The little things...

...make all the difference .

Especially when the "little" things are huge, whacking, statement earrings. 

These show no signs of going anywhere.  And if you're happy with your Winter wardrobe but just want a January pick me up, there is no cheaper addition to your outfits than a pair of new earrings.  Ok so they're not "all" reasonably priced (damn you JCrew - although I say that but nothing that takes my fancy this season *punches air*) but for the most part, I have revisited the places where I usually score big in the Pat Butcher department. 

First up - speaking of big and bling (earrings - not Pat), Mango, come on down... 

I should throw it out there that these I love.  I WANT to wear them but.. I'm having a mental block when it comes to me and my outfits.  Do you ever do that?  See something that you really, really want to wear but know that it would just sit in your wardrobe, wagging its finger at you, saying "WEAR ME BIATCH..." And you want to.. you really want to but it just never feels right.  You never know quite what to wear it with. 

THESE are those earrings.  I'm not *that* good at the truly eclectic mixing, which I think you need to be to wear them.  Although.. 

Faceted crystal earring £12.99 from Mango

I have to say - these are more up my street.  A play on a black pair... 

Crystal Fabric Drop Earrings from Topshop £14.50

When it comes to wearable though, these I can highly recommend.  I have these and wear them a lot.  They are very like a pair that they had in JCrew for significantly more (I did try and do the maths as to how many times more but gave up.  After longer than I should have attempted.  Maths has never been my strong point...)

Liuiua Black Earrings from Aldo £15

I love black earrings and these have my name all over them. 

ASOS Metal Disc Earrings £6

Actually forget them - THESE.... 

ASOS Tonal Tassel Earrings £8

Black beaded triple ball earrings from River Island £12

The reason the ones above are right up my street are because I have these ones and wear them loads. 

Red Pom Pom and Bead earrings from Topshop £12.50

Moving onto pink.  These are HUGE.  

ASOS Statement (understatement that is) Earrings £12

And another pair which you can see from space... you think I'm joking?  Click on the link to see how huge they are.

ASOS Statement Earrings £12

If we're talking blue, how about a bit of navy?

Glamorous Navy Tassel Earrings £10

However.. these.  White.  Easy peasy pudding and pie to wear with anything monochrome.  Or all white.  Or all black with just white earrings.  Oh bring it on.  For less than a tenner.

Metal Earrings £9.99 from Mango 

These have my name all over them.  Suit, tee, trainers and these.  Spring, you're up (ignoring the fact it's the middle of January... I can wear them for a night out in the meantime).

Metallic hoop earrings from Mango £12.99

Bring on the red at Mango.  I have red earrings I love from Mango that I bought last year.  My daughter told me they looked like the McDonald's sign.  Which I had to grudgingly acquiesce they did.  Pah.  Do I still wear them?  Hell to the yes. 

So I don't need this ones as well as I love a bit of Maccy D's and wear my red arches with pride.  However if you don't own a pair, may I recommend these ones?

Mixed pendant earrings £12.99 from Mango

Green.  Lust. 

Fringe Bead Earrings from Mango £17.99

And then the way out numbers.  All the wrong but all the right. 

Hoop stars from Aldo £18

However call off the dogs.  Whilst I could wear every single one of these pairs - THESE... oh hello earrings of all joy.  I fear they will go with absolutely nothing that I own, but I think they're so awesome - a pair of jeans, white tee, navy blazer and these.  Job done.

Reclaimed Vintage Earrings £15

And today for a very not exciting at all outfit - it was all about comfort for taking the children climbing after school.  Which was a disaster (unlike Clip n Climb where we went on Saturday, which was amazing - although the kids did all have small bruises on their chests from the "clip").  The one we went today was free climbing... with zero help from anyone supervising.  All the employees were there to make sure the children behaved, it was ME who was supposed to supervise.  Errr my rock climbing skills I could write on my baby finger nail.  I know the sum total of diddly squat about it, which meant they could climb one tiny wall.  I think it would be amazing if you were to join one of the regular clubs they run (which then came in whilst we there and proceeded to climb on the only wall my children were able to do, at which point we left.  Ten whole minutes we were there... they were kind enough to give me a refund!) or one of their holiday clubs.  

We then hot footed it to our local trampoline centre - good old Jump In.  Which, is only a fiver on school nights for an hour after 5pm - less than half the price of climbing.  Result!  Three exhausted and entertained children.  


Into This Jumper - Bella Freud (sale aw15)
Phoebe Jeans - MiH from Fenwicks (sale aw16)
Hi tops - Golden Goose from FarFetch (sale aw17)
Coat - M&S (aw17)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift aw17)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (aw17)

The husband is out tonight, I have a glass of wine and control of the remote control and am looking forward to a day in London tomorrow.  I won't tell you that I've been running every day will I?? 

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4 comentarios:

  1. Ooh those huge pink ASOS ones are calling my name! Would that first pair go with the dress you got from Anthropologie before Christmas? I think it was there, you did a Stories picking between three dresses?
    My two love Clip n Climb. My youngest used to go to a climbing wall where we were left to our own devices, but at three I was quite confident I could manage her. Big up to her and her courage though, she used to climb as high as I could reach, I tried the first row of holds/blocks/thingies and didn’t want to go any further! x

    1. OOOH do you know what - I think they would! And I'm now thinking - maybe go all out Soap Landlady and wear them with leopard print.... too much?

  2. I bought some J Crew MASSIVE earrings in October and I love them, wear them with everything, But I also love my H&M ones too. Have you really been running every day? So impressed!