If you can't beat the January blues..

...may I suggest you join 'em?  In two days it will be Blue Monday.  The most depressing day of the year apparently.  Well that's jolly, isn't it?   So to cheer us all up, I'm proposing that we look at all things blue in a new light. 

For my January edit (my monthly paid project) for Marks and Spencer, I am completely crushing on all things blue.  After the success of my red and pink outfit last year, I have decided to buoy us all up with bonny blue beauties. 

The best thing about blue is the myriad of shades it comes in.  And I am proposing that we wear all the shades together. 

Navy is the obvious choice - and I'll be honest - it's the shade I've gone for.   But there's not reason why we should just stop there.  Have that as your base colour and throw in all the new shades of blue that are slowly coming in for Spring/Summer 18.  It may have a reputation as a cold colour but with shades as bright as the ones I've found - I defy them not to lift your spirit. 

And let's face it in January, we all need every bit of jolly we can get our hands on. 

First up, let's look at the outfit I chose.  I have to mention "the" trousers.  Again.  As I have pretty much worn them every day in either the navy or the black.  Yes they sold out but they're back in stock (for the minute... on the posting of this blog they are definitely in stock).

As I said, I've obviously gone with the navy.  Points to make with regards to these trews.  They come up very big and very long.  So size down and go down a hem length if you want them cropped.  Mine are the perfect ankle grazer length on me but I might have to get them taken in a tad. 

Turn-up wide leg trousers from M&S Collection £35

Now I have blue jumpers a plenty on the way but I have to say, I am loving a bit of an all in one look.  Head to toe navy.  I would go so far as it say it's almost as glamorous as head to toe black. 

And for those days when you can't be bothered to do your hair - there is nothing better than a polo neck and huge earrings.   Take your usual size in this - it comes up big and even in your usual size it won't be clingy clingy. 

Ribbed Polo Neck Jumper in navy £17.50  If navy isn't your thing, it comes in a host of other colours too. 

Then there is the blazer.  Could this be the perfect navy blazer?  

Grosgrain Trim Single Button Blazer in Navy £45

You know when you put an outfit on and it's right there in your comfort zone?  Ta Dah!


And what better to complete this navy fest than a pair of white trainers.  Not any white trainers though, white trainers with NAVY on them.  These, after the trousers, are my complete pick of the crop.  Yes I love a white trainer.  But do I have a pair like these?  No.  Can you believe it?  No I don't!  They're a much chunkier number than all the others I have, verging on flatform but not *that* heavy looking.  A slight variation on a Superga.  Actually, I would go so far as to say, a Superga meets a Stan Smith.  In leather, under £50 and with a navy rubber edging to the front which makes them look three times more expensive than they are.  If you like them, buy them, as I'm not sure they're going to be around for long. 

I should also point out that I personally find M&S shoe sizing on the confusing side (to be fair, it doesn't take much).  Of course, it's not when you know it, but I would always say I'm a 40 ergo a 7, whereas in M&S - a 40 is a 6.5..... And I think even then, they come up on the big side.  I usually take their 6 which they call a 39.5.  However it does depend on the shoe.  BUT in this instance, I can say that yes, as someone who usually take a 40/7, I have gone for the 6 in these and they are perfect.  Clear as mud?! 

Leather Lace-up D-ring Trainers £49.50

So what else caught my eye in the blue stakes? 

Let's talk cashmere.  A fabulous shade of blue that will have everyone smiling.  Cobalt.  The fact I have the new perfect skirt to go with it, is neither here nor there... on its own with navy or with any denim, it looks just sublime. 

Autograph Pure Cashmere Ribbed Round Neck Jumper in Cobalt £75  I took the 10 in this and I will say, if you're a tallie, the arms aren't "that" long (unlike the ribbed polo neck above where the arms are fabulously generous) so I tend to wear mind pushed up.

Then there is always good old navy.  And my favourite stye - the polo neck.  A classic that you will have forever.  In the polo necks, I tend to size up.  I have the hot pink one from last season and I got it in the 12.

Navy polo neck in cashmere £89

And cobalt trousers anyone?

Slim trousers in cobalt £35

Eat your heart our Audrey.... cashmere roll neck, cobalt trousers and navy shoes below.  Trousers are a 10 long (I'm 5ft10) by the way - I think they're true to size and not as big as the turn up ones above.


These are the shoes that I have on there - I'm wearing the 6.

Pull on pump shoes in navy £25

Moving onto the knitwear bargain of the day.  £12.50.  YES - £12.50 for a jumper. 

Two gorgeous shades of blue... 

Round Neck Jumper £12.50

Which is the colour I'm wearing here.  I think they're cut on the generous side.  This is a 12 and it's ample large - a 10 would be a much neater fit.


