Knitwear with attitude...

...aka jumpers that you'd love if you were 6. 

Which isn't perhaps me doing the best job of selling these to you, but the other day when I was looking for pure cream and off white pieces, I kept coming across ones with a bit of jazz hands about them and thought THESE are the ones I want. 

This is the problem when it comes to fashion.  Do I have one particular style?  Not really.  I would say there are things that I am ludicrously drawn to (print maxis, trainers, biker jackets and blazers spring to mind) but then, there is something totally left field that I think YES.  I need that baby in my life. 

I am a complete fashion magpie. 

Which is where this post comes in.  These jumpers are the perfect antidote to miserable January grey days.  I love matching my outfits to the weather (can I please point out this is not intentional...) and an all grey ensemble definitely works on some days. 

But occasionally it's lovely to stick two fingers up at the weather with a little bit of fun.  The joy of these is that they work perfectly, just chucked into any outfit.  The randomness of them means that they pretty much go with everything - think along the lines of leopard being a neutral...I know it sounds bonkers but you can't over think these.   A neutral outfit pared with one of these is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Look no further...

Bored of wearing all black?  Want something to go with the red in your wardrobe?  

Multicolour Splash Sweater from & Other Stories £45

Speaking of working with red, not to mention how fabulous this would look with jeans?

Amour Sweater from & Other Stories £59

Ditto this one.. 

Cropped Colour (sp) Splash Sweater from & Other Stories £69

Floral embroidered from the new in Pre-Spring collection at hush £149 (loads more goodies online.. you have been warned...)

Floral Embroidered at Topshop £39

Or how about just all over floral?

Pull & Bear Knitted All Over Floral Jumper £45.99

And then I've got to throw a leopard one in there... 

Leopard Print Jumper from Topshop £36

Or two....I see your animal print and it I raise you pink..

Esprit Animal Print Jumper £55

Blush at ASOS by Pieces. 

Pieces Printed Knit £38

Stripe Sleeve Sweater from & Other Stories £59

Monochrome if colour isn't your thing.  Go with the motif.  Seahorse-tastic.

Seahorse Jacquard Sweater from & Other Stories £59

Monochrome again at Topshop 

Corded Detail £39

Patterned Sleeves at ASOS £32

Deliciously 80s (was anyone else obsessed with argyle socks?) style.

Argyle Sweater from & Other Stories £59

Not forgetting the navy... and by the way - Spade as in deck of cards, not as in shovel.  It took me possibly longer than it should to have worked this out... (the. shame... there was a lot of zooming in I had to do - didn't even occur to me.  DUH!).

Spade Knit Sweater from & Other Stories in Navy and Gold £69  This is worn with a layer underneath - it doesn't have a cream high neck.

Throwing in this one as I guess I should probably keep it for a slogan jumper post but hey to the ho, it's going in here.  It reminds me of a Sonia Rykiel which I would have had to sell a kidney to buy.  Ok so it's not really the same but.. ish.. not really..ho hum... curiously drawn to it.

Message Knitted Sweater from Mango £39.99

Similarly random but similarly addictive at ASOS. 

Daisy Street Jumper £24.99

And here I am, in a slogan jumper as that's all I have along these lines.  Must try harder on the knitwear front.  This is a new navy one that I was sent as a gift the other day and it's gone straight on.  Embroidered with white writing which says J'Adore.  Couldn't be more up my strada. 


Navy Coat - Modern Rarity from John Lewis (sale aw17)
Jeans - Zara (sale 4yrs ago)
Wrist Warmers - Somerville Scarves (gift current season)
J'Adore Navy Roll Neck - A Finer Thread (gift current season)
Puzzle Bag - Loewe from Matches (current season)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (aw17)

Tomorrow I will be back with what was my favourite accessory of last season and set to be going nowhere this SS.  And after that - it's the season for add ons....

Jumper wise - "slightly out there", plain or slogan??

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12 comentarios:

  1. Have you seen the grey and blue leopard jumper in H&M? Gorgeous but I’m on a mission for a medium which have sold out online x

    1. Hmmm no I haven't - am due for an H&M foray tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up xxx

  2. Thank you for this validation! I've been wearing 2 jumpers on rotation in last few weeks that have been a little out of my comfort zone, one black and silver with a giant fox head and one pink with a weird looking french bull dog. The amount of people that have said is that by designer "blah blah", er no they were $25 in the Gap sale, I felt slightly less like I've raided my daughter's wardrobe. I love the green and black ASOS one.

    1. They sound AWESOME! Off to check out the sale now, thank you xx

  3. Bring back the Sock Shop - i feel you on the argyle socks!

    1. OMG YES! Wasn't it THE most expensive place when you were younger? Shop of dreams back then!!!

  4. Try Sugarhill Boutique. I've got some corkers from there that keep me *just* this side of 80s children's TV presenter.

  5. They've got loads of the H&M blue and grey leopard jumper in store. It looks like it comes up bid, so you could always try a small

  6. I liked the first one with red flowers the most. I have also written something on Knitwear – a Right Trend for Upcoming Season!. It's not as good as yours but I would love if you read it and provide your valuable feedback :)