How on earth can it be the Sales already?

That is such an old lady thing to say, isn't it?  But I'm sorry a) it does seem like only two minutes since the last sales and b) they seem to get earlier every year.  Maybe it's because so far we haven't really had a summer.  I can count on one hand the number of times it's been vaguely warm enough to wear sandals.  Hell, I can probably count on two hands, the days when ballet pumps have been called for.

I don't even think I've bought anything super summery yet.  Which means of course that in a fortnight it will be utterly scorching - I will drag out all my high summer clothes (ie the ones that I don't boil alive in) which usually only get worn a couple of days a year in the UK and on holiday, think they're not cutting the mustard, go to look for new things and hey ho, all sold out.  

As it's raining today, I can't even get my head around super summery stuff (just me?  I'm so ridiculously weather reliant when it comes to buying clothes unless I have a specific occasion/holiday that's exceptionally imminent) and so my sales perusing has been those things which have caught my eye previously.

So the first round up of what I would love to be buying.  What I'll actually do is procrastinate about these for a day or so, decide I can't live without them and they'll be sold out.  Every.  Time. 

The alternative is to order them thinking they'll be perfect for the Autumn.  When October comes, I'll decide they're completely minging but by then of course it's too late to return them.  I won't lie - this has happened one or 10 times (maybe a few hundred times more).  Hence I resort to plan A of total procrastination.  The Sales.  Gah.  I am abstaining from purchasing. (for this evening - let's be honest) 

However, from my Ivory tower of no spending, I have cherry picked the following. 

Jaeger has been on sale for a while and these gems (to me, gems...), I can totally see me wearing both now and in the A/W.  However I know that Jaeger reduce more so I am playing chicken with them.  This rarely ends well. 

To which end, most people won't give too hoots as this range went down like a lead balloon last time I featured it, right at the beginning of the year.  I still love it.  I want all three of them.  I can't promise that I won't wear them all together.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  However chances of me buying all three at this price, isn't high at all, you will be pleased to hear. 

Spring Leopard Print Trousers 

Leopard Print Sweater   This is probably the one I won't buy - just because I do already have a silk leopard print top.  She says.....depending on how cheap it gets.  Come on Jaeger - how low can you go?

Leopard Print Coat   Bet Lynch eat your heart out.  I love this so much I may sleep in it. 

Moving on to the perfect addition for Autumn - a tweed biker jacket.  £99.  Down from £275.  Please please someone buy this.  I genuinely can't justify it but I am completely in love with it.  Black and navy - would work with just so much. 

Amy Bag in navy.  With my new navy Rag & Bone bags set to make a statement in my A/W wardrobe, I definitely definitely can justify a new navy bag.  (It would also go perfectly with the above jacket.  Oh hmmmmmm) 

This is the most stunning colour.  The perfect evening bag to go with everything.  But also available in black, navy or white. 

The Mimi Bag

I am a huge fan of Jaeger jewellery and this would work perfectly all year round.  Easy to wear during the day but fabulous in the evening too.  Much easier to wear than a solid gold coloured necklace with the cream resin links as well. 

Resin Hoop Bib Necklace 

I have been hankering after this all season and should probably just bite the bullet and go for it.

Voleria By Malene Birger top 

With matching skirt was on my wish list for the FHC outfit but I couldn't justify paying full price for the full set.  Not entirely sure how much use I would get out of it although it is something that would hang around in your wardrobe for years. 

The Ainara lace skirt 

Staying with the yellow theme.  I think this would be ridiculously useful for both now and for nights out in the winter - perfect with white jeans and then delicious over gun metal grey ones. 

Whistles Colour Block vest top 

See how out of control sales shopping can be?  I must stop now before I get completely carried away.  I always have in the back of my mind (lurking - seriously never gets anywhere near the front) a Sales Strategy which I am determined to put to good use.  So I shall attempt to put this together and shall be back with more goodies....

Today though, I am off for an Ascot Charity Lunch.  Which I sort of completely forgot about with the holy grail of events last weekend taking precedent.  I had to come up with an outfit yesterday.  You'll be interested to hear there is a distinct whiff of the Helena Bonham Carters about it......

Yesterday I had flung on 


Cream silky vest - Cos
Lace swing jacket - Anthropologie
Dark indigo real straight jeans - Gap
Leather belt - Primark
Leather cuff - Warehouse
Gold serpent necklace - Stella & Dot
Gold link bracelet - Made from Whistles
Sunglasses - Cole Haan
Hat - TK Maxx (needs a band to go round it..) 

I shall be back tomorrow! 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Sorry Kat but I think you can wait quite some time for those Jaeger items until they are at least 70% off! They are horrible so there's no fear of them being sold out in any size :-)

  2. Stop seducing me with those sale items - I am on a ban!

    1. I shall be returning with more........ Mwah ha ha ha ha.....

  3. I am not buying anything in the first flush, I am going to wait for the scrag-end of the sales stuff in hope that I unearth some greatly discounted beauties!! You always seem to have found some real winners when the sales are nearing the end so I intend to follow your example!!

  4. Im waiting as long as possible (and of course will panic buy if the weather changes for any length of time)!

    1. Understandably. All the best people do it. (ie me)

  5. Just picked up my sandals the same as the ones you have on in the photo - they're great! Rachel

    1. Aren't they the best ever? I'm so tempted to get two pairs in case one breaks!

    2. They're brill! Just checked online for a second pair for myself, chuckled when I just read your comment afterwards - my thoughts exactly - just about totally out of stock! (all gone in my size)

  6. Am feeling obedient, ordered the Jaeger biker!

    1. YAY!!! please do report back on what it's like!

  7. I also ordered the Jaeger biker - just got to figure a way of sneaking it into my wardrobe when it does arrive.....
    Also picked up another sales bargain - the black Clarks Sarina Bettys - half price in Debenhams - still full price in Clarks!! So chuffed!

  8. I'm with you Kat on the Jaeger coat - love it. Also fell in love with a pair of the pattern palazzo pants oh and the bags and... dangerous indeed!