It's the annual foray into...

... the most random for me, but I do it every year - good old River Island.   I'm going to throw it out there and say that for most of us, hovering around a certain age, it's not the first port of call when it comes to shopping and inspiration. 

However.  However... this is a blog post that I do at some point every year and today is the day.  Why you may ask?  Just to point it, this is in no way sponsored and never has been!

At the garage this morning, picking up croissants, milk and juice (just me every week that  forgets to stock up the day before?  Every.  Week...), I also grabbed a Grazia.  Which I haven't read for absolutely ages. 

And hello 20% off at River Island.   With rugby being cancelled, what better way to spend an hour (after having done two washes - oh it's all the glamour...) than perusing the website to see if there are any gems.  Historically I've always managed to find a couple of treats.  And with 20% off, they're all the sweeter.  

With so many of us shopping in similar shops and from the same websites, it's occasionally lovely to stray from the beaten path and unearth some great surprises that others won't have. 

All prices are pre the 20% off and the code is GRAZIAJAN18. 

Starting with one of my favourite Spring must haves - the good old Trench.  Here we have a slight twist on a classic. 

Camel Double Collar Long Trench £85

And whilst we're on the subject of twists on a classic - this is one of my favourite variations.  The Chanel jacket done River Island style.  With an infintely more palatable price tag. 

Black pearl double breasted boucle jacket £68

And similar IN A PETITE (I am all the jealous.. nothing for us giraffes.. harrumph) £68

Double breasted again in white - perfect for coming into the Spring.  Ideal over jeans with a tee and loafers. 

White Double Breasted Tux £70

Black double breasted ripple blazer (this is just a texture in the fabric - not some random sketchy thing going on on the back, fear not) £75

Get your Spring on with this one... now I am NOT going down this route (famous last words,.. I say it every year and end up falling down the rabbit hall of boho).  This is the perfect addition if you have a folk-centric wardrobe. 

Navy folk trim tie sleeve top £46

Again something slightly out of my comfort zone - well I say that but actually.. perfect for out out with jeans, I'd team it with a black midi skirt to make it into a "dress" and throw on with jeans, a blazer and trainers.

Pink tile lace trim high neck blouse £35

Orrrrr - the red version.  This.. THIS one is the gem of the post.  The reason I do the trawling, the reason my heart skips a little bit faster (and oh hell, I'd love to say that's an exaggeration but err no.  It does.  That feeling of finding that top of wonder that you know people will ask - where's that from?  And nothing better than saying RIVER ISLAND!  I know, I know, I need to get out more....).

Red tile print lace trim £35

Or this top with these shoes... jeans and a blazer.  All the love.  Or with a black skirt.. 

Red studded pointed backless loafers £44

Staying with studs and again, more Maran than River Island but for under £50 the discount.   These are growing on me the more I look at them.  The perfect cross between a shoe and a sandal.  Ideal with trousers, dresses and jeans.  Dressy but not overly dressy.  And the heel would guarantee they were more comfortable than anything more spindly.  TA DAH!  All the justification ever needed. 

Black stud embellished cone heel sandals £55

Moving onto knitwear and as one who favours a monochrome look, this ticks all my boxes.  Although would I only be able to wear it on the weekend?  Can you have weekend vibes on a Wednesday.  I reckon so - as in, it's Wednesday but you're thinking of the weekend... Hell to the yes. 

Cream weekend vibes jumper £38

And throwing in more slogans.  These aren't going anywhere!

Grey marl "love" tape embellished tee £24

More grey t-shirt lust with this vintage wash looking one. 

Grey lightening heart studded slouch t-shirt £24

No it's not Etre Cecile, yes it's River Island.  You would be totally forgiven for thinking otherwise.  70s vibes are us...  I absolutely adore this. 

Beige "moi et toi" glitter tee £18

Then there's this one. 

Black "comme ci" glitter print tee £18

Navy - Bonjour a toi print tee £16

Knitwear in a chunky monkey fashion.  Love this green. 

Green chunky knit roll neck sweater £42

Which they also do in a black. 

And the pink also £42

Then throwing in some Summer numbers.  Yes it's January, yes it's snowing, yes the prospect of any sunshine is a looooooooooong way away.  However this is the sort of gem that if you don't buy it now, it will be long gone by the time you get round to thinking about whether your sun cream from last year is out of date.  Not to mention bagging the 20% off.

Is it Dodo bar Or or is it River Island?  Ok so the fact I'm writing a post on River Island "slightly" gives the game away but there's definitely more than a hint of inspo from much more expensive brands on the market. 

White embellished maxi cover up £48

Speaking of Summer... 

Cream fill bardot maxi dress £32

And I'm throwing in some sandals and leaving them here...

Black wide fit buckle strap mule sandals £38

Or in the pink snakeskin again £38 - much more Bally than River Island

So I would happily wear absolutely everything on this post but my two favourite things are definitely the red tile print blouse and the 70s glitter tee.   And the shoes.  Without a shadow of a doubt the stud shoe sandal thingies.

Have I converted you to River Island?  Anything that particularly catches your fancy?  Or is there something else online that I've missed? 

Apologies for not having been around the last couple of days.  Was in London all day on Thursday for a spot of shopping in the morning with my best friend.  We always do the last couple of days of the Fenwicks sale which is usually good but this year it was incredible.  Things were reduced, reduced again and then there was 50% off the final sale price!  


Jumper - Bella Freud from Matches (sale aw17)
Skirt - ASOS White (current)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17)
Biker - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Scarf - Black (gift 3yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

And then on Friday which was so long ago I can't even remember what I did - oh yes, sorting through the quagmire of school issues for senior school for a child with ASD *weeps*.  Although in the evening, I had a lovely time at a party but was so late and distracted, I forgot to take a photo.  I KNOW RIGHT?!


Jumper - Zadig & Voltaire (ss17)
Jeans - Frame from Fenwicks (sale aw17)
Leopard Coat - Helene Berman from Anthropologie (aw17)
Wrist warmers - Somerville scarves (gift current season)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17)

So tomorrow I will be back with a Monday Must Have and it's the perfect January pick me up if you spend most of these weeks looking like a corpse *waves hand*.  Coming this week, I have more accessories and an indulgent "I need.. so you're all coming on the journey with me" post on a specific coloured top.  Sorry.....

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11 comentarios:

  1. You always find the hidden gems, thank you. Not somewhere I would venture into, but have ordered the red tile blouse, tee and shoes.
    Love your Frame jeans too.

    1. WHOOP! Hope they're good - have ordered them too in the interests of research... Think the top would be perfect with the Frame jeans and the cone heel shoes. Out Out Outfit DONE

  2. I just bought the prertendy Gucci Love tshirt from River Island - I had a bit of a hunt through but didn't fancy anything else. Now, I want that Comme Ci tshirt and the green jumper! I feel 22 again ;-) Why is it the footwear I like is always the wide fit ones?! Love your randomness xx

  3. Great post. I love online river island as opposed to the shops...everything really cropped and teenagery but always some gems online. Thanks!

    1. This is SO true. It can be more than a little it intimidating instore...but online it's a total treasure trove!

  4. Thinking about the last post, there are plenty of statement earrings online!

    1. I did have some of them on the last blog actually - DANG IT, I didn't put them on my order...

  5. I had look yesterday and got a handbag - I always think RI do great bags!

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