If in doubt....

....buy a jacket.  It clearly isn't the right answer but it does seem to be my answer to all things outfit related when I am in need of something new. 

And my procrastination of getting the legs out for the summer, seems to know no bounds.  In my defence, I am going to blame the rather dodge weather.  It hasn't been that bad, truth be known, but I have recently had a few large nights out where I had planned to wear a dress.  Too.  Cold. 

The british weather has let me down (why I am remotely surprised by this I have no idea).  Smart night out.  Was looking for summery, night out top of which there was a dearth.  (of course, I have since discovered a couple.  Typical or what).   And so, with my new Bill Skinner Emperor Coin Statement Necklace in mind, I went searching for a new blazer to make the outfit complete. 

So the following two numbers have crept into my wardrobe.  And already I am in love with them.  I will confess again to having a rather unhealthy obsession with all things jacket related, but they never seem to be a waste of money.  With the smarter ones, I tend to keep them for one season for best and then relegate them to day wear.  I always seem to get my money's worth out of them.  And my title of Queen of Spouting Utter Garbage In Order To Justify a Purchase, is intact. 

The pics of these in my outfits were on my the last post I did.  

Here is the first beauty.  Mango Metallic Trimming Cropped Jacket - £54.99  This was a total impulse purchase in the last 5 mins of shopping, I was actually looking for a the elusive jumpsuit.  Absolutely perfect with the necklace and I have already worn it twice.  

And the pic of mine at home, as I think it is much better in the flesh actually.  A great nipped in fit.  Very flattering. 


Navy Textured Jacket - £28 from Next   And this is my second purchase - very very different but I have been meaning to buy it for ages.  The classic - try something on and see if you forget about it or not.  I couldn't and one can never have too many navy blazers.  Much more casual than the one above, but could easily be dressed up.  Note - it comes up ridiculously small.  I grabbed a 12 and to be honest, I could probably go a 14!  It's a jersey, waffle fabric - so actually is a cross between a cardigan and a blazer. 

Whilst one can never have too many navy blazers, I would say the same can be applied to black or any colour to be honest.  Perfect for this time of the year where the weather is trying its hardest to be warm.  But not quite managing it.  And at nighttime, it's positively cold.  I still haven't quite managed to get rid of the scarves......

Starting with a complete classic - M&S Notch Lapel 1 button blazer.  In navy and black.  Ideal for every occasion.  Over a dress or for every day with jeans and sneakers.  A complete bargain.  

And whilst we're here - how cute is the bag

Another one from Marks - again, a classic navy single breasted but this time 2 button, panel blazer.  Lovely detailing at the back and it goes in the washing machine.  What's not to love? 

Mango Linen blazer  £44.99  Love the gold button detailing on this.  

Mango Ikat Stripe trophy jacket - £54.99 (Mid Life Crisis Klaxon alert.  I also quite like the shorts....)

ASOS Blazer in boucle stripes - £35

Also love the little studded skull belt that is now in the sale at £8.50

Mango Boucle Cropped jacket  £69.99 I love this nipped in waist 

Crepe Notch neck jacket from TopShop £55  This is a slightly different shape but I just love it.   A complete bargain for this price as well.  

Waffle Waterfall Jacket from TopShop £50  Another classic shape.  I'm not sure I would call this waterfall but I think the looser style works for a myriad of occasions.  (am loving the trousers as well..) 

Mango Boucle Jacket in off white £47.99  This reminds me of the navy one I have from Zara at Christmas time in the sale.  Military tone to it.  Easy to wear every day and perfect, just perfect for finishing an outfit off for a night out.

Mango Ethnic Fabric Chain Blazer  £79.99  This doesn't really fit in with the classic blazer post but I just love it.  Seriously adore it.  Perfect for me in every way. 

Puff shoulder jacket in navy - £195 from Reiss   Moving into a slightly different price bracket but with some lovely attention to detail. 

Cordel Textured jacket in blue from Reiss £250  This catches my eye every time I go in there.  I am a complete sucker for a print blazer (and this has the most amazing texture to it as well) so that will be why.

And I am so so SO tempted by this Jaeger fringed one now - if I didn't need another cream jacket like I need a hole in the head.  But what a bargain.  Half price down to £125

And I could go on and on and on and on.  Therapy anyone?

Outfits for the past couple of days.  As if by magic, here I am wearing one of my best buys from last year - the scarf print silk jacket.  Great with my £3.99 royal blue linen tee shirt in the sale from Zara.  


