The sun is out. There must and shall be flesh.

Even though it may only be a flash of the white stuff on my ankles.  After having spent the winter in heels,  I rather enjoyed the week I spent on holiday living in my new leather sneakers.  Whilst a pair of Golden Goose lovelies (I am still addicted) are on my wish list, it's only a pair of hi tops that I'd like and even I will admit that's not the most sensible purchase now that Summer is on the way (if I believe - it will happen....) 

I have contemplated (and am still contemplating... hmmmm) both brogues and loafers but top of the list at the moment seems to be a pair of pointed ballet flats.  I have lived in ballet flats for years - one of my fave pairs are a gold fret work Jimmy Choo pair that I bought when I was pregnant with Rugrat Two.  Who is now 6.  That's value for money.  

However I don't currently (and have less than zero plans to any time in the future until they're off the menopausal variety) have the luxury of blaming the hormones for spending a small fortune on a pair of flats. (I am still utterly lusting after the Vince D'Orsay flats in black which I can't get hold  of for love nor money.  Be warned, if anyone in the UK has them and I bump into you - I will mug you for them.  If your feet are smaller than mine, I shall just be lopping a couple of toes off.  Be afraid)

But I have managed to find a number of pretty great ones, which I shall be exploring up close and personal later in the week. 

Starting with an interesting twist on a classic pair:-

Black and navy western style ballet flats from Next - I think I'm personally looking for something a bit more classic but I do love the detailing on them and the black and navy together.  I also think they look a lot lot lot more expensive than they are. 

Dune Mardi reduced to £29  These look gorgeous and for under £30 for leather, definitely the best bargain there is. 

Traffic People  £15.75  These are obviously not leather but I love the cut of them.  Also partial to the shape of the heel. 

Zara pointed sling backs £39.99  I was so excited by these until I saw them instore at the weekend.  Gutted from Kent.  They are the harshest pleather known to man and I fear would rip your feet to shreds in about 20 seconds flat.  However there was the population of Belgium in Zara on Saturday and I may have been slightly distracted.  Seriously, it was verging on full on rugby scrum.  I may resort to a huge online shop (which we know is always a Very Bad Idea - I shall explore in more detail in another thread). 

As an aside though, since when did pleather shoes cost £40?

Pointed slingbacks from Boden  These are definitely my favourite.  I lived in my Zara rose gold ballet flats last year (£13 in the sale and real leather - kerching!  What a difference a year makes).  They were perfect and would still be perfect had I not moronically decided to wear them in the rain.   What a tool.  They didn't survive to tell the tale. 

But I do recall that they were the perfect colour that went with everything.  I also have a pair of Sam Edelman Gigis in rose gold moc croc and they again, are just the ideal pair of sandals.   Plus I now have a watch to go with them.  Hurrah.  Off to tweet to see if I can scour an amazing Boden code.  These are definitely getting themselves ordered this week. 

They do them in a plethora of lovely colours - have to say I'm liking the navy pair a lot as well. 

I aslo quite like a white pair - from Carvela  £49.  But again, synthetic....?!!

But super stunning in the black... Maybe it's really comfy synthetic?  I have always been a big fan of Primark synthetic ballet flats.  However it's easy to be a big fan of something when they cost £6.  Not £50.

And supremely elegant in my opinion in the nude.

There really aren't that many out there, so clearly they're criminally unfashionable, but I have a total hankering for a pair.  Watch this space.....

And now a round up of what I've been wearing the last couple of days.  Starting with Friday when we left hols.  The day the weather changed.  How lucky were we?


Silk printed tunic shirt - Zara
Distressed faded biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Cream quilted biker jacket - Zara
Secret Garden necklace - Stella & Dot 
Gold boots - homemade with the help of boots from Peacocks
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles 

Back to the winter outfits for a completely freezing day on Saturday.


Olive vest - H&M
Cream cowl neck Renoir top - FCUK
Grey/oatmeal jersey blazer - Zara
Fabulous Finches scarf in Owl Brown - Mulberry
Tan Cypress boots - Acne
Stone cross body maxi zip bag - Anya Hindmarch

Saturday night, out for the most fantastic evening with School for an Auction of Promises.  Beyond, beyond amazing - we raised £17k!  All over the moon and very surprised.  There may have been an awful lot of alcohol drunk.  This photograph was taken by The Husband at 1.30 am as I had forgotten to take one earlier.  Spot the drunkest person on the internet.  How I'm standing up is a miracle. 


Silk jersey dress - DVF
120 denier opaque tights - Topshop
Platform stiletto boots - Zara
Statement earrings - Forever 21
Statement cuff - Taylor Stephens 
Black clutch - Tory Burch

And here we are on Sunday feeling somewhat delicate.  *Somewhat* being something of an understatement. 


