We can legitimately talk boots.

As all of a sudden, Autumn has arrived.  It's fricking freezing.  So this time last week, we were basking in temperatures of nearly 30 degrees and 6 short days later, I have the heating on. 

However on the upside, is does give me a chance to drag out all my warmer clothes which I am loving and and and NEW BOOTS. 

Ok, so I did say I didn't "need" any new boots.  But when a company called Seven Boot Lane contacted me and asked me what I thought of their new range of boots, well suddenly it became a lot less about need and a lot more about want want want.

Now I did mention matchy matchy the other day and, like I said, one of the easiest ways to pull an outfit together in my humble opinion, is to slap together a pair of matching footwear with a bag.  And hey presto, look what I found at Seven Boot Lane - Alice - a pair of stone suede boots, in a style reminiscent of the Isabel Marant Jennys that were just wrong diddly on me.  It would have been rude not to try these and I am absolutely over the moon with them. 

And touching on what I mentioned yesterday - this year I am determined not to buy loads of new things but just add in a couple of bits which can give a new lease of life to older looks.  As we all know, I have enough skinny jeans to wear a different pair every day for a year (ish).  Whilst I will still wear them with my wedge trainers, all my other ankle boots have quite a heel on them (dare I say I'm a tad bored of them..... if I type that quickly maybe no-one will notice that I said it.  Clearly I do not mean my new navy Newburys. Gods of boots that they are).   

But one of the reasons I guess that I was keen on the Jennys.  I think the Alices, coupled with my new oversized coat obsession can give a different look to my old skinnies and tops.  And matching them with my Anya Maxi zip satchel in stone - voila.  Have worn them for two days with my TopShop Baxters which I'd really gone off - they didn't quite work with a more fitted heeled ankle boot or wedge trainer.   Love them with the looser boot though. 

Ok so it may not be reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination but by adding something new to your wardrobe that isn't really like anything you have, it certainly makes outfits feel different.  Try it.  Honest guv. 

There is a huge selection of really gorgeous boots at Seven Boot Lane - to me in the vein of Hudson, Ash (their leather boots) - all wrapped up in a Plumo stylee.  Seeing as I bang on about all of those frequently, you can see why they contacted me (and have offered any readers a 10% off discount - see below) 

Here are some of my faves.

The Alice in Stone Suede £150

And in tan 

I have to say it was a toss up between the Alice and the Abella in tan leather  but I still have my R&B Rockafellas in tan leather and would have found it hard to justify these. 

  WHL_2954 copy-1 

Seven Boot Lane are a new footwear company started last year with a new shop in Bath.  They can also be found in some boutiques but do offer free delivery and free returns on their website.  (if you are between sizes, I would size up.  Yes I did have to send one pair back already.  Duh)  

I am so pleased that they've made a special discount offer till the end of the month (clearly they sent this image to me.  Hell would freeze over before I would be able to do anything vaguely this technical) 

DMBL discount code-1 

Here are my boots and my outfits with them.  Sprayed with suede protector by the way but I think they're going to look even better slightly scuffed up.  Having said that, I've worn them for two days and am currently living on a building site and there isn't a mark on them. 

Untitled Untitled

Navy and white linen tee - Zara
Indigo Baxters - Topshop
Cream jacquard jacket - Zara
Stone Alice suede boots - Seven Boot Lane
Hot Air balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel at Whistles
Stone Maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch


Grey and cream top - Zara
Quilted jacket - Zara
Grey Baxters - Topshop
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys
Stone Maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Stone Alice suede boots - Seven Boot Lane

So do you think there is anything you could add to your existing wardrobe that can give it a whole new lease of life without replacing most of it?  Is it a (p)leather skirt?  Or a new pair of boots?  A new coat or perhaps a jacket?  Of which of course I have blogs a plenty coming up.....

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13 comentarios:

  1. I love your style and blog, Kat. Not really liking those particular boots, maybe it's the colour or they will look better with wear. They have a slipper boot look. Like the boots you've shown from the range. Keep up the good work on the blog, thanks. x

  2. LOVE these boots - just the right amount of "slouchy" for me. Reckon they would work well with rolled up boyfriend jeans too. Feelin the love for Autumn!

  3. Like the boots but I think the darker colour would have looked better on you. Love the autumn outfits. x

  4. If the Aurora came in a proper tan rather than that mushroomy colour I'd be all over them. Prob just as well they don't...

    I got those grey Baxters recently (love them) & have been wearing with similar boots in taupe.

    Nic x

  5. Sorry but they are really not flattering they look more like wellies!!

  6. Not a fan of these at all, sorry. I agree with the above comment, very welly like. Love the quilted Zara jacket though!

  7. I really like the boots, they look great with both outfits. I have bought some similar shape boots with low heel but mine are black and love wearing them with my slim jeans. I am on the look out for some taupe coloured ones now.
    Estelle x

  8. Think I'll be heading straight over to Seven Boot Lane - they look fab. My problem with boots is that they can sometimes be a bit fancy and I seem to always find some kind of fault in them, weird shaped toe (too pointy or too square) wrong heel height.... Either that or they are just very predictable, mentioning no names *coughs* russell & bromley *coughs*. These look great because they're simple and in great colours. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Unless some company is going to call me up and ask me to try out their boots, I can NOT buy any more boots. I am itching to take out the ones I got last year and I think that just might be the job for this weekend.

    Love those Aurora ones in black leather... divine. I do "need" a pair of good black boots, for say, dresses and tights, so maybe I will have to check them out a bit further.

    I have promised myself that my next purchase will be a coat/jacket though. Spotted some fab Parka's in Oasis (online) so I'm awaiting a discount code before I purchase... C'mon Oasis!!! I got a great puffa coat from Mexx last year that is still like new and have a couple of leather (and pleather) jackets for the skinny jeans/ankle boot combo so I think the Parka will fill the inbetween/schoolrun/daywear gap.

    Loving this blog Kat. It's my go-to with my coffee every morning.. Keep up the brilliant work.

  10. I loved all their boots when I had a nosey online after Avrils post, I totally though of the Jenny's when I seen those ones too, actually meant to tell you. Glad that you have filled the Jenny shaped hole, and I think they will look awesome a bit battered up! Off to have a look at the website again, as I'm in full boot mode at the minute!! X

  11. I think those boots look so much better on than I thought they would. I really like them.

    Was also lucky enough to grab a pair of navy newbury boots in the outlet sale, but am currently having issues with the ankles of my skinny jeans, which are skinny until they get to the end. What do I do - roll up the jeans, let them wrinkle at the top, or (shudder) tuck them in?! The cuff of the Newbury is quite high, if you know what I mean, so letting the jeans sit at the top makes my legs look a bit odd. Help!


  12. Love all these boots - I love boots! But I think I need the tan leather ones;)

  13. My autumn wish list is definitely a parka and some not-too-dressy over the knee boots... Anyway I actually came here to say hello! We have a mutual friend and as I'm also a blogger we've talked about your blog a few times and I'm now a follower, love it! :-)