Royal blue linen tee - Zara
Bleached distressed skinnies - Zara
Scarf print silk jacket - Zara
Gold fretwork pumps - Jimmy Choo
Razor blade wrap cuff - McQueen by Alexander McQueen
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

On Friday afternoon I helped out dressing the models for a fashion show run by Taylor Stephens and sneakily managed a purchase - this jumpsuit which I am absolutely over the moon with.  £30!  As opposed to the significantly more expensive By Malene Birger one which was I was playing Sales Chicken with.  I think this is less harem as well, which means less sarcastic comments from The Husband.  Clearly there were some.  We have a long way to go before we convince him that the jumpsuit is remotely suitable for adult wear (that doesn't involve working in a garage or fixing a leak) 

I am thrilled with it.  I also got a lovely silky khaki sheer leopard print belted kaftan which will be perfect for the beach.  In fact there were a number of perfect summer holiday additions and so I'm hoping to host a day party before the end of term so I can get my hands on new goodies.  Local ladies - expect an invite soon!  You will not be disappointed. 

This outfit was for an afternoon/evening party following one of my best friend's daughter's First Holy Communion.  Tis the season to be praying. (I didn't go the church in this by the way.  Purely for party purposes.  Cream jacket was very useful for later on) 


Black jumpsuit - Taylor Stephens
Tan heeled shoots - LK Bennett
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Cream boucle jacket - Massimo Dutti
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

And this was what I started the day with - significantly more chilly.  Took the boys to football and it was positively freezing! 


Blush ribbed vest - Miss Selfridge
Cream knitted top - Zara
Khaki linen cargo trousers - Topshop
Blush and fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson
Gunmetal Virgin hi tops - Ash
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

And for the following day for a drama recital with the daughter.  Two hours, criminally hungover, trying desperately not to breath on anyone.  There are only so many mint imperials one can eat. 


Grey and off white striped top - Zara
Grey Baxters - Topshop
Quilted biker jacket - Zara
Off white linen embroidered scarf - Zara
Stone leather sneakers - Gap
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles 

And today - much recovered.


Black linen tee - Zara
Beige Kirstens - Topshop
Black and beige quilted leather jacket - Massimo Dutti
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black suede and patent ballet flats - Banana Republic
Leather studded cuff - Warehouse
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

So there we have it for the weekend. 

The procrastination has to come to an end.  I can avoid the summer no longer.  I shall from now on be focusing on all things summer.  A holiday has been booked.  Two holidays actually.  From the sublime to the ridiculous.  You wait and see....! 

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12 comentarios:

  1. Kat I love all the blazers and I'm off shopping on Wednesday as I need an outfit for a friends daughters holy communion, didn't know what to wear, I'm now going looking for a jumpsuit, damn you...(not going to the church by the way). Great posts as usual kat xx

    1. I am so so so thrilled with the jumpsuit it's ridiculous. It will be featuring a lot in my wardrobe! x

  2. That jumpsuit is absolutely STUNNING! I love it ... and I love that you styled it with tan shoots and bag. I'm so predictable, I'd have gone with black, duh! As for jackets ... well, clearly I want every single one that you've shown :( I don't ever think you need to justify buying a new one ... they always get worn. Looking fab as always!

    1. I love tan and black - I will wear it with black but wanted it be to less evening and so I though the tan would be better. This weekend, I will be putting it with black I think.....

  3. The Cecelia Chancellor M & S pic is very winning, I thought it was Toast or Malene Birger or similar. Luckily I have almost exactly this blazer from Zara or would be sorely tempted!

    1. Looks amazing doesn't it. I do wonder how it would look on me as opposed to her though...!!

  4. I was only debating the merits of a jumpsuit yesterday. You've convinced me. I think it looks fab.

    1. I won't lie - it's not easy to go to the loo in! But I do love it!

  5. Love the Next waffle jacket except its sold out in every size except 6 or 18 ! just my luck.xx

  6. gorgeous jumpsuit. Totally changed my mind about them how do we buy Taylor Stevens in Manchester? Is it only via house parties? Had a look at website and there doesn't seem to be online shop? Love the jackets post I bought 3 last month don't feel so bad now!

    1. Oh I'm so sorry, I don't think they go as far North as Manchester. But do try and track down a jumpsuit - I am in love with mine!