Errr calling Autumn?

Where the bloody hell are you?  When did it become acceptable to miss yourself out and skip straight to Winter? 

No.  No no no.  I'm sorry but wrong diddly.  Just because we may have been party to a slightly warmer beginning to September than we're used to, this weather that you're now dishing up is Not. On.  

Ok, she sheepishly types, I may have been heard muttering about being a tad bored of my limited summer wardrobe.  Well.  I didn't mean fast forward to full on fricking freezing.  And I didn't mean I had plans on building an ark in which to propel myself around town. 

I need to get my (brown for once in my life without the aid of a tanning thingymajig, tis a miracle) ankles out.  And my neck.  Speaking of necks (warning - I am now on full rant mode), I am aware that people have said, oh that DMBL40, all she is is a pair of skinny jeans and a scarf.  Yes I do like my skinny jeans but please people, I do wear other things as well.  However a scarf - yup, I'll hold my hand up to that one.  Because I get cold. 

To those who don't wear a scarf every day.  Do you have thermal necks?  How do you keep your neck warm unless you're wearing a patagonian duvet?  I don't own (as we know) a plethora of practical coats - I much prefer a layer - and so I need, essentially, another layer to keep the wind from my bones aka a neck scarf.

But enough about keeping warm.  For the love of god, I just want to keep dry. 

Now on my Ultimate Wishlist (as opposed to the regular wishlist), I did have heading it up - a proper Trench.  I even gave it a capital T.  Oh how I would have loved a Burberry.  And how I completely kick my stupid, naive, self for 12 years ago (may I point out this is before - definitely before, I swear on a small child's life, the downward slide of the brand) for purchasing a Burberry trench.  With the check on the outside.  Yes, you read that correctly.  On the outside.  What on earth was I thinking?  I did actually wear it.  A lot.  And loved it (and even with hindsight, I honestly don't think it was that bad with the outfits I wore - for work...).  But I remember standing in the shop, umming and ahhing over a plain beige one or a check one.  Tool. 

So clearly the ideal would be to get another trench in a less offensive print. (I may have to pap actually as I'm doing it a disservice, it's not "that" bad... ooh and check is actually back in now...).  If it were to be a Burberry it would definitely be from a trip to Bicester.  They have oodles and oodles of them there - from classic to the way out.  But we're still talking in the region of £600.  Which I really really can't justify at the moment (especially when I have a certain tan bag that's imprinted itself on my retinas and won't go).  Do the ones on the High Street cut any muster at all?

Well here are the comparisons to start with (this is going to be one of those subjects that may run and run) 

Burberry Brit Honey Trench Coat  £1095 (whilst we're here can I please lay my cards on the table and say that I shall not at any time now or in the future be persuaded that leather carrot leg trousers are a good idea).  Lush in all it's 4 figure lushness.  

But I think there must be ones for a fraction of that, whilst they may not last forever like a Burberry should, will certainly last a good few years until I can justify a splurge at Bicester. 

Classic Trench from Gap £59.95  Right now this looks utter pap here.  But I saw one last season in Gap and it looked fab.  I will be checking this one out although I will say up front, I'm not sure it's the best I've seen. 

Slight variation on a theme - a slightly quilted version:-  The Helena Trench from Fenn Wright Manson £150.  I think I'm looking for something slightly more familiar although if you didn't want something completely classic, I quite like this. 

But for me it's a toss up between the good old M&S (which yes, yes, I did try and hunt down last year, dragging a poor 4 yr old after school to the arse end of nowhere where they apparently had it in stock.  No they didn't.  Not only was it a hideous shopping centre, I then proceeded to not be able to find the exit of the car park whilst a) it was tipping it was down with rain and b) I was getting progressively later to pick the other two up from school.) and a Zara one. 

Needless to say I do not have fond memories of attempting to buy a trench from M&S (even though I had tried on one amazing one last Autumn and never saw it again)  However this one looks great.  Can't wait to try it on. 

M&S Pure Collection Pure Cotton double breasted trench coat with Stormwear - £85 

Now I do remember it was an Autograph one that I had loved from M&S so I will also give this one a go.  Although it looks like the model has slept in it (really M&S?) so I'm not holding out the hugest amount of hope. 

But you never know with M&S.  It's like shopping roulette. 

Autograph Double Breasted belted coat with Stormwear £99

And finally a Zara offering.  Now I've never been a huge fan of their trenches - I'll be honest, to me they've always been style over substance.  And being a boring old fart, I am now looking for one that keeps me dry and warm (and clearly I need to have enough leverage in the arms to push the zimmer) 

But whilst I was in Italy at the weekend (I'll just throw that in there), I did (obviously) have a quick sneak into Zara.  Imagine The Husband's delight at me discovering not one, but two Zaras along the same road.

In my defence these were the only shops I went in (oh and maybe a Farrow and Ball - yes, I managed to find a Farrow and Ball paint shop in Modena.  The Husband was ecstatic in being able to point that every single shade of grey in Italy is the identical to the English ones. 

Zara Trench Coat with detachable lining £79.99

So this is my mission for this week when I shall be finally making it to some shops that don't sell tiles, paints, ovens or loos.  There will be bags of them out there - will any be better than the Zara or the M&S ones?  I'll let you know with pics.  Certainly it's worth checking out Jaeger and Hobbs. 

And yes I have been fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Italy with The Husband for his 40th birthday (which was a long time ago for the record - he's not a complete toy boy...) and our 10th wedding anniversary. 

