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I can't believe it's tomorrow.  The Award Ceremony for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards at the Britmums Conference.  That has come around so quickly.  And I am so looking forward to it.  Not that I remotely expect to win but just to catch up with some other blogging friends will be great.  And meet loads of people that I can't wait to put a face to a name.   A couple of glasses of something or other and putting the world to rights - what's not to love?

In fact, I get to do it twice tomorrow as I'm meeting two of my oldest and closest friends for lunch (which just happens to be in Selfridges.....that may be ever so slightly dangerous.  Must.  Not.  Do.  Tipsy.  Shopping.) 

But what to wear?  I had initially thought on going glam (complete delusions of grandeur clearly.  Hear "awards ceremony", think Angelina Jolie) but I have heard from a reliable source that it's actually quite casual.  The conference is on in the afternoon (unfortunately I can't go tomorrow pm but am looking forward to it on Saturday) and so most people tend to stay on and wear what they had during the day. 

As I'm a finalist in the Style category, sort of can't turn up in harems and a sweatshirt and I've been umming and ahhing about what would take me from day to night, still being quite glam but swerving the red carpet in your face look. 

And as if by magic, TK Maxx, who are sponsoring the award, said that they would like to dress all the finalists in this category.  Well thank you kindly!  So the other day, I pootled down to my nearest store to find something to fit the bill. 

I figured that I need to get my money's worth from my Burberry shoes so that's part one of the outfit.  And then my coated black skinnies from Cos which are a no brainer.   So was focussing my search on something to wear on top. 

Boy did I come up trumps.  

I have two fantastic options to choose from for the Friday night, both courtesy of Clements Ribeiro.  And another option to wear for the Saturday.

Firstly a Grey Animal Print satin top.  It's actually a grey, black, yellow and navy.  Couldn't fit in with my wardrobe better. 

Pics really don't do it justice and neither does my photo.  It looks great with my black and camel quilted leather cropped Massimo Dutti Jacket.  


And the second choice, which again (sticking with a theme) looks like diddly squat in the photo but is, in fact, a fabulous super fitted linen khaki leopard print blazer.  This will go with a myriad of outfits.  I think I'll probably keep this for the conference on Saturday with jeans, tee and either boots or ballet flats.  As we established the other week - one can never have too many jackets......


However I also snagged this fantastic longsleeved Maison Scotch top which would also make a great outfit for Saturday.  Skinnies, navy blazer and navy boots and I'm away.  I absolutely love this top. (which I will iron...!) 


I also managed to spend wisely and got another couple of goodies as well - Cole Haan sunnies and my straw hat from yesterday for starters. 

So thank you so much TK Maxx for sponsoring my outfit!  Can't wait to hear what everyone else is wearing.  Choices, choices, choices here......

And finishing with a pap of me yesterday at a Charity Ascot Race Day.  Great company, for a great cause and with lots and lots of champagne. (headpiece or hat was obligatory) 


Clearly getting my money's worth out of the Burberry ensemble. 

Black dress - Burberry
Black sandals - Burberry
Gold glasses - Cole Haan
Gold Emperor Coin Statement Necklace - Bill Skinner
Gold Emperor Coin Statement bracelet - Bill Skinner
Black clutch - Tory Burch
Black feather headpiece - Nerida Fraiman

Won't have time to blog tomorrow but will be back on Saturday.  Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who did vote for me in the Awards, as without you, I wouldn't have made any final.  Thank you.  And hope the outfits get the seal of approval!  I will be tweeting pics of them tomorrow - if anyone is on Twitter (it is ridiculously addictive if you're not - it starts like seeming the most random thing on the planet and before you know it, you're hooked), then you can follow me on @doesmybumlook40 for outfits and updates. 

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6 comentarios:

  1. Good luck in the awards Kat. I absolutely adore the leopard blazer.I'm so looking forward to your next post. Love Liz xxx

  2. Good luck with the awards! Love your tips - have just used your link to the leopard print satin animal top at TK Maxx - think I'll be ordering that one, hope it looks great on:) I'm sure it does if you've bought it! I'm looking 'everywhere' now for a nice tan leather bag, I love all of your bags the ones with the over the crook of the elbow and the option of a long strap too are just my style (but not too huge/heavy) - I've looked everywhere including TK Maxx! Rachel x

  3. I really hope you win, you deserve to, you write so well, it's always your blog that makes me smile over my morning coffee!!

  4. You look stunning in the Burberry! The TK Maxx finds are amazing too! Best of luck at the awards ceremony! Be thinking of you all! It'll be a blast! Ax

  5. Good luck at the awards. Love the dress in the final pic, but what the LORD do you have on your feet?! Not a fan of the orthopaedic shoe look, sorry.

  6. Good luck this evening and love the top! I got lucky a few weeks ago in TK Maxx with the most perfect grey & cream jacket by Clements Ribeiro. I thought of you!!! Purely because I've wanted the CR burgundy coatigan that you got in TK Maxx last year ... but I'm more than happy to have settled for this jacket instead. Will be waiting eagerly for your pics on twitter!