It takes a special sort of stupid.. lose a shoe.  When out and about.  Now not "that" stupid in that I actually only came home with one on one foot and not the other.  No, I had sensibly taken flat shoes with me out on Friday so that I didn't have to stagger around the train station to get to lunch at Selfridges. Not very sensibly though, I had taken my trusty old faithfuls, my black suede and patent ballet flats from Banana Republic.  Which I've had for 4 years, maybe 5 actually, principally as I've never found any others comfy enough to replace them. 

Well.  Sort of haven't got an option now, have I?  What is perhaps more galling is that I was only thinking as I wore them with my outfit on Friday, that they were so useful and how much use over the years I had out of them - a classic pair of gorgeous little shoes in my wardrobe.  

I now have a classic gorgeous shoe - singular.  About as much use as a chocolate teapot.  I'm not to say that alcohol was to blame but..... (I may also have misplaced my new sunglasses - seriously - sign me up for Stupid Street immediately) 

Which leads me onto searching for a replacement.  I do genuinely think that the black flat pump is a true must for a wardrobe.  Especially justifiable seeing as Summer is nowhere to be seen (there - I said it - wasn't too nasty about it - certainly have nothing nice to say about it.  Weather you are an arse.  May have slipped up on that latter bit) 

So whilst I am still hankering after the elusive Vince Ninas - here's a pic to swoon over. 

To be honest, if I knew what size I was, I'm pretty sure I would have caved by now and ordered them from the US.  But seeing as the luck I have with black flats is minimal, this would be a complete school boy error.  (and would also be taking vital Jaeger Leopard Print funds out of the pot, you'll all be gutted to hear) 

And there is actually plenty around these shores that I'm sure will fit the bill (and fingers crossed, my feet.)   With some of them being reduced. 

Starting with ASOS Liberty Pointed flats £17.50 down from £25 - now limited sizes (obviously mine is sold out.  Says it all really.  Me and the perfect ballet flats is clearly not a match made in heaven.)   But not exactly what I was after anyway.  If they're not perfect, I shall not be buying.....

ASOS Live pointed ballet flats - £12.50 down from £18.00  These have got to be worth a punt though.  Comfy non leather?  There is such a thing (honest guv) but will these be it. 

ASOS Link pointed Ballet flats £25  Love the shape of these, not entirely convinced about the suedette though.  I wrecked a pair last year when I managed to ping yoghurt on one (as you do)  Admittedly they were only from Primark but still. 

Or do I stay with a more classic look.  

John Lewis Jenni Patent Ballet Pumps - £25  But manmade again...... love the patent aspect though and again, could be comfy?

Harriet Shoe by Carvela at Kurt Geiger - £29 down from £39. And finally - leather!  I love the detailing on the sole.  Edging towards the perfect mix of classic with a twist.  

Lola2 Kurt Geiger £25  Comparing these to the JL ones, personally I prefer the slightly crackled leather. 

Hobbs Tessa Ballerinas £69 from £99  These are stunning.  Not entirely fitting the bill but rather reminiscent of a Chloe pair (the scalloped edged ones) that I was drooling over last year. 

Vince Camuto Faunas £49 down from £105  These are slightly on the bling side but Vince Camuto flats are stunning leather and these are a bargain (rules are made to be broken remember.....) 

Office Puffin Flat Shoes £16 from £35  LEATHER!!  Love these - shall deffo be ordering to try. 

Black real leather ballet pumps - Dorothy Perkins £17 down from £25.  What a bargain. I think these look easily as good as much more expensive classic ballet pumps which don't last a particularly long time, I can tell you from experience.  My concern is that perhaps these may come up slightly wide but I shall be ordering to find out. 

Stylesnob - Begina ballet flats from Atterley Road - £85  Another beautiful leather option from a classic Danish brand.  As per the ones I lost (roll eyes smiley. What a knob) I love the combo of fabrics with patent and textured leather.

And my final temptation is the Black Beatrix from Sam Edelman which my inner bling is screaming out for.  But I know how much wear I do get out of a more simple pump and so I'm going for sensible.  Who am I and what have I done with my former self??  A bargain now at £45!