Starting on Thursday with new hair from my fab hairdresser Daniel Jordan and his colourist Louise.  Disguising those random greys.  Over the moon. 

Untitled Untitled 

Paisley silky top - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Cream cardigan - Goat
Cobalt blue silk jersey scarf - And Other Stories
Grey suede boots - Zara
Grey Cherelle bag - Whistles 

And an outfit from Italy.  The other outfit consisted of hmmmm the other Whistles dress which is identical to this in the black/navy and white animal print colourway.  Sandals during the day and heels in my bag to fling on in the evening.  Friday was spent in Modena and Saturday, here I am in Bologna. 


Yellow Maya Cocoon dress - Whistles 
Black sandals - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Black and gold razor blade cuff - McQ by Alexander McQueen 

And for the journey there and back. (I did only wear this on the plane - I'm not a complete stinker winker) 


Grey cashmere mix tee - Zara
White vest - Reiss
Faded straight leg jeans rolled up - Earl 
Black sandals - Zara
Black quilted jersey biker jacket - Whistles 
Cobalt blue scarf - And Other Stories
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

And clinging onto the sunshine for yesterday 

Cream silk blouse - Zara
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Camel knitted jacket - Whistles 
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Patent leopard print loafers - Zara
Gold Mini Antelope charm necklace - Bill Skinner 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

And a rather different story today after getting nailed in the rain (I did have an umbrella...)

Khaki linen top - H&M
White skinny jeans - Boden 
Black and beige quilted jacket - Massimo Dutti 
Stone suede boots - Seven Boot Lane (these held up so well in the rain - not a mark on them!) 
Snakeskin print scarf - M&S
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch 

I have also added something else to my wishlist.  I'm not going to let you in on what it is as I can hear the moans and groans as I type.  I promise though it will only be a mini series and not a saga........

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15 comentarios:

  1. You have read my mind - looking for a trench myself!! Drooling over the burberry but no chance at that price :( you look fab, love the hair & outfits are great as usual - keep blogging I love reading them. I hope you are going to post some house ones soon too!

  2. Massimo Dutti have a lovely trench at the mo.

  3. Ooh loving your highlighted hair is that an ombre? Looks gorgeous and really warms you up. Not with you on the trench coat for autumn - far too cold for Manchester - I was in sheepskin yesterday! Trenchcoats are for spring to me and I always need mine to hit the knee and never be buttoned up otherwise they look a bit gestapo ish. Great post actually snorted at tool love that word, may have to use it soon although not today as DH's b'day!

  4. Ignore those people who say you only wear skinnies.. If they don't like it they shouldn't look! You look great and have style - I doubt they do! And a streak of mean-ness to write about it. Jealousy. Trenches... Nothing comes close to that Burberry beauty. You can almost feel the weighty structure of it. I want! Xx Carrie xx

  5. Loving the layered looks with scarves for the winter, you have this style nailed. I want to steal them all! Great read as usual :-)

  6. Love the Zara coat
    I'm with you on the scarf front, a girl can never have too many scarf!!!!!!!
    You look beautiful in that yellow dress and so happy xx

  7. Stinker winker. LOL. I'm sure the Burberry trench is divine and if money is no object then it would be lovely to go ahead and buy one. I did see a lovely shorter dark coloured one in Harvey Nicks last time I went in for a play and if money was no object, it would have been bagged. Gorgeous.

    But the last Zara offering isn't too bad if it's the one I saw in the shop. But it didn't look waterproof which is also why it probably looked okay. Stops it looking too practical.

    Bologna - awww - that takes me back. I started my honeymoon there.

  8. Kat - you big ride! You look AMAZING! Love the hair do :-) Italy sounds fab...

    Trench/Mac doesn't do it for me either I'm afraid. I'm a right perisher.... it's straight onto the Parka for me (still waiting for a discount code from Oasis... C'mon!!) but you've posted a great selection there.

  9. Am desperate for a trench type coat but I'm a) tall and b) commute a couple of days a week so really want one that is longer - can NEVER find. M&S one looks good though.

  10. I got a classic trench from Banana Republic a few years ago, looks set to last the distance. Think they do the same one every year.

    1. Me too, and I still love mine, and other than an actual Burberry, haven't found one I thought was better. Definitely worth a look!

  11. If I looked like you in skinny trousers I'd wear them all the time too! Ignore them, we all gravitate to what works for our lifestyles, keeps us warm, is comfortable etc. Not sure about the neck thing, I just don't tend to get that cold but I do appreciate adding a scarf in autumn and winter for visual interest if nothing else! Love the Bologna outfit, very pretty :)

  12. Your hair looks amazing! I need some serious volume & need one of those brush thingys you have! The blue scarf is just gorgeous! Ax

  13. The Burberry Outlet in Hackney generally has trenches for about £450ish (but stock changes all the time so you never know what will be there) -
    Might be cheaper than Bicester though?

  14. I have several things to say. First - WHO says you're all skinny jeans and scarves? My hunch is it's someone Anonymous, cuz that's how they roll. Secondly - every time I look at your blog I think - DAMN I need more scarves in my life. True story. Thirdly - Those trenches are nice, but what I am REALLY starting to fall for are the leather track pants underneath that Burberry. I have seen them several times this week and am starting to realize they need to live at my home. Fourth - your hair? Looks G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S. LOVE love love it.

    Thus concludes my too-lengthy comment. Have a good one!