It's shooooooooooooooo time

Because what we're talking about today, you can't just call shoes.  Oh no.  These are shoooooooooooooos.  This is also something that were I to have this conversation, it would be another "oh my lord, she's lost it" moment. Of which, I'm not going to lie, there seem to be a lot more, the older I get.  Although he regularly assures me I've always been slightly on the bonkers side. 

Like suggesting a sleepover on New Year's Eve for 4 boys to sleep in the sitting room when they all got a smattering of sleep (the party finished at after 4am and they were up at 7 - which meant I was up at 9.  Which meant that not a lot happened on New Year's Day - I am getting to grips with The Crown 2 and am just obsessing about what is true and what isn't. 

But speaking of New Year's Eve - that's where inspiration for this post comes from. 

Shoes.  But not just shoes - these are shoes that you would happily just gaze at and admire and fawn over.  Fawning shoes I think we can call them.  These ones are also pretty expensive as I have trawled the high end sales for shoes that you will have for years.  And that you will wear all year round.  So yes, we are talking investment - we're talking A LOT of money for shoes. 

Most of my sandals though - some of which were £20 in the sale from Zara, some of which were significantly more (courtesy of sales trawling or Bicester) - I have had for years and years and years.  

Normal, far more cost effective service, will be resumed shortly.  And in fact, I shall be looking at new season lovelies from the high street as it's definitely not all about having to spend the big bucks.  But in the meantime, it's all about the shoe porn.  

No 21 Knotted Gingham Shoes from Net A Porter were £440 now £220

Silver Trixie heels from Stuart Weitzman at Flannels were £398 now £120

Metallic again at Harvey Nichols. 

Jolien metallic strappy sandals from WTR were £290 now £145

Black perfection at Isabel Marant.

Akynn Leather Sandals were £450 now £270

Classic grey velvet at My Theresa from Jimmy Choo were £550 now £275

Slightly lower ones in the sale at Flannels.  THE most amazing sale ever if you fancy losing an hour of your life...

Aquazzura Ivy Heeled Sandals were £530 now £159

Almond cream at Harvey Nichols.  These are simply the prettiest shoes I have seen in forever.

Lilico almond patent leather sandals from Sophia Webster were £450 now £195

Mule style... 

Aquazzura Dylan crocodile effort leather mules were £470 now £282

Block heels.  

Sam Edelman Eyda block heel sandals in Phantom Grey were £140 now £56

These I also absolutely adore.  With a black clutch, these would go with absolutely anything. 

Leyla Suede Sandals were £490 now £245 by Self Portrait

See by Chloe Embroidered Suede Shoes were £275 now £192

Block heel velvet in the sale at Net a Porter. 

Sam Edelman Odele Velvet Sandals were £95 now £57

Shoe versions..and staying with the block heel.

Senso Velvet Xyrus Ankle was £144.99 now £86.99

PS by Paul Smith at Coggles were £250 now £125  I love these.  BUT but but I'm not a great shoe person.  Boots yes, sandals yes, so why do I struggle with shoes so much?

However these may be the answer to my shoe dilemma.  They're definitely a shoe (duh) but have a boot feel to them?  Justifying much??

Mike bow-embellished leather pumps from Chloe were £595 now £297

And finishing with ones I absolutely love but I'm not sure I can justify that much on canvas.. ouch!  Although they're still £374 on Matches.  Ouch ouch ouch!

And here I am on New Year's Eve with my sandals that I love.  These are Zara.  Do they have anything on Zara currently that is remotely as nice?  Obvs not. 


Sandals - Zara (3yrs ago)
Ruby Dress - Olivia Rubin (gift this season) 

Tomorrow I am off.. drum roll.. to Bicester with the girls.  Can't . Wait.  I am looking for absolutely nothing, it's my final day off before back to meetings on Friday.

So talk me through your sales shopping.  Anything, nothing?  Do you try and snag a bargain on the high end sites or are you a hardcore high street bargain hunter.  I am off to have a look at Mango and Zara as that's where I often score gold.  It's all about the balance.

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18 comentarios:

  1. Oh precious come to mamma! I soooo neeeeeeeeed those Choos in my life. Im a bit eclectic as far as sales are concerned -a few expensive bits and the rest cheap cheap cheap! Bagged a pair of Miami Choo trainers on Christmas Day as I was basting the turkey lol! On the look out for a good coat but my size has sold out everywhere.

    1. I think that's how lots of people shop. A few pricier pieces and lots of affordable wearable pieces from the High Street. x

  2. Not worn the Marmonts I got in the sales before Christmas yet as the weather has been so rubbish. I really like the Paul Smith ones but I feel my next pair will be sensible loafers 😁


  3. Love the silver grey velvet Choos!
    Regarding sales shopping, I’ve gone higher end and made the most of the discounts to grab a Bella Freud knit at £120 off and a Lily & Lionel dress at £100 off!
    The BF was totally thanks to your blog, only trouble is, now I’m on the Matches mailing list!

  4. Your picks have generally got more expensive as your blog has gone on. Some of your choices now are way beyond what most people can afford.

    1. Look at the penultimate blog. Must have trews for £35!!!

    2. Actually i agree with anonymous. There are sprinkles of reasonably priced stuff on this blog, but an awful lot of high end clothing. Before you all rip me to shreds and accuse me of being jealous, I'm not - i'm just finding i cant relate to this blog these days. Horses for courses, maybe kat wants to appeal to someone other than the everyday shopper, that's fine its her blog! Jenny

    3. Everybody has the right to stop reading it.
      I use this blog for inspiration, sometimes I buy an item Kat has recommended, (£35 M&S trousers for example), but I'm just as likely to look for something along the same lines, but more in keeping with my own body shape and style. Kat has also introduced (and reintroduced) me to several mid price brands. And fashion aside, I love her writing style and her honesty/ integrity.

    4. I'm so so sorry you feel like that - I do always try and include a good range of prices from high street and higher end. I did say that this post WAS going to be all about the more expensive investment pieces but I do try generally to give a balance.

    5. To be fair to Kat, she did say that this was a blog about expensive, investment shoes.

  5. Gorgeous, but not for me. I own five pairs of heels, and they get worn about once a year. At. The. Most.
    The main reason is that I don't feel comfortable in them, doesn't stop me thinking of them as pure eye candy. I can understand looking for good quality ones though, as most are reasonably timeless.
    Hope you have a good day at Bicester, I'm not remotely envious! (Ha!)

    1. Oh I LOVE a heel!! I wear them every weekend. I will admit they're not daily wear for me any more but for me - they make an out out outfit!

  6. I have the PS shoes - love them - call them my Wonder Woman shoes!

  7. Cannot do heels anymore, unless a block heel (so I love those Sam Edelman ones!) Bought one thing in the sale las soooo skint after Xmas...the BF Fashion jumper in black which I have worn twice and absolutely LOVE.