So near and yet so far

I have been in love with the Vince Nina flats for months and months and months.  Here are my lust items, in pony skin although I'm not fussy and would also have them plain.  Just in black.  I totally heart them.  Can you get them this side of the pond?  Can you heck as like. 

So imagine how giddy mcgiddy I was when I stumbled over these from Zara.



And there had to be a but.  They're not leather.  They are only £19.99.

However unless of course I think it's acceptable to wear a pair of shoes that feel like my feet have been bound and then clamped in a vice, I don't care if they're free.  Agony is not the word.  I did try to size up and of course, yes they were slightly less like pieces stolen from a Medieval torture chamber but I just walked out of them - too big.

I even attempted to walk around the house in them (obviously I did buy them despite them hurting in the shop - err why?  Clearly I thought I could perhaps, oh I don't know, amputate a toe?)  Bad idea.

a) they still hurt like hell and b) check out how rubbish the crease is after literally 5 mins wearing them.  Utter tosh. 

Untitled Untitled

Which leaves me still without a pair of flat black shoes.  Gah.  The weather has finally turned and I definitely have a black shoe hole in my wardrobe. 

I think I'd rather have something a bit more interesting than a plain ballet shoe but I'm not quite into the slipper thing.  I had a pair from Primark for a startling £6 last year to try them out and yeah - hmmm - they were ok - but not really me.

With the absence of anything like the Nina around (there are a pair at Carvela which very similar but plastic for £50odd.  Nah.  Taking the piss.  I shall be back with a humungous rant about the price of plastic shoes.  Oooh don't get me started) 

Here I have my classic with a twist selection.  Which isn't massive.  I gave up.  Chances of me skipping straight to boots are probably quite high......

Open Heel Ballerinas from & Other Stories  £55

Whistles Brigitte Ballet pump £95 (where or where is that Grazia voucher?  *taps toe..*  I have tried these on and oh my lord they are gorgeous.  Stunning leather - pointy yet not ridiculous - actually pretty perfect.  If I had £95 burning a hole in my pocket. 

McQueen Studded Point in Black now £185 from £235.  Unless I had £185 burning a bigger hole and move over Whistles, the McQueens would be mine.  

Betty Jackson Black £45 but now £36 with 20% off offer.  Ok so these do have a slipper vibe about them but they just screamed Bottega Veneta at me.  Something about them which I really like. 

J by Jasper Conran Black Suede Pointed Pumps £50 for limited time £40

Autograph Suede Almond toe water resistant £45  Yes I know I know, these are probably completely slipper like but I love suede and was totally seduced by the water resistant promise.  How fab is that?  And they're pointier than slippers.  I think they're cute. 

And that's all folks.  There is a dearth of perfect black flat shoes out there.  I am more than happy to stand corrected if someone can come up with a (leather please!) beauty. 

So from the last couple of days.  Huge apologies, none from the weekend.  Everything happened too quickly and we never got round to them.  No new outfits and nothing that won't be repeated! 

Last Thursday for what was the last day of Summer by all accounts. 


Silk patterned top - Zara
Bleached skinnies - Zara
Rose gold Havaianas 
Leather cuff - Warehouse 

Friday for a trip to London to the passport office and on an oven hunt.  Living the dream. 

Untitled Untitled 

Black Tee - Whistles
Indigo skinnies - Boden
Black and tan tweed coat - Zara
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash
Secret Garden necklace - Stella & Dot
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles 

And today with my new scarf.  It deserves a blog all of its own.  


Navy and white breton top - H&M
Boyfriend Dad jeans - Current Elliott
Gold leather pumps - Gap
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Stone Maxi Zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Autumn is finally here.  I'm off to Italy for the weekend so fingers crossed I should be able to get the legs out one last chance this year but then it's time to put those sandals away I fear.  

I'll be back tomorrow with some ideas of how to get the most out of your existing wardrobe. 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Have you seen Bodens pointy flats, patent .........but they are black.

  2. Nubuck and less pointy, but similar to what you're after.....

  3. Steve Madden vamp cut out suede slipper shoe on ASOS might do the trick for £60 or ASOS have their own version for £55 - happy hunting! Paula x

  4. You can buy the Vince Nina shoes in plain black on the Shopbop website. They offer free international delivery and returns. I've used them before and found the service great.

  5. Vince website have them to, ship internationally for 34 dollars.

  6. Gorgeous outfits, as ever, Kat. Following on from your post about the absolutely gorge, but hideously expensive, Isabel Marant wedge boots, I found these little beauts at Mango:
    Dead-ringers for the Marants, real leather and only £119.99. Awesome.
    BeBe :)

  7. Chinese Laundry have some identical ones to the Vince shoe on Javari - worth a punt for only £59 as opposed to $249.

  8. What about the Office Tally-Ho black leather and suede flats? Nicer and more pointy in real life than they appear online.


    Loving these xx

  10. thanks for this round-up. I had tried the zara too. badly designed i think - wouldn't stay on. sent right back, so disappointing as I had high hopes. will be checking out the suggestions to fill a similar flat black hole. last year's pointy suede flats *cheap! H&M!)worn to death. I think that crease across the toe is almost inevitable - i have tried stuffing tissue into the point in the past (in the 80s, teenager slightly self-conscious about the toes bending up!). maybe not at the higher end of the market though?

  11. Omg I have spent about a year looking for non slipper like unplastic shoes. Have a cute ugly pair from clarks that I like for work but not casual somehow. They tie with a ribbon type bow but are not brogues either. Also now wrecked. I love the slipper shoes on others but somehow can't quite manage to persuade myself to buy a pair.

    Spotted a cute carvela navy pair with gorgoeous toe clevage but as you will know carvela are bloody overpriced plastic. Am toying with buying them anyway and getting a cobbler to reline in leather. Did that before with plastic heals with good success. What do you think? Are the shoes worth the effort?!