But this one I think I might even prefer...

Cornflower jumper £12.50

And then there is simply the best print of the season so far. 

Cats.  This dress is sublime sublime sublime IF you're not 5ft10 and want it maxi midi.  But for anyone of a normal height, this would be the perfect length.  It's a fabulous heavy silky satin fabric with pleating round the midriff that means it hangs like a dress that costs significantly more. Love the colour combo of navy, red and blush.  Take your usual size and know that I am super jealous.  I am tempted to buy two and add frills to the bottom of one of them from the other (I may have done this before...).

Satin Cat Print Long Sleeve Print Dress £49.50

Yes I have it on over my trousers here... my legs were not fit for photographic consumption. 


They also have it in a shirt version too.  I can genuinely say it's a lot more Stella McCartney than Per Una.  Alas it's not a style that personally I wear otherwise I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. If you are of the shirt wearing persuasion BUY BUY BUY!

Printed Long Sleeve Shirt £27.50

And here I am today in my navy fest. 


Blazer, jumper, trousers and trainers - M&S
Bag - Loewe

I will be back tomorrow with another colour themed blog.  Or a lack of colour... aha... I'll just leave that there.  Hope January is treating everyone well, I can't believe we're almost half way through.  Although saying that, the Christmas holidays seem like a lifetime ago.  And I suppose now isn't the time to tell you that half term is only four weeks away.. WEEPS.  Seriously, how can that be?!

This post was written as the January part of my monthly paid collaboration with M&S.  All items were chosen by me and all editorial content is my own.

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14 comentarios:

  1. LOVE your all-navy blazer/polo/trousers combo - so chic! I think it looks just right with trainers too - stops it from being staid. Rocking the Audrey look too. Pah! I wish I was a little bit taller...(you know the rest)

    1. Just saying these trousers do come in petite....!! I have to say, compared with all the other shades of blue I had intended to try on - the all navy isn't the most interesting outfit. But it's definitely the one I feel most comfortable in - navy is also a new colour head to toe for me so I feel I am ticking the "trying something new" box which I have to say I do like to do (the Aquarian in me..). Also it is a new ankle length as well - it's not cropped, it's ankle grazer which, after (way too much) pondering, I think is THE new length for this season.

    2. I'm a petite size 12, and the short length is fine on me. I'd say it's slightly longer than ankle skimmer, but not by a huge amount. (I normally find Boden petite trousers are spot on, and I'm about a 28/29 inch leg length in jeans depending on brand). These trousers do something amazing to my bum, without making me look short and dumpy, I will be pairing them with tops that are on the fitted side too and I think they look great with flats and heels.

    3. Forgot to say, that by accident I ordered a 10 rather than a 12, and amazingly they fit perfectly. A size 12 would have drowned me!

    4. They do come up big, don't they?!

  2. Anybody would have thought you did this post with me in mind! I love blue, all shades of blue. Navy is my neutral of choice! And the last few years have been perfect for me, I've definitely gone 'all in' as far as blue goes!
    And those trousers! I wore mine for the first time last night, they are so comfortable. And were complemented too! I am planning on wearing them with grey/blue Stan Smith's, but I keep checking out white sneakers too!
    I've also invested in a paler navy blue bias cut maxi skirt (my first one ever), it's got such a flattering cut. I must admit I never thought that would be one for me, but it was so gorgeous I had to try it. 50% off in the sale too. Looking forward to dressing it up and down!

  3. Brilliant post and so useful to see you try things on to get an idea of cut and shape, thank you. I had to reorder the wide leg ankle grazers in a smaller size otherwise they would have sat on my hips and not been floor sweeping! They are amazing quality, I was pleasantly surprised. No off to check out the blazer and those gorgeous trainers, fingers crossed there is a 20% off soon!

  4. Yes, the trousers come up very big! Had to size down in waist and length and return my normal size....fingers crossed the smaller ones will be the perfect fit x

    1. I'm sure they will be! How amazing is the quality?

  5. Loving that tan bag with your navy outfit. I have done that thing too - bought two dresses the same and cut the bottom off of one to make the other one longer!

    1. It's a genius idea isn't it? I think I'd have to buy a 10 and then buy the biggest size to make sure there is a large quantity of fabric for the double layered hem.... hmmm I might take it to my seamstress and see what she thinks as I love the dress so much! Would be THE most amazing maxi dress ever!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for recommending the above trousers. I tried them on yesterday on a whim / out of sheer desperation and they are fab! Love the heavy weight fabric and I bought the long version so I can hopefully wear them with heels as well as trainers. So happy to have trousers I can wear in and out of work.