So loads of slightly different ones to choose from.  I think I'm going to order a couple and decide when they get here.  I do know though that I definitely need a new pair.  

Right, here's me yesterday and today.  Massively lazily just regurgitating Saturday's outfit for Sunday where I had a Soft Play party with Rugrat Three.  It could have been a lot lot worse, that's all I have to say on the matter. 


Breton style "J'aime mon tee" top - Maison Scotch
Navy waffle jersey blazer - Next
Dad boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott
Stone leather pumps - Gap
Mini Antelope Necklace - Bill Skinner
Grey Cherelle bag - Whistles 

And today - super slob day, running around doing chores and shopping.  Still recovering from my ridiculously busy weekend.  Have recovered enough to have maybe a small glass of vino this evening mind you.  Monday ShMonday.


Grey longsleeved top - Toast
Navy sweatshirt - Gap
Patterned harems - Forever 21
Gunmetal grey Virgin hitops - Ash
Leather cuff - Warehouse 
Grey Cherelle bag - Whistles 
Mini Antelope Pendant - Bill Skinner 

Now can anyone believe that I haven't been to the Zara sale yet.  And haven't even done an order online..... Clearly this must be remedied (she says desperately trying to ignore her Sales Strategy.  Maybe I should put it to the test...... Blog coming up) 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Love those printed harems Kat. And do not fear your shoe may yet turn up, I thought I'd lost my beloved Plumo navy top and it turned up in S's drawer, just when I thought there was no hope lol! My Topshop ballet flats have just died so I'm very interested in your alternatives above, think the KG Harriet's are lovely. Ones with elasticated backs just scream "ouch" at me. Sorry for the essay - Fiona xx

  2. Be warmed with the VC faunas - they will rub your heel like hell. The sparkly bit at the back comes up too high, with no trim so it is really rough on the Achilles. Hence why they are a bargain no doubt. I learned the hard way. I'm normally a Eu 39 but the Nina's are on the big size - the 38s are perfect. I think the point makes them longer. Hope that helps! Have you seen the Aldo ones that Eve on has - they are lovely asymmetrical flats:)

  3. vince camuto come up big, even bigger than carvela/kurt geiger.
    Have you tried banana republic and their outlets for another pair?
    wondered if you had considered a for sale area of your blog poppys style has somethingg am sure. Am going to sell my zara blush sequin jacket on ebay soon and thought having a section for this would be useful for followers to post which items inspired by this blog were being sold on.

  4. I have a pair of Geox black/grey ballet pumps - think they're called the Charlene Ballerina - seriously THE MOST comfortable shoes I've ever ever owned! x

  5. Those DP ballet flats look super, are available in nude too and you can lop a further 20% off with the code DPSALE20 - I could not resist (2 pairs).

  6. Buy the JL ones at your peril! My friend and I bought them in gold a couple of weeks ago and we both now have shredded heels! and I sized up! Both are being returned under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 i.e. they are NOT fit for purpose!

    Can't say I'm keen on any of the others either....

    I have 3 boxes of Zara online sale goodies sat in my bedroom waiting to be examined and hopefully 'oohed' and 'ahed' over. I'm saving the experience for when I have time to properly enjoy it!

    Shame you didn't win the award, I love reading your blog. X

  7. Fab Bertie bow leather pumps online at £49 at the moment - I have them in tan but fancy the black as well!

  8. Sorry. That link I just published is rubbish. Anyway, if you look on the Bertie website and search under 'Momos Ballerina' they will come up!

  9. The Aldo ones that Joanna from Poppy's Style was referring to are the Aldo Dobrus flats, I think. She had them in black and I have them in nude.

  10. I got the Aldo Dobrus flats but returned them as they were a bit hard and not all that comfortable :0( To me the JL jenni's look like the comfy option!

  11. God for one horrible moment, I thought you'd lost one of your Burberrys! Totally gutted you didn't win the award - you was robbed!
    Not really feeling the black flat shoes probably because I'm 5 ft 2 and white as a ghost - if I must do flats, they've got to be gold or silver with a bit of bling to detract from the albino look. But think the link pointed ASOS ballet flats are the most flattering shape.