White linen tee - Zara
Black vintage style blazer - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Secret Garden necklace - Stella and Dot
Cheetah print ponyskin shopper - Zara 

Tomorrow I shall be back with a tale of woe.  It's regarding dress shopping.  And there are pictures.  Suffice to say there is no dress.  But I did buy some new jeans to drown my sorrows, seen above, which I LOVE.  Boyfriend style jeans.  Like buses.  Can't find any and then two come along at once.  For a sneak preview, here they are from Gap. 

So how is everyone else doing with their Spring footwear choices?  Am I missing out on something?

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23 comentarios:

  1. I'm working pointy flats this year- I have a black pair of crocodile flat shoes waiting in the wings....

  2. Oooh loving the rose gold boden flats but I find it impossible to walk in sling backs - always walk out of them for some reason! Not sure about black flats - not very summery, maybe stick to nudes/golds?
    Glad you had a great holiday and an even greater Sat night - I wish I looked that put together whilst drunk!

  3. I've went off pointy toes flats since I got the H&M ones, the flatness and the elongated toe just made my feet look massive and I have very small feet for my height. So then went back as I felt as if I'd always be conscious in them. But I did love the style of them. Love those next ones, so rare to see a black and navy shoe. I see another long time search coming on for u Kat! Lol love the DVF dress on you, and u look pretty sober if u ask me!

  4. I've just found the perfect pair of nude brogues ;-)

  5. Kat I got these very same jeans! I did find had to size down ridiculously to avoid saggy arse syndrome which I find is a constant issue with gap jeans other than that I love them! Love the wash tone too perfect compromise of not skinny but not full on boyfriend baggy for those who fear going the whole hog...

  6. Oh and I forgot gap had some great pony skin leopard flats I snapped up they are great!

  7. Love the rose gold shoes from Boden, such a great colour that goes with everything

  8. I think Nordstrom ship to the UK and stock the VInce Ninas - in fact so does Neiman Marcus I think? I am happy to get them to you - I can even bring them when I come over in June or ship them beforehand...happy to be your mule:) They are completely worth it:) xx

  9. I've got the rose gold ballet pumps - the sling back and pointy toe doesn't work for me either. Wide feet do not like pointy toes :(
    Loving the night out dress - fabulous print and you look surprisingly amazing for 1.30am after a night of drinking! Ax

  10. Your post has just 'made' my buy the Boden pointy sling backs in Rosé Gold!

  11. I'm loving the pointy flats, I have just got the most amazing pair of black and white one's from And Other Stories, but just checked out their site, and it looks like they have sold out too!! xx

  12. Can't do pointy flats,remind me of my 80's heyday!
    Love the Clarks black and tan ones though.

  13. I love pointy flats (Prada do a lovely pair which I obv won't be getting! But my feet (like Avril) don't like them a bit even though I keep trying to squeeze them in a la ugly sister! I removed my socks on 29th March, I'll be darned if they go back on, it's ballet flats from now on for me.....even if my feet freeze. I bought a fab pair of strappy western nude sandals from DP which I'm looking forward to wearing when it gets hot.

  14. Kat use code SIZE for 20% off Boden *enabler*
    I may have used this code a lot the white skinnies on your recommendation and love them x

  15. Boden flats look fabulous! Wondering if you've spotted any good formal dresses on your dress hunt?

  16. I love ballet flats but they give me back-ache. Just discovered the Bertie 'Avery' suede pump which has the tiniest of little wedges for that subtle lift. So thrilled am considering getting them in black and navy as well as the light brown.

  17. Pointy flats are the new way forward - just trashed a navy suede pair from Next and about to invest in something a touch more durable

    Pink gold for the office?

  18. I've been eyeing up pointy flats too, and thanks to Gillian H's code above, I "may" have just bought these:

    Although I love the look of the slingbacks, I also struggle to keep them on my feet. These look like the (almost) perfect pair of Orsay pumps - but with a handy teeny tiny strap to keep them on my feet. If only they were actual leather rather than patent, but beggars can't be choosers...

  19. I tried the Kurt Geiger ones on and I'm not that impressed with the quality or fit. For £50 - could do better.

    And I would love the Boden ones in rose gold but I'm like a few other on here - little dumpy fat feet in elegant pointy rose gold pumps do not a good look make.

  20. Boden code for 20% off at the moment is "SIZE", valid until 18th May although they do tend to pull them early quite often. I want the silver/neon yellow Sorrento sandals but am holidng off for now!

  21. Love the look but like others find it hard to wear as my feet either slip out of them or sweat. I am in NZ so in autumn now so we are either a season behind or ahead depending how you look at it. In spring or autumn I wear loafers, converse, wedge or block sandals, coloured trainers, ankle boots.....I don't own ballet flats at all except for house slippers.

  22. I literally like your outfit and love that scarf that has a suitable match with the jeans.

    Jeans For Women

  23. I have just bought these, and they are pretty comfy: