My Sales Strategy (for the time being....)

I don't know about you all but I need one.  At the beginning of the sales every year, I am smug as a smug thing and say I'm not going to buy anything, I won't be seduced - they only reduce the rubbish that no-one wants (Jaeger leopard print springs to mind..... ha ha). 

But then I get seduced by just having a quick look.  And some of the bargains are so good.... and then full blown panic sets in that I'm missing out.


I have put together some rules, which I know are sensible and I would always advise a client of.  But, well..... when it comes to a pair of scarf print harem pants at 70% that I will wear for one day on holiday (duh).... oh it's so hard to resist (hand me a gun someone please).  

This year, however, I am determined to be a Sales Winner.  These aren't rocket science and I'm certainly not reinventing the wheel here, but I think it's one of those things that we can all do with being reminded of. 

So here goes

  1. Only buy something if you love it.  Do not. I repeat DO NOT buy it just because it's a bargain.  Imagine it was in Primark for the same price - not such a bargain then so would you still buy it or would you have walked past it.
  2. Hunt out things that you saw earlier in the season but couldn't justify paying full price for.  This is different from buying something just because it's cheap.  As you already loved it but we all have budgets to stick to.
  3. Look for things which can be worn all year round.  Automatically you're doubling the justification of a purchase if it can be worn during more than just one season.   
  4. Exceptions to Rule 3. are the odd thing that you can buy for your Summer Holiday Wardrobe.  But only if it stops you making a full price purchase.  
  5. Only buy something if it you can make an outfit from it with something else you already own. 
  6. Only buy something if you can think of an occasion when you will wear it (not when you "could" wear it, when you WILL wear it)  This is more for formal wear - that useful black dress is only going to be useful if you can actually think of an occasion when you will wear it.  To buy something that may come in handy is (for me anyway) the classic recipe for Sales Disasters.
So there are oodles of things out there but this is a quick sweep of things that have caught my eye.  Do not fear - this will not be the last of my sales posts.

Green Utility Trousers  £40 down to £25  I am a big fan of utility/cargo pants.  Love these for now with flipflops/sandals and with hi tops or wedge trainers for chillier days.  Not everyone's cup of tea but I love them.

And in a neutral colour 

J Shoes Galadriel Sandals from Jules B £38.99 down from £64.99  These, to me, are a completely classic sandal which you'll have for years.  Not a year round possibility, for sure, but I personally find it so hard to find sandals which I love (apart from this year - thank you Tesco) that when I do see ones that fit the bill. it's worth getting them.  For a great price too. 

Ash Vibration Nappy Trainers £97.29 down from £138.99  I am going to be searching for a new pair of hitops come the Autumn.  I should probably get these and be done with it.  Love them. 

Neutral Metallic Jacket from Mint Velvet  £59 down from £89  I get so much wear out of my gold and cream jacket - from with jeans (as below) to super dressy occasions (such as First Holy Communions!)  Mine has also done two weddings.  Love the classic shape of this.  And a gorgeous subtle metallic sheen to it. 

Eva Print Halter Maxi Dress - £59 down from £129 A great addition to any Summer wardrobe and we do (hopefully..) have a Summer to come (at least a holiday?)  Would look great with a little cream jacket for a smarter occasion or with a denim jacket.  And it's a bargain. (although that's not enough reason to purchase on it's own)

Nude Double Pocket leather bag now £99   This is the most buttery leather.  A gorgeous colour which will age handsomely. (be careful against dark denim jeans. 

Anisa Print Scarf - now £25  What's not to love about this?  Just stunning with every colour.  A classic ecru, black and grey.  Perfect all year round. 

Demi Print Scarf - £25 down from £39  This is great for right now with a tee and white jeans but will see you through to Autumn with a navy blazer.  Also great with a denim jacket 

Storm Grey Double pocket bag now £99 from £139. This, like the above bag, is really the most stunning leather.  A complete steal at this price and perfect for now and it will last you all A/W as well. 

Pewter Leather Plimsolls  £39 down from £79  Again these are gorgeous in real life.   Very like my stone leather and gold metallic ones I have from Gap.  But these are a much better all year round purchase. 

Finally - remember Rules are Meant to be Broken.  HA! (and no, that's not even justifying a ridiculous purchase.  Yet) 

So last night I was at the BritMums Final Awards Ceremony where, alas, I didn't win.  The winner was the lovely Rachel with her gorgeous blog The Vintage Folly.   A beautiful blog and a well deserved winner.  There's always next year folks!  Once again, a huge thank you to those who nominated and voted for me. 

Here are my outfits.  This is me at lunch at Selfridges yesterday with some of my closest friends.  I may have started on the champagne early..... 



Leopard print satin top - Clements Ribeiro
Coated skinnies - Cos
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Tan and black quilted leather jacket - Massimo Dutti
Gold link bracelet - Made from Whistles
Razor blade cuff - McQueen by Alexander McQueen
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Black sandals - Burberry

And today, back up to London for the second day of the conference.  On the train at 8.30am.  Great great day at the conference - I may be making some blog changes - am very inspired! 


Breton style "J'adore mon tee" top - Maison Scotch
Distressed skinny biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Navy waffle textured blazer - Next
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Mini Antelope Pendant - Bill Skinner
Emperor Coin Statement bracelet - Bill Skinner
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

So do you think you should stick to rules when it comes to the Sales?  Do you avoid them totally? Or do you have any other tips I should add?

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14 comentarios:

  1. Well - you're def still my fave blogger!! Stylish and funny - what's not to love!
    Jaeger tweed jacket came and promptly went back - didn't love it enough for the money and a little too cropped for my liking - on the plus side the Zara jacket that I'd been after for ages was in the sale - managed to order one at 7:00 in the morning just before I left for work - it's the one that's been sold and online for months but I could have bought it on ebay for £90 from Portugal - not! Picked up a couple more bargains including 2 7.99 tshirts for husband- that did salve my conscience.. slightly

    1. My Jaeger tweed jacket also going back - colours somehow too bright and a bit 'cheap' looking, and I agree a tad too cropped for me.

  2. Yeay, I think the double pocket bag you've put the link to above could be the one I have been after for ages:) thank you! Love the other colour it comes in too - decisions! Rachel x

  3. I am trying to buy on the basis that I can visualise any potential new items with 5 things I already have. I just bought a gorgeous jacket in H&M but I am really struggling with it as it just does not fit in well with what I have in my wardrobe. So! Even though I love it and it only cost £22.50 it is going back!! I'm learning...slowly but surely to buy well even if it means passing up on a total bargain!!

  4. Love the storm grey leather bag but it seems to have disappeared from the website already :( N'mind, the search goes on! Love reading your blog - it always makes me smile :) Mum22Girls

  5. I bought the utility trousers from warehouse on Wednesday, great fit. Loving the cream gold jacket too. The second photo of you is stunning.

  6. Your outfits are lovely Kat. Glad you had a great time but sorry you didn't win. Have ordered a navy tweed jacket from Warehouse as they did not have my size in store. It will go with loads in my wardrobe and I will be able to wear it all year round I think. Also bought some great shirts from T K Maxx today which is a store I never usually shop in. Marie S

  7. I don't like that vintage folly website...I do not want to make peanut butter scones,... I just want to look hot !!!
    your blog is the DB'S end of !!!! x

  8. It is very strange that you didn't win. Your blog is my absolute favourite too. Perhaps we're all too busy reading your blog and being entertained by your wit to have voted?! Sorry!!!


  9. You woz robbed she says in best footballer's voice, however you were looking pretty babelicious with your Charlie's Angels windswept hair.

  10. am another who thinks you were robbed, i am struggling to find any 'style' posts on vintage folly, where are they??

  11. You didn't win but your style will always be there. Love the Clements Rebeiro top. Love Liz xxx

  12. Ooohh, I've just ordered the maxi dress from Mint Velvet. Eagerly awaiting its arrival! Great looks as always!