO ON!

    2. Am packing the midi skirt for a three day course in København (Copenhagen), together with the M&S trousers of course. Planning on dressing the skirt up at night and with a sweater/brogues during the day. Oh and a sales bargain trench - three items inspired by this blog!

    3. Oh it's trench season imminently!

  3. Good on you for sticking with the running! Love that you wore a school cap...that actually made me laugh out loud. I love skirts but getting the top right is always a bit tricky...short body, no waist, big boobs. I bought a pleated one which looks fab with one jumper...but with a different top I look like a middle aged primary school teacher from the 80s.

    1. I'm exactly the same shape - I feel your pain! My midi skirts look good with one particular style of sweatshirt, and frumpy as hell with everything else.

    2. I have to say there are things that I can't wear with them either - although saying that, it's just a question of sometimes trying things that are outside your comfort zone. A couple of months ago I didn't like an oversized jumper over a skirt but I've suddenly got the hang of it! I will say though, I do find that if things are more fluid they work better - the stiffer sweatshirts don't work for me.

      Good luck!

  4. Which running app are you using? Well done for keeping going - you are built to run though, all legs, and lean without enormous boobs!!!

    1. Gym Boss just for the interval training. I have a programme (it's not rocket science!!) from my running club which I go to once a week.